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    I have 3 PS app

  2. Indraprakash Kamade

    Jeet shroff is Indian🤔

  3. James Dreamer

    😕 was watching to see if they'd tease who's next.

  4. Shank Adams


  5. Тим Сойер

    ооо да)) ради этого точно надо выложить 46 косых)))

  6. Skilled

    Много лишнего,зачем эти подсказки,сходи туда прыгни наверх,о боже,это для маленьких лялек,в то время как гейм пад для взрослых дядек,странная странность

  7. Rev Hans

    This maybe run like 800fps on the PC

  8. Francesco Sale

    Sooooooo cute

  9. Stuart Rowe

    still not great, but looks miles better than DIRT 5

  10. Sandman of Sandtown

    Honestly, 2K should stop releasing basketball games for like 2-3 years, just so then we can see all of these haters cry about how bad NBA Live is and how NBA 2K should come back. The game looks great 2K.

  11. Arnyt

    Sony: Play has no limits Me: Lives in India and ps5 isn't launching here any soon

  12. crazyclown JR

    guys its coming out at the end of October

  13. Giovanni Laudando

    Create undertale on PS3 trailer annouce

  14. Matt0715YT - Paladins

    Paladins Is the best babys

  15. ShyLuma

    "Has no limits" Me who can't get mine till Christmas next year: 😐

  16. Abdilla Ghani Rifansyah ?

    The fck is this

  17. Bay Area Sports Fan


  18. KASETA303 PL

    Ps1 Ps2 Ps3 Ps4 this is history

  19. Pri Nce

    Pls make it so that i can join a party chat via phone

  20. BKazunori

    I became interested in the game after the VR support... still don't have the money tho...

  21. Alexey Shirokov

    Где обновление ?

  22. Jasonic

    *Here we are before this gets recommended 10 years later soon when we have ps6*

  23. سارة القحطاني

    هههههههههه 🇸🇦😵🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦☠️🥴

  24. william fontoura

    Where do I get this version of the song ?

  25. zombie flesh

    Lol ahh finally a game to remind me of when my mom use to do the same 😂

  26. Anthony G

    The app looks way better now. But it’s no available to download

  27. rabzy gamer

    Just leave ps4

  28. Fadi Kadi


  29. rabzy gamer

    What if people can't afford it

  30. Mehdi Zinai

    Side effects of crack

  31. rabzy gamer

    Why did u bring ps5

  32. Itamar Mor

    I don't need to buy the game, I'm playing it right now.

  33. Ahmed Aj

    Yo guys travis is in the team🧿💙.

  34. UrRetardedAsABanana

    Only on Playstation!...$59.99

  35. GamerToTheEnd

    0:26 ps5 is overheating

  36. Kartik Suri

    I see no difference. I'm Not gonna spend $399 on this..

  37. Luyanda Mndeni

    I also submitted assignment templates on due dates. just to say I'm working on it *don't try this in college*

  38. AbySs

    "Rally New Zealand" LETS GO!!!

  39. Aravind Nair

    It's the same thing? I'll take your entire stock

  40. Kaiser Kloob

    The mom is kinda hot ngl.

  41. TITAN *

    I didn't understand why they showed those clips

  42. Kryštof Prokop

    Game 2020 ? Ok... Soundtrack ? Adventure car find the son

  43. kahara

    This game is too realistic

  44. den

    aaam this game for phone

  45. worrior mty ninja

    Give me your PS5 than I say play has no limits

  46. busybee

    Please update a "Time played" section on all games

  47. شيخ ترامب

    اتقو الله ❤️

  48. Variety Sensei

    Even gods fall to the sands of time..

  49. its. sebiii

    You‘ll flow too

  50. Rui Alves

    Guys can this be purchased in December? I’m getting the ps5 on Christmas but I’d like these games

  51. lofirecordclub

    His friend Christian is catfishing ppl for sure

  52. townnet

    2k NBA Robotic

  53. Tomini

    I'm just amazed that they are still trying to make it better. I know that they got a ton of money so they could do these free updates, but I was certain that they will have to re-release it for PS5 to get more funding for development... ...oh well, I was mistaken. Either Sony is pumping them cash or they are suicidal maniacs :D FREE FOR PS4 OWNERS? Wow...what a gesture.

  54. Trasty Yandika

    Iphone 15 leaked

  55. criss _14F

    Nmms pobre wey, tiene la voz jodid* y por eso canta como robot y ahora lo ponen enfrente de una turbina literal para quedarse sordo

  56. N4CR

    1:30 the big city :o Played (and loved it) since PC launch. NMS is a 'forever' game for me, thank you HG for doing what you have done.

  57. ibra 9

    Can we participate in these tornament using pc?

  58. ninetails625

    when are we getting a new dbz game?

  59. Izaïa Fernández

    EA ...

  60. JKFtolys

    Haha I thought wrong

  61. Twitsik

    I’ve finished this game multiple times 😂

  62. Curious Bird

    0:58 pelenstunton

  63. el Sas

    *This is next gen*

  64. Foxuzz

    En resumen si compras una PS5 compras el aire de la Rosa de Guadalupe

  65. Cursed Noob

    What the diffrent between in mobile and in ps4

  66. ExoticEpic Gaming

    Pizza has no limits 🍕:)

  67. Dr Jay

    This what they doing instead of putting among us up there?


    Tried watching in 4K and the cars are literally off the ground!!!! If this is next gen.. can’t wait till next Next Gen!

  69. MonkiJuan

    Yes please

  70. Moo alhadi

    How I can change background in my profile in this update?

  71. King Vega

    They would 100% get 60$ from me this time around.


    Y'all can ply this while waiting for DokeV a game which I'd predict it to be next-gen pokemon likr game 😉