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  1. Obito Uchiha

    *Here after I heard that RM was working out on this xD*

  2. Midnight Sparkles

    Did anybody notice that was matt bennett AKA robbie from victorious

  3. Fan nyy

    March anyone?

  4. B M

    I LLLLLLLLLOVE this song. Your voice sounds like an 👼 💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💕💕💕💗💗💕💗💗💕

  5. Jean-Marc Cousin

    Ce clip a déclenché des morts...mais musicalement c'est une tuerie

  6. Zander

    I want tickets

  7. Rafaela Viegas matos Viegas matos

    Ela canta bem positions

  8. Isa_MP

    y u h

  9. kristina salvatore

    not me wishing i was making out with ari in a scene

  10. Kahlea Plays_Games!

    This is the type of sleepover I wanted to have during my single digits

  11. Shawn Bailey

    I met her when I worked as a guard in Chanel, she’s talented no question but definitely has the personality of somebody you was cool with in High school👍🏾🔥

  12. Madison Sibley

    let me just say this, Ariana looks really good with bangs

  13. Isis Perez De Leon

    Omg ariana I love you e música :D

  14. John Weber

    did she just say yee at the end

  15. AG Things

    I can't believe that it's four months ago now

  16. I like big fat Juicy feet

    On popular opinion I think this this is the best album.

  17. theuglybri


  18. Senpaai7 ARMY

    Ariana es una DIOSA. Sus canciones me dan mucha energía. La amo.

  19. Kehvian. ArmyxBarbz

    34+35 is a s$$ position lol😂😂😂

  20. theuglybri


  21. Kaaren Yaaricze

    They sound magical together

  22. Eve Duran

    Do I see her in history books? YES!!!

  23. Maliyah Loves Yellow

    Here’s the song meaning (I think it is the meaning) is that there is something about this boy that makes her feel like a dangerous women and makes her wanting to do things she shouldn’t.

  24. Adam W

    I know this song is suppose to give us a positive message but I cannot help but cry everytime I put get well soon

  25. Matías Ricardo Méndez Sandoval

    I just found out this video existed, I love her so much

  26. Elizabeth Tonks


  27. Matías Ricardo Méndez Sandoval

    This song is so lovely

  28. Bob

    hows the 2 years old wtfff

  29. Leonardo Augusto

    BR🇧🇷 alguem no brasil escutando essa MSC Foda ?

  30. Mari Pipoquinha

    The end bring me mary poppins's vibes omg i love it

  31. Kennedy Oconnor


  32. K R I S S

    She stole YOUNG DRACO flow 👀👀

    1. Bob

      wtf how was someone watching the 2 minutes agooo

  33. Schnauzer Lady


  34. Jaqu Sparrow


  35. Sebastián Balaguera

    i feel so sexy when lana del rey start to sing.

  36. Bella Littleton

    Bruh this song gets me thinking wayyyyyy too much lol.. I am very clingy to my bf and i feel so bad ab it because i've been told that if you want the other person in the rl to respect you and think ur confident and independent then you have to distance yourself just a bit. But the thing is, i'm not independent or strong, or any of that shi.. and it hurts me physically and mentally to be away from him, even if its just for a day. I just dont wanna be that mentally unstable gf that needs someone that doesnt need them. And if i lose him idk what im going to do lol... Im tired of questioning myself and everything i say to him. Like, bruh, how tf you gonna make this long distance rl work if youre that cling.. oh well though.

  37. Vía Láctea


  38. John Weber

    dang she thirsty

  39. It’s SofiaYT

    In this video, it's the end of the world, and Ariana knows she's not going to survive, so she starts running toward the storm. She wants to be with her boyfriend for "one last time" before she dies.

  40. rodolfo ramos ramos

    Porque tanto deslike?


    when i was 4 i would watch her buy when she cussed in one of her vids i was like :4 year old me : me watching puts on captions sees cuss word gasp ooooo tells mum mum this girl cussed she like ok well click off momy has to cook you fav dumplings me yay :D



  42. Leudiane Costa


  43. Amir New Sigma Melon Dan Semangka

    Love kiss Ariana Too barbie

  44. Joseph Heckinger

    Ever since I first saw you on tv you are awesome Singer girl I've got two of your cds

  45. Cleidiane Costa

    I Love you

    1. Bob

      we all doo

  46. Joseph Heckinger

    And you are so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. Joseph Heckinger

    You are alright 😃😃😊😃

  48. Linda alfonso

    Greetings from Colombia

  49. Vila dos bonecos


  50. Linda alfonso

    my favorite song, hahaha who else doesn't like the part of nicki minaj's groceries

  51. Vila dos bonecos


  52. Vila dos bonecos


  53. Vila dos bonecos


  54. gvidas gvidas

    This song will be my memory

  55. Taimaa Aldbiat

    God is a women

  56. Taimaa Aldbiat

    Why we always think God is a man

  57. dani

    vamos por ese 1B

  58. Gabriela Enriquez

    are you still alive

  59. Assauni Burke

    I. Love you

    1. Assauni Burke



    ari i love u but why u collabing with these two they both betrayed nicki

  61. lizscreamsrad

    🤣🤣 trash

  62. Avilva

    Brush if arianas stylist dress me brush i would me taking so much pics her aesthetic is amazing

  63. Ruby Winchcomb

    She looks really good with purple hair

  64. Carla Carmona


  65. Marcos Almeida

    Só eu que vim depois do tik tok daquela menina que apareceu no clipe???? Kkk

    1. Gabriel Campos

      No minuto 2:53

    2. Gabriel Campos


    3. ArmyOnceBlink

      eu kkka

  66. Myrtho Jeanlouis


  67. سارهھـہ𓆩𖤍៹


  68. Mariama Tholley

    Role model 💜,mentor 🧡,love you so so much Ariana grande

  69. Frida Jonsdottir

    i feel like i missed a season

  70. Reese's Pieces

    OMG I LOVE ARIANA!!! this was the first song i heard by her and its still my favorite

  71. San Tan

    You and i are not so different.

  72. Bubu Bubu

    Omg I love that song and I love your show Victoria's I love your part

  73. Danielle Yeldell

    I really really love your songs

  74. Muchi_ 123

    Yo a los 8 años viendo esto:👁️👄👁️ Yo ahorita que tengo 10 años:👁️👄👁️

  75. Aninda Manuella

    Kesini grgr #nebengboy

  76. Arleese Edwards


  77. 1986

    "Some Shit I Wrote" 🤣😂

  78. Chenoa Phipps

    I literally knocked myself out

  79. Maria Paula

    2021 y aun no lo supero

  80. Magno Neves

    Brasileiros, marquem a presença 👇🏽