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  1. Mega Wega

    SUUUUUUUUUUUH!!! He is so soft spoken. Yet on the field he makes his presence known. He is another great player that the Bucs have brought in that has been so worth it. Just watching what he does. The real 93.

  2. Steven Roberts

    I’m getting his Jersey ASAP! Man straight balled today!

  3. Aaron Silvius

    MVP Rodgers gonna send Brady into retirement

  4. Zaedrah

    Future Buc DB coach Ronde Barber, everybody!!

  5. Ricardo

    Keep feeding 🍛 Fournette.

  6. Ricky Torres

    The depressed ferryboat practically pack because improvement dimensionally laugh about a mushy brake. last, serious december

  7. Zerotwo

    Weird enough the most recent Wrestlemania will be held at Raymond James stadium and the logo is a pirate

  8. Bob


  9. BlixZYT

    When your dad and his friends try to act young again and they already had to bottles of Henny

  10. Andrew Montoya

    Gonna be sad when he retires the GOAT HANDS DOWN

  11. IFM

    Clutch Brate!

  12. Swa Sho

    Remember early in the season when the media was hating on Bruce and creating the narrative that him and Tom didn't get along? What happened?

  13. john jay

    This kid is Ray Lewis 2.0 which is crazy to say but just his energy reminds me of Ray his energy is contagious if he stays healthy enough will be n All Time Great

  14. Marcus Aurelius

    Just a reminder: No preseason No practices New team New playbook New coaches And Tom Brady still takes his new team into the playoffs while beating established teams.

  15. 21 John

    As a cowboys fan coming from a family who hated the patriots now the that the cowboys did terrible this year and the closest person to a cowboy , Patrick Mahomes might not play against the bills I’m actually rooting for Tampa love em or hate em Tom is the goat

  16. GetWreckedNoobs

    Good Luck Bucs but Go Pack Go

  17. Allan Hernandez

    Brady might have the Infinity Gauntlet but Suh actually built like Thanos! The realred93! LFG!

  18. Raquawn Pratt

    greenbay pass rush is underrated too

  19. Raquawn Pratt

    Rodgers better than brees goodluck and they offensive line is better and can run the football with design calling goodluck will be a great classic game packers baby lets go in a high scoring game maybe over i’m taking

  20. Allan Hernandez

    "House of spears"

  21. Swa Sho

    Can you imagine if TB wins a 7th ring

  22. Steven Roberts

    Thank you so very much Bruce! You’re an awesome coach when you believe in your QB and the things he can do and how he can help manage The Team! Let’s Go Bucs!

  23. NhuTech Foundation

    I knew the Bucs wasn't showing all their cards until it matters. They will win the Superbowl. Brady is on a mission to win the big one without Belichick...

  24. Rick Long


  25. Ardeshir Irani

    Man Brady’s leadership is great

  26. Sandra Becht

    Devin White retired spineless Brees

  27. Bill Goodman

    Rodgers needs help from the refs to win!

  28. da buccaner king tra tra


  29. Azem Bejta

    This is the first time in my 41 years ever hearing this awesome young man speak ..i never once judged him by the negativity the media has made him out to be since drafted by detroit lions ...seems once he hit tampa negativity stopped ..however now that i hear him speak i see now whom ever speaks negative off this man is because they are afraid of how smart and well spoken he his ...he sounds like the tim duncan of nfl and plays like shaq

  30. James Pearson

    Am i the only one who cried, happy tears of course

  31. The Bear Minimum

    If defenses are gonna try to lock down Brady, the run game has to show up and tonight they did. Still have a few weeks left so let's keep it up! Brady may need all of us on a spirit bomb comeback so stay hype.

  32. Chris Szymczak

    Go pack go

  33. Dinil M

    The nfc team for the pro bowl should be the entire Bucs roster

  34. Captain Fereday

    Made big throws and had 2 drops in the end zone. Hope they catch the ball against GB.

  35. Charles W Jansen II

    I thought when this said Celebration Cam I thought it was going to be Cam Brate dancing after the win. XD GO BUCS!!!

  36. Sandra Becht

    Spineless Brees can work in woke sports media now

  37. CJ Jackson

    I hate them on the field but i love this show. Also even tho im a bills fan i have always loved gronk. His tide ad had me dead

  38. Jason Y

    Those pursuit angles were great Suh... we attacked the ball corners outside in linebackers attacking the lanes even if they didn't make the tackle if Kamara slowed down you would have leveled him.. That is what it is all about !

  39. wakawaka1976

    Tom throws a very catchable ball for both offense and defense. Something about him makes guys more clutch. Easily he could have been a 3 ring guy were it not for very clutch play. Some guys are just butterfingers under pressure but his guys typically rise. Very few times have they dropped balls.

  40. Branson ‘s Life


  41. wakawaka1976

    We need every cylinder firing in order to beat the Packers... Offense, Defense, Special teams, and Coaching please be on point!

  42. Joseph Mitchell

    Its it me, or does Suh's voice not match his face or play style? I swear this is the first time I've ever heard him speak... WOW!!!

  43. William Bagley

    What happened to Arians' face? Sunburn? Good Lord! 😵

  44. David Jackson

    I hope the Bucs wear the white jersey and pewter pants again in Green Bay we seem to play the best in the white on pewter

  45. ivan salazar

    Congratulations, Devin White! Geaux! Tigers!

  46. Carlos Solis

    Is green bay good at man coverage? Better than saints?

  47. Ken Hoang

    Burkehead 2.0

  48. David Jackson

    I believe the Bucs haven't lost on the road since the Bears game

  49. Duran Ritchie

    I love his energy and humbleness

  50. James Pastoral

    Antoine Winfield Sr would be really proud of his kid, reminding him of who he was back in the day with the Vikings. Kid has heart and guts no matter who you put him against.

    1. OA

      Would be?

  51. Justin Gardner

    Sometimes these guys are tited of Tom Brady questions for EVERY single thing. He is human and did make mistakes. He doesn’t play D or S/T.. like give guys their due. You can tell by body language by the time Jenna Laine asked he was over it by then. Yea the Brady effect is real and beyond obvious!! But we have Brady ( one guy trying to give credit to 44 others) then you have the team ( 44 guys crediting 1). Except Devin White, he’ll let you know what he’s doing, lol. I’m a lifelong fan since I was 9 living up in NY. His culture change is undeniable. I’m still in shock ! Just let the guys get a tiny breather . If 2 ask his effect does the 4th n 5th have to?? He gets every ounce of coverage on every network n platform. That’s all I’m saying.. Brate has become a KEY guy that nobody named early. He was odd man out w OJ still in. He’s come in and been our consistent intermediate area guy along with Godwin for most part. Trust me if Tanner Hudson replaces Brate you’ll notice!!!

  52. Jim Paquette

    I'm thinking the NFL should be waiving the 5 year waiting period and induct him into the Hall Of Fame the minute he retires if anyone deserves it he does! Let' Go Bucs!!

  53. Abdelhali Bachir Belmehdi

    I had a dream! The Bucs are coming!

  54. Richard C

    Pats fan here to support Brady !

  55. .

    Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, wishing him the absolute best. Let’s get number 7!!!

  56. Sometimes Satisfied

    I’m definitely getting a different perspective on Tom with these videos

  57. Bryan Zirkel

    Hopefully the legacy this guy leaves on the NFL is more this and less head stomping

    1. H.C. Collier

      He is still high in the Most Hated Players of All Time by Other NFL Players. He’s also still in the top 5 of Dirties Players in the NFL as voted by current players. They want him on their team though.

  58. Sometimes Satisfied

    Robbys finna try and flex on us with his abs

  59. Sometimes Satisfied

    I used to like Tom Brady only cause everyone else told me to not like him, however I don’t see the big deal anymore. He got what he deserved years ago but who cares now. Nothing wrong with him

  60. Ric H

    People are just noticing Brate. Go back 3 years. He was tied with Gronk for the NFL lead in most TE Stats. We never needed OJ Howard. That was a Wasted 1st Round Pick.

    1. Justin Gardner

      Totally agree!! He had a breakout season was like top 3 in fantasy pts for TEs..go back n check .. any team that takes a TE in 1st stinks the following year sometimes more. Would never take one in rd 1. Cle, TB n NY all went TE that year . All picked high next year. Yet Kittle went 5th same year.

  61. Football Edits

    I do not know why Tom Brady still plays but I am glad he still does

  62. TD BOOMIN'

    It’s great seeing Tom really happy!!! I’m happy he found his new home with the Bucs!!! Road to 7 rings!!! Let’s go!!!! We win this super bowl this year, I won’t complain about another Championship for the rest of my life!!!

  63. Sometimes Satisfied

    TBH Gronks laugh scares me

  64. 菲菲谭若

    how did this black dude get a Korean name?

  65. Michael Clayton

    I am definitely surprise by the defense , I didn't think they would perform this well.


    Brady loves his Miller time.

  67. s5 dollars

    Hope GB beat the living breaks off this team

  68. Wolverine Smith

    That’s right Ronde, you were playing the last time the Bucs went to a championship playoff game alright, you made the INT that shut down the Vet. From the time you caught the ball, I knew you guys were in the SB for the first time since I became a Buc’s fan in 1980! I was screaming to my wife, “Bucs are going to the Super Bowl”, while you were still running the 92 yards. Thank you for not tripping or doing like some players have done before and started celebrating before they cross the goal line by spiking or tossing the ball on the 5 yard line. You also played a major role on that same drive by sacking McNabb, driving them out of FG range, I believe. You played a major role in that game and many other games that season and many, many other seasons. I also think it’s cool that you played your entire career with the Bucs. You should be in the NFL Hall Of Fame in Canton with Sapp and Brooks. I think so anyway? You look like you could still play? Have you found the Fountain Of Youth Ponce DeLeon was looking for in Florida? Great video. I always like getting the breakdowns from someone who actually played in the NFL.

  69. Chris Tyag

    Who is here after they beat saints and are going to NFC championship

  70. John Smith

    Brady is having his teammates practicing in the snow and cold. He ordered snow making machines and having multiple heavy duty ACs installed in their stadium. He is using every trick he learned in NE and using it to help this team to reach the SB. Preparing for any and all situation is why he is the GOAT.


    The goat

  72. David Britt Affiliates

    Very impressed with this young Kings athleticism, the whole Tampa Bay team are really fun to watch, good luck Sunday Cheeseheadslim👊🏾👊🏾

  73. Michael Clayton

    This guy is a good interviewer

  74. ZT Zoomin

    Go Bucs!!!

  75. BUC DA World


  76. iDazewrld


  77. King Kush

    Brady going back out on the field after the game to give dabs to Brees and throw ball to his son is Classic. Cardinals fan , but always rooting for Brady.

  78. Eben Mann

    I’m a cowboys fan but I’m going for Tom Brady so much. As a young football player he’s the person I look up to the most

  79. Playboi_Gari

    look to all yall saying "i didnt expect him to talk so well"...close ur eyes and say that in ur head again.....kinda on racial stereotyping side if ya ask me

    1. Playboi_Gari

      @H.C. Collier I've seen this story time and time again...that is why i made this point

    2. H.C. Collier

      Maybe it’s the way they watched him play like a mindless, out of control maniac, trying to stomp on players after the play was over. Maybe you are the one injecting race into it. Why do you think what they said had to do with race? Do you expect a player that hurts his team by constantly playing dirty and repeatedly getting tens of thousands of dollars of fines and countless penalties for going berserk is going to be well spoken and articulate? You sound like the one obsessed with race.

  80. Mr1charlton

    once upon a time Green Bay and Tampa Bay were in the same division, playing twice a season. as espn's Chris Berman use to say " its the Battle of the Bays" for the right to go to the SB ! looking forward to the game