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  1. Romario 11

    Who Tha F is the guy in middle! most stupid shit

  2. RIP Etika

    We gotta buy more players. The team looks exhausted.


    With this decision of signing for the European Super league the club owners have shown us (the fans) a middle finger in the face and they have clarified that no matter what we the fans mean nothing to them.... No matter which club we support we must stand against this Bullshit and save the Beautiful Game

  4. Erik Mam

    Unprofessional presenter. Why is she smiling? It is the threat of football death? She does not have an idea about the topic she is talking. Utterly unprofessional tone, body language and delivery

  5. RR Sharizam

    People are angry because they're influenced by Gary Neville's idīotic rant. People are shëep. If Gary Neville tells them to eat shīt, they'll eat shīt. How can the new league be bad? It's only bad for the FA and league operator because they can't make much money anymore. And Gary Neville works for SkySport. And SkySport has licenses with multiple leagues. So, it's only natural he is against this. GN just a pundit, not even a half good coach. All he can do is talk.

  6. Anakin Vader

    He's getting a bit too big for himself huh? He's a good player, would be better if he was a bit more humble. Lots of potential

  7. Federico Piriz

    Eso es vivir el fútbol aguante la garra charrua vamo nosotros

  8. procrastinartist

    watching this after madrid draw with getafe lmao

  9. Edward Dimmack

    Who is that idiot in the middle!! The big difference is relegation. The fans of the teams in the super league don't want this.

  10. Koorosh Momtahan

    Thank you Acuna, from a Barca fan :)

  11. x MZK008 x

    Can someone explain what the super leauge is pls

  12. Bruno Rio

    Where is Bayern Munich and PSG

  13. M Farhan S Wahab

    What are you doing with Arsenal? do you want to joke in this league?

  14. Hirriq

    The new economy in world football..

  15. mohammed dashti

    Im happy the reff actually waited and listened to the player

  16. WiMu YT Channel

    Manchester is Red 🔴

  17. CaptainRanger1

    This would be awesome. It's basically the big giants battling each other instead of beating down the little teams in their leagues.

    1. Bryant S

      your clearly a plastic fan

  18. Bill Hicks

    9:20 lol

  19. Le Petit


  20. Nick Vallejo


  21. JIgme Ugyel Tashi

    Americans getting involved with football and acting like they know football is a joke and disgrace

  22. Dinosaur x Mammoth

    XD 👍


    About super league, those clubs have 95 percent global audience. It's UEFA to lose. They will take all TV deals. Who desires watching Liecester or westham in champions league. Let them first become big clubs with fans. I support super league. Other clubs should not just Leach on popularity of the big clubs. Those clubs generate most revenue true. So why don't they get a bigger share.

  24. KRQ11

    So now Barcelona wouldn’t be debts😂😂😂.

  25. VK in Bangkok

    Guy in the center talking rubbish, this has no upside like the Premier league formation, still abiding within rules of the game in general. So what next, a Super World Cup where 12 Nations just say each year we compete amingst ourselves n maybe invite 4 nations in...utter disgrace. These iwners wanna make money then go invest in startups or crytos etc. Dont invest in football where you have so much community, heritage n responsibilities to consider for

  26. carlosterio

    Barcelona style, we know it very well

  27. Alex Portelada

    Are we not gonna talk about how they gave Manchester city a new badge lol smfh leave it to the news to always get it wrong

  28. SalZ-Football

    Premier League Champions: Leicester City or Everton or West Ham UTD. La Liga Champions: Sevilla... Football is finisheddddddd that's it..

  29. Troll with a Bishai

    As an Arsenal fan: we are in 10th place? Wtf are we doing going into that competition? Getting last place?

  30. Jean0987654321

    PBP: Andres Cordero

  31. Ngoni Bhejana

    I would watch the F out of that Super League! Bring it! I am so in!

    1. Raphael Miguel Balon

      No, it sucks. It’s complete garbage.

  32. Lexa Salindato

    Who's the oldie at the middle? Clearly, not a football fan. An 'el classico' evey week are you kidding me? That's just stupid. Where's the fun and weight on that? Meh.

  33. Eliseo oswaldo

    Esa camiseta del PSG esta refea de este año no me gusta para nada yo sigo al PSG pero esta camisa esta muy orrible saludos desde Indiana Usa

  34. Unitedtunic

    For the people against it I would like to hear why you are against the super league especially if your team is part of the super league. After a 6 hour discussion I have done a 180 and am excited of the prospect of the super league. Week in week out top quality football seems exciting to me. If y’all look carefully, the last 15 years it’s been basically Man U, city, and Chelsea winning the league. La Liga last 15 years basically only Barca and Real, Juve 9 straight years with seria A win. Bayern 7 years in a row with bundesliga win. PSG got like 7/9 Ligue out of the past 9 seasons. There really hasn’t been any competition in the leagues over the past 15 years really.

  35. Hammou Ben Laala

    Bay bay la liga Real Madrid is in very difficult situation this means no Rey cap no liga and no champions league it seems very tired teams not plying as a team

  36. ALROY Lobo

    All the league should ban the club who participate in this shit league ...just bcoz of money. ...hats off to psg , Bayern ...for not participating in this shit league's not European super league's European shit league or European money league ..

  37. La Brasilia

    Wtf did I watch. Man United logo and City same. 😂🤣😆

  38. Jitin Nair

    Ok all players in clubs who want real football and love for money than greed for money should move to other clubs and clubs should be permanently banned from all leagues

  39. David Diaz

    That’s the end of Real Madrid, bye champions, bye 👋 liga

  40. saucy nonchalance

    WHY DID REAL MADRID SELL diMaria and Navas

  41. saucy nonchalance

    icardi does jack shit for $200k/wk

  42. Lemuel Buitre

    The other guy who said that "this is business" is ignorant.

  43. David Atkinson

    I hope they make the league, sign billions of dollars of players and coaches, and then the league collapses and they all go into inescapable debt.

  44. Eliseo oswaldo

    Oigan no digan wanda por que es una nigth club de prostíbulos en España digan el metro polítano ➡ por que es lo mejor, no hy que faltarle respeto al atleti

  45. Xoitlajeno

    😂😂😂 nmms

  46. David Atkinson

    I'm not watching a single game. I refuse. It's disgusting. Greedy people always ruin good things.

  47. jay

    Who the heck is that guy in the middle claiming knowing what us fans want? Muppet.

  48. Teshome Roba

    Beautiful soccer stadium

  49. Klaus Trophobie

    ALL german clubs won't join this, PERIOD. Not next month, next year , NEVER. Play your greedy american business with your own clubs.

  50. Abu Salahudin

    Let talk about 5bilion 3 bilion tv sponsor.. 😲....

  51. Eduardo Ferdinandi

    All of the Americans who known nothing about soccer’s/football’s tradition and values agreeing with this is disgusting. Keep your greedy NBA NFL to yourself.

  52. Abu Salahudin

    Why no oil FC(MSG)...and beer fc (BYN)

    1. Raphael Miguel Balon

      They’ve refused

  53. V P

    No I don't want to see these teams playing all the time because it won't be interesting after couple of seasons. The chance of Barca to play RM in Champions League is low , but that's why it is more enjoyable when this happens. I don't want to miss the element of random battles that I can't predict in playoff. Champions League is the best.

  54. Shahir Mirza

    Dont worry, it wont happen

  55. Jonathon De Freitas

    Boo HOO, people blaming these clubs for joining this super league. There is a reason why these clubs are doing this and in the coming weeks everyone will understand why. These different leagues in Europe and Champions leagues are trying to change the football culture that fans have liked since years ago, but plenty see and think its for money. Come on people these clubs are protesting for a reason. You all have to face facts that these clubs have alot of influence in European football, and they have band together to protest something that UEFA and Leagues are doing behind us fans backs, so may thank them later..

  56. Kannan Prabhath

    Football 💔

  57. Money Maker

    Zidane messed up Should have had Kroos play instead of useless Isco It shows how important is Casemiro and Mendy to this squad

    1. Realmadridman24

      Why are you so against Isco? He played good. Rodrygo and asensio were nowhere to be found. Plus Kroos needs rest

  58. mr.sushi22

    Garry is freaking stupid and obviously showing his real greedy self. He literally saw facts that said people don’t support it then was like “people want to see it”. Fire this clown.

  59. Carlos Barra

    I you want super League play FIFA career mode💯

  60. Carlos Barra

    We don't want this shit

  61. Emerson H.

    Watching this "Super League" overtime would become souless and redundant. El superclasico wouldnt feel special anymore. Its all about money, they dont care about us fans lol

  62. Yusuf Nasihi

    Who is the commentator?

  63. Slatternly Skaghalter

    Olympique Marseille and Rangers let’s goooo!!!

  64. Felipe

    old man has no idea what he's talking about, I'm not surprised the latino guy knew more than the yankee.

  65. no yes

    Well atletico won the league

  66. yelahero

    Isn't champions league the place where all the top teams play against each other to see who's the best already?

  67. Luis19 Rucal19

    This is a New competition apart from others and do not affect champions and European leagues or though? Pd: I still learning haha

  68. ns32

    This is freaking stupid

  69. Parveen Gurung

    That determination tho

  70. Ahmed Mansoor Ahad

    The man in the center doesn't have any idea what he's talking about. Premier league also has relegation system ffs😭

  71. I Am L

    10:21 Di Maria is Disgusting 😂

  72. Dennis Johnson

    This debate is so american...look at the jerk wearing glasses.....all money minded jerks

  73. Matrix IsReal

    Yes we need that ! We need progress

  74. To ReĐa

    *From iraq🇮🇶 with love💟* *Visça Barça 🔴🔵* 🌸

    1. EX Ødegåård 21 NoToSuperLeague

      @To ReĐa no one cares kiddo

    2. To ReĐa


  75. Mix Tricks

    The only reason he couldn't score is because that he is not an Argentinian😅😅Only Argentinian legends are born with this talent🤣 PS:I am not criticising Messi or Maradona😄

  76. Last Nevermore

    The funniest part is Tottenham being in this super league thing when they haven't even won any significant trophy. Hell, their manager Maureen won more trophies alone than the entirety of the club.

    1. RR Sharizam

      Consistently qualify for CL 7 out of 10 seasons. Reached CL final, and knocked out by Juventus and Real Madrid by luck. What about Arsenal?

  77. To ReĐa

    *From iraq🇮🇶 with love💟* *Visça Barça 🔴🔵*

  78. Seif .Boughanmi

    This league sounds like a bad fanfic , i mean it's callled super league but i see the likes of arsenal , spurs and is that milan ? what year is this ? 2007 ? *smh*