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  1. Pablorod7_

    A ver a ver. Por que esta gente sigue diciendo que es el mejor del mundo? No lo es. No es ni el mejor de barcelona. Lo fue? Si pero ahora no por favor está gente está ciega o que. Que hipocresía de la gente la verdad.

  2. alivia chaudhuri


  3. jon jones

    Man these African refs always cheat for North African teams. Disgraful referee.

  4. Sonia_Joseph

    I'm moroccan but still that was the wrong call by the ref

  5. Ruben

    Valencia was man of the match

  6. Fabrice Qvo

    It’s alright Rwanda 🇷🇼 we going on Friday...

  7. Amparo Santos

    Soy Barca hasta el final. Pero la actitud de Messi no me convence. Despierten. Q tienen con Q y sin. Messi. Desde New York. Soy Amparo. Gracias soy Amparo.

  8. Fausto Tamayo

    Koeman se equivoca al cambiar a Dembele y Pedri justo cuando el equipo estaba en su mayor intensidad, con marcador de 3 o 4 podia hacer esos movimientos, que pena con este DT?

  9. ?

    Leo sabe bien lo que hace el tiene "a su papa".

  10. J Dong

    The ref should be banned from the rest of the tournament, this is disgraceful.

  11. Pablo Jimenez

    ...messi es un pibe/viejo que no puede estar jugando todos los partidos...para darse un hizo sacar la tarjeta roja...

  12. Marlo Stanfield

    Ref should've called that penalty. Clear bias

  13. Belhadj Ltaief Ahmed

    أفضل مونديال في العالم

  14. yayo4nasal

    Ref was great great officials

  15. Isco G

    Venezuela en casa 🇻🇪💯

  16. FLY Seck

    Terrible ref

  17. Nigel R

    First...oh and last

  18. Stephan TheShooter

    If English is a problem just speak your native language. So far they fail to put someone in the air able to entertain or inform us about the players on the field.

  19. Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie

    Get in there the Leopards 🐆🇨🇩

  20. Gulf Pompee

    Que falta del Colombiano sobre el Brasileno,eh! Por que los Colombianos juegan tan feo?

  21. Elvir Antonio

    Hola Anita mi mi amor

    1. Adrian Carrion


  22. vanc 1907

    11:55 the way he says FENERBAHÇE is so funny omg hahah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💛💙

  23. المؤمنين اخوة

    ساعدوني لوجه الله تعالى اختكم من مصر ام طفلين معاقين وابوهم مريض نفسي احتاج المساعدة

  24. Chris K

    The goalie went right and still shot right is such a fifa moment for the penalty lol

  25. S F

    i am moroccan and i have to admit, the ref was not fair at all !

    1. C Moss

      @The fifa legend well there shouldn't have been a penalty in the first place.

    2. S F

      @The fifa legend there shouldnt be a penalty given to morocco he barely touches him, and there was clearly a penalty not given to Togo in the second half ( 8:40 )

    3. yayo4nasal

      I am from togo or for here?

    4. The fifa legend

      how he was out of the line which is legal to retake the penalty lol

  26. bacaca23

    Terrible referee

  27. Csokops

    I'm only here to see if Ozil was gonna be playing

    1. vanc 1907

      Next weekend my friend :) 🤙🤙💛💙

  28. June 25th

    When ozil comes I will watch super lig highlights more

    1. Arturo Aguilar

      Word bro

    2. Eralp Erikci

      yes sirrrr Fenerbahce

  29. Ahmet Eren Ertem

    Please share like old highlights

  30. Ahmet Eren Ertem

    Please share like old highlights

  31. Ødegåård تت 21

    Oziiiiiiiiil 🥰🥰🥰 the legend Ozil 🥰🥰🥰 can’t wait to see him play

    1. vanc 1907

      Next week 🤣🤙💛💙

    2. Eralp Erikci

      yeah Fenerbahce 🥰

  32. Ulil Amri Anwar

    Who's here after Barcelona loss to Bilbao?


    We will always defeat our young brothers, but we love them.

  34. Soccer God

    The most boring highlight I’ve ever seen

  35. hakim Dz

    Wow already 6 years .. Time fly we're going to die sadly nothing is permanent

  36. KingAliTZ

    Dr all the way ↕️

  37. Paris fan

    Jonathan David remeber the name!

  38. Hussein J Makshofi

    Quiver the liver, the brain can’t deliver.

  39. Orthodox Monarchist

    Why do Venezuelans think they’re good at soccer?

  40. Nico Bla

    10 minutes Highlights, and don't show the wonderful shoot of Pape Matar Sarr on the cross bar 🙃🙃

    1. GunsNDerrickRoses

      Seriously, that was a brilliant effort! Have no idea why they wouldn't show that!



  42. espo espo

    My parents are from DRC, I was born and raised in Brazzaville. Who do I root for?

  43. Priyokumar Sanabam

    Messi Need to leave

  44. Anil Sire

    Please dont let those gala biased Turkish commentators who cant even speak English commentate the games ever again...

  45. Anil Sire

    Theres only one big Team in Turkey...!

    1. Eralp Erikci

      The team that have Mesut Ozil

  46. Paul Mangoma

    Any other team can beat us but Congo Brazza and Rwanda.

  47. Anwaya Rath

    5:42 what on earth was he trying

  48. Mostapha Beya

    The whole beIN SPORTS USA couldn’t find someone who speaks English; WTF?

  49. Taku Cle

    No CHAN in Ambazonia, it should end in La republique du cameroun.

  50. Adam Vasconcellos

    pause 1:44-1:45 clearly grabbed his head he didnt even go for the ball. he already had a yellow. that is a clear yellow if not straight red. either way red and the guy is an idiot. hes been accused and recorded on tape for racism and that is his response? idk if he gets it but he should not try to come off as the bad guy at this point and he is doing everything he shouldnt be doing to prevent ruining his name more than he already did.

  51. Alucard

    Marseille always target neymar with horror tackles

  52. Arinze Oluh

    The abhorrent mother-in-law prominently tame because anteater culturally twist till a remarkable flood. permissible, unknown poet

  53. Kula Ndifor

    hats off to the zimbwabwean goalkeeper CHEERS

  54. Kula Ndifor

    massa, wuna play which kind football so chaiiii cameroon 🍹

  55. Sudipta Das


  56. Flamin' Up

    Yall hating on him for no reason, he isnt a world class striker and he still plays pretty well

    1. Az Hashmi

      @Robert Lugo Bru 🤦🏽‍♂️. He’s hardly trash. Not a top top player but he’s still very good and is performing well

    2. Robert Lugo

      Nah he trash

    3. Az Hashmi

      Yessir. He’s actually performing very well this year

  57. Neidy Teran

    Messi si no aceptas que perdieron porque el rival fue mejor, entonces ya empezaste mal tu autocracia.

  58. Pango Prime

    3:38 wtf is the ref doing? The samba?

  59. Nody Nzog

    I love my country DRC 😍🤩🥰

  60. daniel rivas

    Jajaja 😃 atlético de Bilbao ganó la súper copa 2/3 el Barcelona no sirve para nada todavía se acuerda del 2/8

  61. Messi es un jugador de fútbol legendario

  62. Boubacar Balde

    Rd Congo my contry

  63. Farai Mazhandu

    🤣🤣🤣🤣Commentary was more entertaining than the game

    1. Young Vic


  64. C.Guedes

    10:19 wtf does brodie have on his head?

  65. rafikz77

    9:27 now kiss

  66. Emrah Acar

    red for Arda missing again, terrible Cuneyt Ref Entire Galata squad need to learn this is a red card when they don't use your head up high, and when they fall like apple all the time, that does not mean penalty for all the games.

  67. vanc 1907

    Finally they have changed the commentator:D THANK YOU BEIN SPORTS FOR GETTIN RID OF HIM 🤣🤣🤙🤙

    1. African Bro

      Lol he is not a commentator for bein sports he was commenting that match live in Cameroon. Beinsports just bought the image rights n it came with the commentary 😹

  68. cell7901

    Casi se le sale el corazón por la cabeza

  69. Gautius

    aouar doesn't even touch the ball or blocks the keeper that's not an offside

    1. GunsNDerrickRoses

      Shameful decision!

    2. Ab Panda

      Ya I didn't get that either.

  70. Harihar Mohan

    Love the African commentary. So different from the standard European one

    1. Danneh SG

      nah muslim commentary better

  71. Paulin Bill

    Good game between both Congo, they know each others perfectly and need more time to present a perfect game.

  72. Angel Romana

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  73. Angel Romana

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  74. Chroniques Du Fennec

    Okidja Boulaya Slimani Cherki Belamri 5 Algerian players in this game on and off the pitch without counting Aouar

  75. Issah A

    Who is this commentator smfh

    1. Issah A

      @caelanl ffs I was expecting Peter Drury or Martin Tyler lol

    2. caelanl

      come on it wasn't that bad lol

    3. MassterTrnrBlue

      Local guy i think he is debuting give him a chance lol