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  1. Nob ody


  2. table chat

    almost 2 years ... still hoping to get a heirloom one day 😂😂

  3. James Hojnacki

    0:37 look at the Eva 8 in the background it was the aftermarket skin

  4. KlokSlop


  5. Draco Zard

    Hey hey your boy Mirage here got something big for ya, the Apex Legends Champion Edition. Nine legends, three new legendary skins with matching weapons ofcourse, an exclusive gun charm (so cute) and apex coins (cha ching). Its everything you need to become an apex champion. Oh you’re a first-timer right? Can’t send ya into that chaos blind so let me get you up to speed. Ok, so theres this place called the Outlands and in that place theres another place called Kings Canyon. Whos the king? Is it me? Is it this thing? Yeah, thats it. Here the greatest warrior fight like their life depends on it, because they do.... well kinda. Its complicated. The best of the bunch? Yours truly but every now and then we get some new blood. First of which was this guy and he’s a bit.... well, hes (Octane : Wassup!) hes kinda allergic to sitting still. Then we got Wattson. Who knew fences could be so cool? I guess you can say shes sparked my interest in ‘em. Yeah came up with that on my own, wink! Then we gor this decrepit geriatric. Crypto thinks hes so smart, pressing buttons, hacking stuff but can he make holograms? Nope. Boring! Am i right? Old people. Oh, and I almost forgot! We road trip. Well i guess there wasnt a road more like a space trip, thats probably not a thing but whatever. We flew to a spiffy, new place, World’s Edge. On the next on deck, a serial killing, robot assassin and get this, he thinks hes death incarnate, and he might be ( please dont eat me ). Anywho, he murdered this guy, whos this girls dad, who grows up to be Loba. Well, i guess her name was always Loba. But shes a Legend and a beautiful fighter.. I mean a badass fighter, did i say beautiful? ( Loba: enough flirting ). And then we got rampart and shes all like pew pew pew pew pew pew Boom! Pop! Pretty rad, my kinda Legend and also shes my roommate. Oh, almost forgot, we’re gettin a new Legend, Hor- ouhh, oh man i almost slipped up. Alright, is that everything? I think so. Well, now youre all caught up. Time to get this road on the show! Ehm... begin... to play... the game... Good luck!

  6. anti hero

    Starting to get tired of this shit game. When Cyberpunk is out this will be deleted.

  7. welcometomylife

    Season 6 l star poop

  8. Roy B.U


  9. Krillitfast 21

    Didn’t know shinedown was here

  10. Caleb Leslie

    I have no real problem with this game, but I hate it solely because its not titanfall 3

  11. Yeetrill Jenkins

    Rev: darkness finally has it’s day Shadow rev: that’s fax (snaps neck)

  12. Piyush Attri

    Please fix invalid token error or tell us how we can fix it ourself

  13. Piyush Attri

    Please fix invalid token error :/ or tell us how we can get past that

  14. Aniketh Malipeddi

    I want to play but I don’t have anything to play on

  15. Aniketh Malipeddi

    Please release apex on switch

  16. ApolloDeveo

    Apex Legends season 6 looks good

  17. zuygj bnsv

    as a random character. I can't tell you how many times I have ran to the bathroom and came back to see I was someone I wouldn't normally choose. Thank you!!

  18. Magana700


  19. Luis Gue

    I love apex is like my favorite game

  20. Benjamin Koornstra

    Subtitles automatic: in my games you will fear the shadow give this WATER challenge so stay hydrated other wise i will come to your house 😐

  21. The drttroolblox

    Fun fact loba is 100 years old

  22. Ali Uzunoğlu

    0:10 i dont know this dude but i know that he is a weeb

  23. zl Killer OpzYT lz

    Season 7 nearly here miss season 0 and 1 it's been a good journey and it still is going to be

  24. Pablo Martinez

    One question when will Apex come to Nintendo switch

    1. zuygj bnsv

      Me waiting, waiting for Apex on switch

  25. green guest

    Worse season ever. Ramparts annoying as @$!#. Oh also useless with very poor character design.

  26. danOneEighty


  27. Kiroshi

    I think we can all say the Launch trailers are the best trailers

  28. Kimberley Hawker

    Event is fun but cosmetics are trash, should be displayed in store how they were last year not here for 4 days then gone but they’re just recolours so 🥱

  29. NeverBeDown

    You think you can bambozel us with horizen

  30. yamms op


  31. Sam The Man

    When is this game coming to steam

  32. cooldeemo10

    and no-one noticed the imc grunt in the loot bin

  33. James Fisher

    Soo if the apex games gives u access to fuckin airstrikess..WHY TF ISNT EVERYBODY USING IT..ik its for idk diversity or whatever but realistically dont make so sense😂 especially with mirage like wtf

  34. BlueLotus11

    I need season 7 to drop. Also this song is fire

  35. SynergyFPS

    Who's watching this during season 6 just for the nostalgia

  36. 通りすがりの出っ歯


  37. ravvstar


  38. Storm Art

    0:57 they spoiled he nerf

  39. Storm Art

    0:41 why this can be in the game just change it with he glowing efecth

  40. katbe1983

    last fof was bettet

  41. Ydidthechickencross777

    I love how they made this event into lore. #Pathfinder

  42. Elite Legends

    Just played this game mode and i must say im so glad i picked apex as my main multiplayer game

  43. P. M.

    I dont like all new operators

  44. Biscuit Ben

    Crypto thinks he's so smart, pressing buttons and hacking stuff. As a crypto main I agree

  45. andy chun

    I'm so lagging please fix

  46. Biscuit Ben

    I'm not an idiot

  47. freehaytham

    1:24 Season 7 is coming up but I still keep watching this part

  48. DR_HANNIBAL_-drh

    They absolutely ruined it. The first shadowfall was the best. I refuse to pay anything but duos now on apex

  49. Lupercalia

    Kinda sad that I can't play the zombie once my team dies. Any chance for a version that is like the original? I just wanna go around as zombie honestly, that's why I play zombie modes.

  50. MHYIX

    So the point is:..... WRAITH MAIN CHARGEE!!!!!

  51. Lavel Dickey

    captain marvel

  52. Revenant


  53. Josip

    titanfall veterans: why must you hurt us this way?

  54. Lem

    Me waiting, waiting for Apex on switch

  55. COoo


  56. Takedown 507


  57. Takedown 507

    Arreglen sun malditos machtmaking solo aparecen hacer

  58. Just Dude



    Wanted the blood hound skins o bad but gotta pay 60 dollars what a waste

  60. Chesquik

    0:48 you can see the leaked ufo in the background

  61. Mr. Hunter

    Best Season In The Game ...

  62. God

    Man they should add a Revenant Announcer. That would be so Epic.

  63. MasterC21gaming 2

    1:24 Man, I wish I was still that cool. :/

  64. Never nothing Always

    Just heard Fortnite copied Fight or Fright with the Shadow concept. Whatcha gonna do about that, EA?

  65. Kazekiri

    3:36 x3 SMG 😭😭😭😭

  66. penguinwitgunz 97

    Watching theses trailers bring so nuch n Memories

  67. Really Rare

    1:58 *hits him for 23 damage*

  68. Wali

    0:08 top right u will see..... someone

  69. David fort

    How aboute when the team is dead they can still fight as monsters

  70. shshankk

    Its been 6-7 months since I last played it

  71. DAVID- RUT

    I'm not going to lie I liked the other game mode of the shadows more but the mode is also good, I hope they put the other one

  72. StardustSynchron

    Damn this is really well done

  73. Eternity Winner

    1:04 damn i love this line, it gives you motivation to kill and be even more barbaric 🤣🤣, but when does she say that? Never heard her doing that when im playing with her..

  74. tribE_RizRaz

    Over on year After Release and the Servers are still a fucking dumpsterfire

  75. Fábio Panosian


  76. Josh Spontak

    Omg a new map

  77. Subscribe for free damp pickles

    I like how they released the game first then advertised it after

  78. Wintonion

    NF lets gooo