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  1. Julia

    I wanna see Benny’s family reaction! 🥰

  2. Allison Wonderland

    Guuurrlllll I was waiting for this!!!!!!!

  3. Julia

    We’re going to cry when Benny reacts too!! 🥺😫😫😫🥰❤️❤️❤️

  4. Linda Rosa

    🥺this is amazing

  5. Lizbeth Herrera

    I started laughing with y’all soon as y’all started cracking up😂.

  6. Jess Navarro- insta psychjess


  7. MissNanii

    Congratulations beautiful!!

  8. maya !

    omg i cried😭🥺

  9. Familia Guillen

    I thought he knew until I saw his reaction 💕

  10. Sjshshsha Sjdjsjsjs

    If you do decide to get your BBL fix go to doctor Shawty that's what yoatzi got her BBL done by

  11. Maya CP

    there baby is probably gonna be a virgo and if the baby is a girl WATCH HOW GORGEOUS SHES GONNA BE WITH A GORGEOUS MOM AND VIRGO? virgo women and gorgeous

  12. Kucumber Kid

    Her makeup is heavier than Kim jung un

  13. LightBetweenBranches

    USfilm's algorithms are suspect when a cringy channel like this pops up Minds are a terrible thing to waste, sadly so many do it willingly. This girl's making a living off it so 🤷‍♀️

  14. Pandy Pandablox

    Congrat ❤️🥺😊

  15. Melanie Alvarado

    this video high key made me tear upp, can you post another video already,, pleaseee <3

  16. Dreas Revenge

    Omg I started crying when benny fount out , you guys are going to be AMAZING parents and Benny is definitely going to be a great daddy 😭😭😍

  17. I’m A doggo

    It wouldn’t be trending tab if there wasn’t someone announcing they’re pregnant

  18. Alyssa Ann

    Congratulations 💜

  19. Ari elli

    Daaaaaaaamn she looks so much happier now, so glad for her

  20. Maria Pineda

    I wanna see Elsy’s reaction ! 🥺🥰❤️ congrats !!!! 🎊🎉🍾🎈❤️

  21. Arjun Singh

    I thought Benny was the girl...😂😂

  22. Sonia Gonzalez

    AWWWW YAY!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! <3 I'm dead, Alo wanting to cry and Evelyn "ur pregnant bitch" <3

  23. Sarah Slykhuis

    Omg my baby was born October 12, 2020

  24. Stillicide


  25. Yesenia Pettit

    You guys are such a cute couple and it’s meant to be for you guys to be parents like god waited for the right time for you guys to have your first kid but Congrats 👏 can’t wait to see vlogs and you guys are finally gonna have your own lil family 🤍🤍

  26. Yesenia Pettit

    Can’t wait for baby soliven to be born and see USfilm videos when he/she is born and you guys are gonna be such good parents and now elsy baby is gonna have a bsf

  27. Celimercy Pijuan

    Omfg I’m cryinggg LITTERALY I’m so happy for you guysssss

  28. Carrie King

    You are joking about those eyelashes

  29. Lisa B

    Video on you telling your mom and grandma

  30. Los Luevanos

    Benny: “I like to take it slow..... than BOOM she’s pregnant 🤰🏻 “ Alo in Nov 2020: 👁👄👁😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Dizzy

    I’m so happy that she’s just in a way better position and finally feels loved and Has people around her that makes her feel the happiest also congratulations on ur baby 🥰🥰🥰

  32. احمد ٠٧٨٢٨٢١٣٠٣٨

    Can you support or support the qaat # #lraq🇮🇶

  33. natasha Woodbury

    Dear gosh! Having a kid it no big deal? I had twins and I didn't act so stupid

  34. Rina and Mike Sullivan

    You guys have to give us a reaction to your family reacting especially Benny’s mom and sister his family is cool af your going to be good girl 🦾

  35. regan khadka

    I accidentally bumped into this video. Why does she look so FAKE ? Hope women here envying her beauty real hard understand the fact that real men will never go for a woman like her. ( no hatred , it’s her choice ,her life but my msg is for the viewers).

  36. Nette ._._

    I just bought some shampoo and conditioner!! Wish me luck yall

  37. sneaky beaver


  38. Brianna Lee

    Itssssss gonna be a boyyyyy 👦🏻 I was like that could hardly eat with my first son!

  39. Bess

    Awww omg ive missed a lot

  40. Fiona Riley

    They seem like they are going to be great parents!Idk how old this is😊oh it goes on!

  41. Wendy Perez

    I cry at the end🥺

  42. isela salas

    Who’s cutting the onions right now. I can’t stop crying 😭😭😭😭

  43. whoiskaren

    Wait time is crazy bc I could of sworn you were just 22😭😭😭 congrats!! Wishing you a healthy journey 💛💛💛

  44. TeHau Churms

    “I wasn’t left with anything” and now she has EVERYTHING ♥️

  45. Annyzzle

    Reaction was mid to me since I read comments first I guess my expectations were high? Lmao people getting excited over the bare minimum. Also tell him to stop cussing w/ you every damn sentence,shits embarrasing. Youre not his homeboy, wtf? Hope he gets checked, if he dont treat u right many others are in line, so I hope hes aware of that. Also the get u naked song he made about you🤣? Sissssss the cringeeeee I felt

  46. Demi Vang

    The video where people think he has kids lol

  47. Angelika Bido

    Not me crying rn watching this😭

  48. Nuria Cruz

    That's was my reaction when i found out I was pregnant I called my best friend right away

  49. Rosa R

    Awe congratulations!!! 🤍✨

  50. Teesha

    Your products are def not overpriced. Ive seen a tik toker and their march was like $62 before tax so like 80 bucks for a hoodie after including tax and they're not even that well known so no yours is def good !

  51. julesdwill

    That's nice but there is no way in hell I would bring a child into the messed up world right now

  52. CaliKid S

    Those nails 😷

  53. kaitlyn barrera

    i’m thinking BOY?!

  54. Jasmin Ascencio

    Congratulations you guys ✨

  55. katherine nicole

    stop i cried 😩

  56. ThunderWolf

    he kept saying the baby this the baby that bc they had yk 😉done it.

  57. Luna’s Mommy

    Omgggg so much emotion! I love this! 😭😭😭

  58. Konrad •

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  59. Se'Janee Andrea

    Lol it’s so funny how she went from saying “as best friends” to being pregnant by him and so in love. 😍🥰😂💗

  60. Jennifer Coss

    congratulations !!!! super happy for you

  61. Crackhead Biden

    The title should be " Iam a hoe and I don't know who the daddy is" 😁😆😅🤣😉

  62. S1NN3RS


  63. Lala Jayde

    “Baby shallisa on the way”

  64. Gabbyarevalo

    You guys are funny af

  65. Kylie Hernandez

    LOVE YOU GUYS!! so happy for y’all 🥺🤍

  66. quron Gilmore

    ....................REPENT YE: FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND.........................

  67. Vinessa Hernandezzz

    Brb crying😭❤

  68. It’s me Alexa

    Alo right now looks 22

  69. Giselle Castaneda


  70. Vin

    Nobody cares. Also he’s not the father!!!

  71. Notafratdude

    Happy new year y'all Please repent because Jesus is coming soon Like so more people can see this.

  72. dany dessy bella rodriguez

    I want to your dad reaction and your suegra and the la cunada

  73. Latavia R

    Idk yall, but i just subscribed this made me so happyyyy. I love how happy you both are to welcome a baby in the world. Idk your story alondra, but from reading the comments its sounds like you have been through some things. So im happy u have true happiness and benny CONGRATULATIONS u going to be a papa❤️❤️❤️ new subscriber😁

  74. Mely H

    This was beautiful congratulations you two and God bless you guys 🙏🏼💖

  75. Crystal Martin Segura

    Okay I cried 🥲

  76. Patty Allen

    Benny 10 all the way

  77. Christine Robinette

    I can't tell what's longer them Fake nails or them Fake lashes.

  78. Avaya Lee

    I don't think ill ever find love like there's.

  79. Noella Akinyi

    Congrats u guys... U just gave me baby fever and I'm 19...

  80. Jacqueline Vides