The Action Lab is a channel dedicated to performing exciting experiments and answering questions you never thought to ask! I'll put things in my hydraulic press, vacuum chamber and perform countless other experiments just to watch cool phenomenon. I experiment on the world and objects around me. You'll be so amazed that you'll forget you are even learning anything! Please enjoy as I continually answer the "what would happen if..." questions you have. Feel free to comment with any scientific questions you have about anything. I have made my career as a PhD in Chemical Engineer and now I want to share how awesome science and experimentation can be! \n\nVisit my Facebook Page:\

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  1. Adrian Suva

    Should be the new studio

  2. Muhammad Septyawan

    Waiting this gentlrman to build an RGB room

  3. insanity 2

    Instruction unclear my balls are now lower then when xqc gets scolar'd in 6

  4. John Hancock

    I was expecting the police shooting the crap out of that room

  5. Juriaan

    So you're actually not running really slow in your dreams, you're running at near the speed of light

  6. T Rampy

    It would feel so strange to tighten something by screwing to the left. Lefty tighty, righty loosey.

  7. Suraj Singh

    Gravity: stay down Cone: no I don't think i will

  8. David Moran

    I went to the Ebonex Company near Detroit where they make bone black pigments, they started with wild buffalo, but now use cow bones.

  9. Taylon Rosas

    Paint the ceiling with musou black and add LIT stars and moon

  10. Reaven

    6:35 Disney

  11. Mr Rainbrow

    Now make a how to make roasted Franklin.

  12. theprogrammer1

    Technically speaking, air currents ARE a transfer of energy, so you could say it reacts to energy, just not the sort of energy the quacks claim it to be :)

  13. Foofy Foofer

    Wow someone’s never been on food stamps. Waste.

  14. disha save

    The 6:39 part is the best🔥

  15. FUN GUY

    You just want to talk about balls!. Ur a total Grabbler. And should be kept away from children A. because ur filling peoples heads with nonsense wizardry! either know ur a liar and still doing it C. Or you are just stupid and your stupidity shouldn't be propagated to children's trusting nature especially if your making money off your lies and fabricated nonsense wizardry of "atmospheres" spinning wobbly ball lies and more lies about our geocentric geostationary realm.

  16. T Rampy

    3:32 Husband: look honey, I discovered a free alternative to Viagra. Wife: I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole.

  17. Random hollow knight fan on the internet

    *The Forbidden Oreo*

  18. Reaven

    The paint is pretty lit BADUM TST

  19. ZERO SPRAY Gaming ꪜ

    Flies got an error : Air.exe Crashed !

  20. Nathan Garcia

    Yooooo that's LIT

  21. Paras kumar

    Please use transparent pipe

  22. James Matheson

    Amazing stuff Your my role model

  23. Liam GREGORY

    Stoner room :)

  24. ZERO SPRAY Gaming ꪜ

    Me : Tries this ... Flies get sucked into my vacuum cleaner 😔

  25. Linas Ramanauskas

    Take a shot every time he says nut.

  26. Cade Ridley

    There is a technician at Google who does this for every set of directions you want through Google maps

  27. EGG-games


  28. Lowell Leal

    Now i know where queen perform for bohemian rhapsody

  29. HeyimTurtle

    Would this work with bigger photography lights?, I wanna do a room like this but with one of the wall gone to be a set, how much did would it cost to do something of that scale? Most likely a 7x7x8 foot cube

  30. Popular Side Character

    I want to paint my room like that

  31. squidward66

    This guy... hilarious.

  32. Sándor Miglécz

    And the wire was not stretched straight, while the spiderweb was. It was helping the steel in the comparison. The spiderweb was stretched by flexible endpoints, the steel was fixed to rigid endpoints. This helped the spiderweb.

  33. S

    Looks like hell, or heaven in movies

  34. adam3141

    I thought with the laser, it might have something to do with the coherent light source, ie. at some point, they would all add up. The sun, or LEDs, etc are incoherent light sources so a single point will always contain peaks and troughs, thereby limiting the actual energy delivered to that point.

  35. verydumb • 27 years ago • edited

    Step 1: Click 4:01 Step 2: Scroll trough the comments after this(turn off dark mode if it's on) Step 3: Enjoy

  36. Srushti Pawar

    Is that light cancerous 🤔?

  37. bennemann

    6:27 is unbelievably cool! Looks like a black hole is expanding and will consume the whole mirror!

  38. Wysuwop .R6

    so basicly your telling us that you can never become vegan hmmmmmm

  39. Jonathan Horton


  40. Savage Dog

    dammn this maked you not recist😆

  41. verydumb • 27 years ago • edited

    The Godfather Part IV teaser looks epic!

  42. William Ramsfeldt

    Paint a whole person...

  43. Savage Dog


  44. Sándor Miglécz

    What if you just lay them longitudinally slightly touching each other and then stand them up? The distance would be just perfect with no trigonometry.

  45. E Girl

    Put a child inside lock the door then wait 50 years

  46. Poopie Guy

    still not as white as the people who clap after a plane lands

  47. Oh noes

    "Welcome to black space"

  48. Gummy Bears

    Now just close the door while your inside and spin around and try to find the doorknob. Then close it again and sit inside and try not to go crazy


    Radiation heat transfer is dominant phenomenon at higher temperatures. Also, any air is actyally hinderence to heat transfer via radiation.

  50. Mr. Smile's world

    How can we see it if it don't reflect ????

  51. Corey Sleap

    Vr room

  52. T Rampy

    3:10 A sped up model of the effects that time and gravity have on yo titties.

  53. Larissa Honda

    the guy has a channel filled with the most amazing discoveries coolest thing he’s ever seen: apple

  54. Ariel Sparkz

    Imagine being in this room with a headache.

  55. aniket palkar

    So you can become Spiderman? U just need a gadget that works as a Tarzan rope shooter filled with spider silk!?

  56. Derin Gezer

    now make cooked water.

  57. Kuro Hamad BG


  58. T Rampy

    I can't handle this voice.

  59. souvik vlogs

    Completely fake

  60. Pedro Assunção

    Now I want to build one to meditate in.

  61. Donovan Doran

    Like what about the brightest paint now

  62. TheOmacka_

    In just wondering what night vision would do in this room ?

  63. T Rampy

    As an artist who paints light it would be amazing to experiment with lighting in this room.

  64. Joni Angels R Real

    Amazing...😲 great for photography...

  65. Thret

    Introducing: the turbocharged squares

  66. Lawrence Porter

    I can't help thinking too much infra red light must be bad for you.

  67. Cryogen

    its 2:30 am, I have a test tommorow, and im frying water

  68. RI F AT

    So this room was used in Maroon5_Girls Like You 🥴

  69. Juan Lopez Villegas

    Looks like a Caravaggio painting.

  70. RachelThePotato

    1:13 "Spectrolon is the whitest thing in the world." Me, a person of Irish descent who hasn't been outside for months:

  71. Nunya Business

    Bro how is that balloon fart fail proof of space rocketry?

  72. Tech Know

    For those who don’t understand: The wedge shape is supplementary to the pin rolling upward. Notice that the wedge gets wider as the pin rolls upward. This causes the pin’s center of gravity to follow the side it chooses thanks to it’s shape.


    Alien -Criminal intent!!!

  74. Uranium

    This guy has a lot of rooms.

  75. Sravanthi Thotakura

    Just call it darkest geez.....

  76. Kaidan Prestopine

    Spend 24 hours in it, you won’t.

  77. Paranormal Nightmare TV Series

    <<<< So Scary

  78. Jérôme Schaeffer

    you should have done exterior wall in black and the interior in bright paint!

  79. Conductive Ink Alternative

    That is so awesome! You come up with stuff I have never seen before. Thanks for sharing.

  80. PwnWin Win

    Now imagine painting your bedroom with this and then trying to go to bed at night as your walls start dimming and suddenly one part gets brighter for no reason. That part also moves around apparently.