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  1. Stacey Strickland

    I love you're vids so much they are so funny

  2. Lilia Hobden

    Unspeakable I think your punishment to go in a crib

  3. Hannah Rostlund


  4. Shane Lawrence


  5. Zac Sholdice

    He could have made a red stone block

  6. marco urquia

    I play Minecraft and Roblox

  7. Tara Star Playz

    i think its the new headphones they are not loud at all i have to were a headphone for this video.

  8. Zachary Choonie

    bruh, my volume is on max and I can't hear you

  9. Aileen Lapaz


  10. Liana Torres

    Sell all of you merch and sell them out for 24hrs...

  11. XtremeR

    my favorite is preston second unspeakable third popularmmos

  12. C R


  13. Salman Riaz

    Ten thousandtaee

  14. spider jockey

    death of Suffocating:now your dirty

  15. Emerson Ebert

    Poor hot sauce on you

  16. Ricky He

    I did not laugh at the firt one

  17. Viliam Bílka

    Unspeakable sus

  18. Christine Dean

    Eat slime

  19. Luke Swan

    Be locked in a closet for a daay

  20. Victoria Huey

    Dump Pepsi on youself

  21. PN Cooper gamer TV


  22. Rodolfo Cruz

    Gerald that'll be a good idea

  23. Rodolfo Cruz

    Maybe the name be blue angels fly

  24. Zelda Brits

    I knew that

  25. Infected Gamer UK

    unspeakable what is this game called

  26. Xp Projects

    You laugh like a coward dude

  27. Papyrus

    Nyee he...he

  28. Gavin Brown

    i want to know what the game is called

  29. linda muriuki

    delete mincraft as u r punishment

  30. Kady Conn

    Look up scp 096

  31. Pocoyó

    You are the best you tuber

  32. Carlene Chrisp

    yes and yes and yes yes

  33. Soccer Rulez

    That minion one scared me so much

  34. Rawan Harmouch


  35. Kiara Rugama Espino

    Love you

  36. Ebrahim Bhaila

    Unspeakable this is my name in roblox Zaydoo786

  37. Holly Barbour


  38. FSX firebird

    And more green evan more green

  39. FSX firebird


  40. Nychaelle Fenske

    That gave in James punish you

  41. Justin Bush

    go in the stret and say evry wune gets 100.000 dolrs and run

  42. Philip Council

    my name is nathen two even though that is not your real name on unspeakable 2.0

  43. Kalebplayz

    Pls tell me what game this is in roblox

  44. Adam Hussein

    tnt world.

  45. Philip Council

    i am your biggest fan

  46. Tina Fallon

    make a charged Creeper house

  47. Noah Chaparro

    poop on mom

  48. Tiago Dinis

    On the last level ur supposed to make a bucket and then milk the cow then drink it.

  49. Lasunta Green

    sadly i live in az

  50. Jeremiah Desrochers

    Kick him of of minecraft

  51. Matthew Eagle

    Play five nights at Freddy's not in Minecraft or Roblox

  52. Zilla_gaming_SFManimator Albu

    1:57 Flip flip flip flip flip flip flip

  53. Matthew Eagle


  54. ach amakr

    Ps4 box

  55. Hannah Endicott


  56. Alecs Wharton

    What if they despawn

  57. ach amakr

    Poop Cyberpunk

  58. Jeremiah Desrochers

    Make a war ground

  59. Ginta Tarvida


  60. Yara Allayed Issa

    You say flip so much times stop saying flip

  61. MagnificentEltra_RB

    Put glue on your legs and dump slime all over you while milk and feathers a noire gallon.when you come into your house and say BAWK MMM CHICKEN by your editor and James and Gabe the camrea man you spin a wheel and they choose a punishment then they do the punish ment plus this or they both do a punish ment ;)

  62. Max Brooks


  63. Connor Bonner

    Kino Keynote

  64. Victoria Huey

    I laugh easily sorry 😣

  65. Riley Varela

    I’m terrified 😦😯🙄😬😬😮😱😱😱😱😱

  66. Heather McCauley

    Eat a bucket of chocolate

  67. Jon Borden

    Creeper ) unspeakable exploded to parts

  68. Jay Vanstory

    I tried imposter it is so much fun 😁

  69. Andy Weymouth


  70. Ambar Adamya

    i thought the minion was going to come when he turned around

  71. Jim Bob

    me seeing the merch add : did just you just say mine craft video?

  72. Ambar Adamya


  73. Eza's World

    Unspeakable that is scp 096 ur noob

  74. Samantha Scimeca

    eat your poo

  75. Sachveer Gulati

    that long cow was actually a low

  76. Sebastian Zuchowicz

    Delete your Minecraft server

  77. Emma Quarmby

    The diniorsor is a turtle

  78. alpini123

    "3:49" *when anyone desire a bunch of r💲 then try **fastrbx.best* ideal on all people.

  79. Anna Scordio

    "3:49" *when anyone desire a bunch of r💲 then try **fastrbx.best* ideal on all people.

  80. Megan B

    he skipped the tv thingy and that is USfilm Netflix and the channels so ye