The redline is a sacred place beyond turbo whistle or VTEC engagement -- it's the max -- it's everything -- the best. No, we're not race car drivers or action-flick stunt doubles -- sure, that'd be pretty sweet -- but we've got a trump card that takes us to new heights on the awesomeness scale: we know our stuff and we're in love with what we do -- that's rare these days. Oh, right. You still don't know what it is that we "do" exactly. Well, here's the spiel: We're a quickly emerging automotive journalism firm headquartered in one of the most powerful cities in the world -- Washington, DC -- pretty cool, right? The story gets better: You know how that Zuckerberg kid started "The Facebook" from a college dorm room? -- Yeah, that's kinda how we started, except our tools weren't made up of web code or hacked school websites.

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  1. RHOK

    I thought it was a 370z

  2. Steve G

    According to these comments: 1. Grill, 2. Innovation, 3. Everything else lol

  3. gsxellence

    Looks like an updated 07' Si sedan.

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  5. Anthony Paton

    Are you gay ?

  6. gsxellence

    The 18'-19' Sport I'd the best looking model.

  7. nissanv8FTW

    What a world we live in. Civics get turbos and sports cars get detuned crossover engines. To be fair this thing looks a lot faster than the previous model. That midrange torque is substantially more than the 2.0

  8. Daniel pererira

    Looks too cute like a smiling miata

  9. GilnStreamer

    Sofyan, Will we ever see the Skyactiv-X engine technology , it seems to have disappeared.

  10. Shughes

    Good job Subaru! Thx for being different and keeping it rear wheel drive!!

  11. bilishu aliss

    Happy every day

  12. Waylin Van Halen

    Fords are sickkkkk

  13. Waylin Van Halen

    People are so spoiled nowdays.... including this feminine dude ahhhhaha

  14. 792bnz

    If its awd, is it even a muscle car anymore

  15. Aaron

    I wish ford would give names to the packages and not numbers.

  16. Lee South Korea Hoon

    Well..heard e trons r electric motors on traditional platform... that is like wearing Gucci with Vans sneakers no?

  17. daemon Blackfyre

    I love the 4 cylinder engine. It saves me fortunes on gas prices and was a lot cheaper. I also like annoying the V8 purist with small penises that need to have a loud engine to feel powerful.

  18. Dre Wright

    I don't know if I want this new Hyundai Elantra SEL Convenience package or the new upcoming 2022 Honda Civic.If the inside gauge of the Civic looks like the prototype version or the Accord version I would get the 2022 Civic over the Elantra.

  19. Edwin Rodriguez

    Nissan Titan are junk they only one worth buyung is the titannxd 5.0 Cummings the gas engine 5.6 notorious for the timing chain failures

  20. ian west

    nissan frontier is built for men, not Nancy-Boys!

  21. metehan astan

    i really like this new generation subaru brz.

    1. bilishu aliss

      nice videosI’m living for this video!!!!

  22. AlframChronicles

    The only thing I don’t like about this car is the rear. I liked the 2nd gen s40 and 3rd gen s60 rears much better

  23. Jordinho Charles

    Só this what the GT86 gonna look like ???

  24. floyd watt

    Curious what Dodge is going to do in 2035 when there is going to be a ban on most gas cars in CA?

  25. James L

    Very nice hatchback, but really need to be priced under $30k. This have the exact same problem as Golf GTI. When fully loaded, the top of the line trim cost $35k-$38k. For not much more, one can get a Golf R or Civic Type R at $40k. At least that's what I ended up doing back in 2017, looking at GTI Autobahn and realized it's only $3k cheaper than fully loaded Golf R, ended up with the R, no brainer.

  26. Hector Sanchez

    Just bought the xse hybrid Camry today for the ex wife and will get the Acura a spec for me next month love them both for different reasons

  27. neko bass

    GR Yaris wheels?

  28. Hanaroo

    Looks chubby.

  29. Arnoldo Ahumada

    Everyone: Complaining about how they should of put turbo Subaru: Nah bigger engine

  30. Jimbo Choo

    Is that a 22b STI in the background?

  31. GLI MK7

    lol slow

  32. Jerry Johnson

    Ford Mildly updates!? Not one panel is the same.

  33. Steve Gee

    The most amazing piece of design technology Lincoln has brought to the table are those comfort seats. I have never sat in seats such as these before. You could drive a thousand miles in those seats and never get sore. The Escalade exterior and interior accoutrements are beautiful, but the Lincoln designed comfort seating available in all their models makes it all moot. I know, I'm weird.

  34. TinMannequin

    This review sold me on this car. I'm almost certain I'll get one of these when my current lease is done. Just need to go test drive one now.

  35. Andrew Sz.

    They should have styled it like the skoda Enyaq. All of a sudden a sub brand of vw looks better than vw itself.

  36. skuxxskits

    - No turbo.. - Back end looks worse, like a camry. - Headlight shape is worse but better in every other way - cool scoop/improved aeros - displays pretty crap All and all not that happy with the revision. What do you guys think?

  37. Yq Gui

    It looks like the Viper and NSX had an unspeakable night together...

  38. niborrandoacho

    It's a faaace liiiift!! 📣

  39. willmatic 84

    I love the whole van that bule one and its awd but the only thing I hate is the rotary dial to shift 🤓 but i guess ill adapt

  40. Bushido Photo, LLC

    Look at that wheel gap though. Definitely need to lower the car.

  41. KonstantKneedARIDE Cars review

    By the sound of your voice talking about the car you not to thrill about it 😄!!

  42. newphone whodis

    Still missing a turbo

  43. Hector Sanchez

    Telluride is a great car but I’m not gonna pay over sticker for it and even at msrp it’s not worth it. Highlander is ugly af but a great car with a shitty 3rd row. I bought the traverse redline and loved it for 1 year and the only thing I hated was the lack of power.

  44. Nate

    Im sorry at 6:12 does it have FAKE paddle shifters? I know it has buttons on the back for volume and stuff but it cuts off the paddle shifter.

  45. Jonathan Losito

    It’s the most expensive unreliable boring main stream CUV though...

  46. Jonathan Losito

    I want the Touraeg back!!

  47. Snowstorm

    I own this car and I like it. The motor got some spunk and some nice features plus I'm getting over 30mpg in the city.

  48. DarthAsh1292

    I love my hatchback turbo and love that you love it now too! Your review of the standard engine really asked for more power to make it perfect and it delivered. Loved your reaction after brake torqueing it hahaha

  49. Radek W

    Automatics have really poor resale value

  50. Radek W

    2006 is 170hp somehow.. its bad on gas though 30mpg highway and 24 city, its also 91 octane recommended. But you do get the full hp with the higher octane.

  51. Chris Carter

    Great video! But he run a red @ 6:35? Lol

  52. Radek W

    The trunk is great for a miata :) Pretty good size for what you're gonna be doing with this car.

  53. K. McDonnell

    Scott Speed? The same Scott Speed that couldn’t hack it in F1 and whose replacement went on to win four drivers championships? Oh, that Scott Speed.

  54. Chase Visions

    The Dodge Charger is getting uglier by the year. It’s needs s redesign ASAP!

  55. VoltecRules

    Lose the fake laugh.

  56. Dennis Vu

    still waiting for hybrid engine version

  57. Arthur Mendoza

    The explorer St will smoke that aviator

  58. Jim Nevin

    3 1/2 mm of added with?? HMMM? I’ll bet you are wrong about that one.

  59. C Bertucci

    I’m going to get 1 of this babies

  60. Tim's AutoVision

    M5 comp will destroy these hell kittys

  61. Luis Fabricio Garbato

    800HP and no AWD...the recipe to will be fun seeing these guys getting smoked by a German car with half of the power however with a better traction system + AWD. I bet I can beat this car with my stock RS7. However, I admire the willing to deliver a powerful car, that I give kudos

  62. paul tanner

    Holy crap, that blue interior is absolutely gorgeous

    1. Aaron

      Just bought a ram wirh the indigo and tan interior but I agree. Ford did a great job

  63. CALI4NIA

    Should of changed the interior screen like the new durango one

  64. Sahdan Mamat

    The best car 😍

  65. lunisce

    No... this DOESN’T need AWD.. it’s a MUSCLE CAR... not a SOCCER MOM SUBARU GROCERY GETTER. The fuck are you talking about, rear wheel drive burnouts are what these cars are all about

  66. iamthemedici

    Anyone see Buick Regal in the back?

  67. Sun KiNGGG

    jeeep trackhawk

  68. Daniel McMaster

    I think FCA is being cheaper sticking with the LX platform this long. But could it also have to do with fleet sales to police departments, etc? They expect the platform and parts availability for many years? It seems like they could have done some more work on the platform to make it lighter weight?

  69. SiliconValleySky

    It's beautiful, reminds me of the S2000

  70. Joshua Clifton

    If they make awd I would seriously consider it

  71. Ryan Covington

    I am sorry I have a 2011 2.0 Turbo Charged Hyundai Sonata, how is this new? Mine has 275 HP stock

  72. Michael Horner

    Lets do launch control in park

  73. Kevin Norwood

    I think if Mazda would of mated this engine with a DCT/DSG this thing would sell like hot cakes and made a lot of people happy, even us manual gearbox lovers. It’s nice that Mazda made this available with the sedan and the hatchback. Would I buy this over a GTI? As much as I LOVE Mazda I’d have to say no only because of its lack of a DCT/DSG. Admittedly this is one hell of a sleeper.

  74. Nathan Elcoate

    Shame the new 3 cyl Yaris has more power.

  75. Rich Sarchet

    2012 Silverado Hybrid would like to speak to you about who was first. 30 miles electric only range is not e-assist.

  76. H H

    Way uglier than the original

  77. Michael M


  78. Petrol_ Enthusiast

    Dodge = Fiat 😁

  79. Brian Strang

    still not turbo? gay a f

  80. Carey Frisch

    Front end styling came from a 1965 Galaxie 500.