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  1. Christopher Koumi

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  2. Erkin

    Sa agalar

  3. Marie T Cabrera

    Wow you are amazing . God bless you always Dr Pimple popper!!!!!!!

  4. X movie editor

    Bird poooop

  5. Onion Pants

    we she says she licks her finger and swirls it around i was crying so much in laughter my mom asked me if i was ok like you are literally EATING A HUMAN BEING

  6. Santiago Bryant

    Just fuckin work out not that hard

  7. Santiago Bryant

    Stupid fucks

  8. Amber atagan

    This man is so sweet 💕💕💕

  9. MzCharli J

    Danielle came with the binder to FRONT him with it...lmao she then started reading a speech she wrote.

  10. GioiaFede

    She had zero idea of what she wanted

  11. Baylee Winkler

    The baby when the lady holding it was screaming on the phone 👁️👄👁️

  12. mysonicisthis 204

    she is true having a pool is a vacation unless your going to a amazing hotel or something idk

  13. NotTinyTim

    Me at the beginning: Damn she crazy as hell. After I find out what she does: Damn I love her

  14. I thought ratatouille was famous

    I appreciate the friend for sticking with her even though it’s her family friends she’s against

  15. 4octaverealredhead

    Why even show these videos if Dr Lee isn't helping them NOW??

  16. Kazimira Wolf

    Yooooo grandpa still supported her and just wanted her to be happy - even if you don't approve you can still give people the love and support they deserve. We need more grandpas like this

  17. Mr. Smiles

    That’s pretty odd

  18. Mr. Smiles

    Almost looks like that’s part of her neck like

  19. Danielle Wheaton

    that poor chunky baby

  20. Enrique Rivarola

    Tremendo resumen !! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  21. Gaming_Panda

    bless Dr lee she has changed so many lives

  22. Daniyal Khan

    I fall in love with her because of her kindness.♥️

  23. Janiya Banks

    I bet her house smells bomb

  24. kathrine knight

    And not the Gypsy girl goes by the name Trouble.... freaking weird

  25. Aniah Vanlandingham


  26. izzie the tortilla

    "not trailer trash" Isn't everyone on this show trailer trash

  27. Owen E.

    Is he going to fly away like up?

  28. Byanka Gonzalez

    The boyfriends family is really stupid and of course, they look like they didn’t finish school

  29. Matt gaming 4567

    The people wanting to kill a hyena for acting on its instinct is a bit dumb innit.

  30. sali kante

    She is so disrespectful to him if she was finna be living in the apartment and he said she picked it then why tf is she complaining. And she is just making other Americans look horrible he deserves way better than what she gave him

  31. Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

    He doesn't really love her. He's a typical user

  32. LegendseriesX

    In islam is not good to be gay but nevertheless you got to respect someone chose they will be judged by god for their actions

  33. CWS Wrestling Animations


  34. Gail Gallant

    bvcczAi no

  35. Rs Troute

    That patient has a smile that could brighten any room she enters !

  36. Ethan

    Idk if I'd prefer the blackhead or the scar and half a face lift


    the guy all the time in the husband is just wtf tf happened

  38. Josephine Tumminaro


  39. cassi3347

    could be facial hair

  40. ice

    does it work though..

  41. scienceguys

    lol Debbie what the hell "I don't want him proposing yet" 😂

  42. LilianObsidian Plays

    Soap: £5 Toilet paper: £2 You’re spending more

  43. 601salsa

    Ah bless sweetie

  44. globetrotter39

    This couple 😂 oh my god

  45. ice

    i meannnnn

  46. April Reeves


  47. sadie law

    when riley jumped beacuse of the honk 🤣🥺

  48. Nicole Gillings

    What a disgrace of a man

  49. Lord Krazus

    :19 I thought he broke something.

  50. kelly marie xo

    Why did she say "My name is Mellie" like that LOL.

  51. Sury Camila

    She came in with a pun😂

  52. Xavier NS

    That would not be a addiction for me I’m running angle geinders and torches and if I was her I would have lit my guts on fire by now

  53. Royal Roblox Gamer

    It’s gross, but at the same time I’m happy for her😁

  54. Jeanette Bukovsky

    Holy shit..eeeew

  55. Jess Geoghegan

    Hi how can people get hold of you

  56. Firdaus Ayinde


  57. Serena T

    5:41 it’s the snot in her nose for me

  58. Evan Miller

    3:09 there’s a point in time where you gotta take responsibility for yourself your dad isn’t shoving the food down your fat face

  59. Music Uploads Here, There and EVERYWHERE

    This was the highlight of the most Uncharismatic, boring couple ever to grace the show. Surely he'd be planned months in advance for such an event. Crazy. And to believe women paid for this crap!


    Wtf is oatmeal


    shes didnt wanna trow away her husband but she eating it..💀✋🏽

  62. Peach Core

    You can keep your ASMR cyst popping videos be helping me relax since 2013.

  63. Alexus Parenteau

    She looks so happy to see Danny come out of the prison but. His mom?? Seriously?? And him smiling about himself cheating while she’s freaking out?? No. She saved herself. She doesn’t deserve to be with trash like him when she is so much better.. like?? And who’s fucking baby is the crack head “mom” holding? This looks JUST like what my neighborhood was like growing up. Courtney clearly loves Danny and she wasted so much time on him and he doesn’t care. Pathetic. I hope she finds someone so much better than him



  65. Griselda Medrano

    Thats were she should have kicked his ass right out. You cannot be there for the kids and not talk to the mom. This guys is so full of shit


    she took "my husband looking good"to a whole new level

  67. Can Melek

    Omg its the most disgusting thing ever seen on youtube

  68. B Stringer

    I’ve never seen a lipoma that color. Aren’t they usually yellowish? She has such a humble & sweet spirit. May GOD continue to bless her..

  69. Melissa Herrera

    Why Are We Not Damaging Our Brain By Breathing Air Like Every 1-2 Seconds?

  70. Jennifer ONeil

    im so glad that she is better

  71. David Garcia


  72. Kayla Villetto

    All trash

  73. Elizabeth Atkins

    i love her

  74. Jennifer ONeil

    o my goodness im in tears!

  75. Marika Stojanova

    This is just so humiliating...