1. Sofia Alves Lima

    Promisse completed

  2. Sweaty2 Win

    Chandlers should have been glizzy

  3. Himanshu Rohida

    See Chandler lol 😂😂

  4. Casen I love Games


  5. Jaidenplays 100

    hes not wrong we tied

  6. Random Gamer

    Comedy gold

  7. Killertron Mobile

    Jimmy : scissors Me who has aldready seen this twice : paper Bruh

  8. Big Chungus

    That woman's face after knowing both the cars are now her.

  9. Dipali More

    I win

  10. Thomas Madden

    I won i picked square

  11. Yejun Dai

    I tried it, I won. my mom tried it, she tied. my dad tried it, he won. my little sister won

  12. Bff Gaming


  13. KGS PR1NCE


  14. Aringodoo N

    Why can't he be wearing a mask, no wonder covid-19 is coming back so strong in the US

  15. XSpheerX '

    I thought this video was supposed to be sarcastic XD

  16. Camo

    We tied

  17. Becky L

    Dang I got paper--

  18. Mr.Corrupted

    Chandler should’ve had gushers🤦

  19. LIMEROzzz

    Can u lend me some money plsssssss

  20. Abadi Gaming

    Picked scissors and Jimmy: quite proven WHAT THE HECK ITS A TIE! 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Matia Price

    Sorry dude I won😆

  22. Afnan Wali

    You did not bet me it was a tie


    Happy Diwali folks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂

  24. Haazig Syed

    lol thats all i can say

  25. Kalpana Kaskar

    Yep its funny !! But you tell only the truth!!😕😑

  26. Norman McMunchies

    I did rock

  27. Hannah Ritchie

    You lost



  29. Hamm Manor

    That is funny

  30. WolfieTheWolf


  31. GTN gamingdAWG

    Mr.beast giving away money? :FLASH FLOOD

  32. Jayson Hailey


  33. The Super Ninja S

    I WON

  34. Tom Holland1996 Fan


  35. Caleb Bates

    I did rock

  36. Shadya Xorshid

    I was rock

  37. lord and doofy the dragon

    I qon so u lost so u have lost 1 game

    1. lord and doofy the dragon

      I won i meant

  38. Hayden Humphries

    Jimmy: scissors me:rock 👁👄👁

  39. aka cukika

    These boys want u to give away skittles 👎👇👇

  40. Nicolas Salamanca


  41. LunarFoxx

    Well now my ears are broken

  42. LunarFoxx

    I beat u

  43. Nicky -

    I lost

  44. Saif Mujally

    Giving away money: Warning the whole universe is now a fish pond

  45. NBD_ Jayy

    He beet be

  46. Josh L

    Who else watched the entire video without blinking

  47. ewsieg


  48. No Name

    Yes point proven you didn’t lose-it’s a tie

  49. Kostas Dimitriadis


    1. Kostas Dimitriadis


  50. Intro_ Sting

    I got sciccors as well

  51. Ana Miron

    Press it way to many time's

  52. okimboosted

    I lost lol

  53. Dangerous Doozie

    He dumps the whole universe in water than gives away more money to people who need oxgen

  54. legomation

    I don rock

  55. Kouru Giri

    Some how i lose

  56. Ali Coban

    Am not going to lie but I got scissors

  57. JustABFBFan

    This is like world and asteroids colliding

  58. ewsieg


  59. Leandro Hernandez

    It’s was a tie sad

  60. NStuber7

    I liked it for the chicken

  61. Yp Yb

    It’s the same for me lier

  62. FiredFusion

    Might want to get better friends

  63. FiredFusion

    Would not call that friendship

  64. The Kselor

    Holy fuck i actually lost to a video 😆😂

  65. Cole Foussat

    I must learn that

  66. tortilla man

    I didn’t know about this channel till this morning

  67. desert travelers

    Sorry big girl, rock

  68. Cinna Piggy

    He lost 😂

  69. Cinna Piggy

    R.I.P Karl’s new shirt 2020-2020

  70. Cole Foussat

    B r u h

  71. xbl ghostybob

    Who else chose scissors

  72. Simon _Silwal Rises

    Mrbeast: Have a chicken The fireworks: okie

  73. alice ribeiro

    I chose scissors so tie

  74. Ibby Khan

    is he trying to roast morgz

  75. Celestial Bot

    i blinked.

  76. Rajesh Naik Kadam

    I just believed that for a moment .....

  77. Corrupted Moto Moto

    but... but... I'm left handed

  78. Corey Dennis

    Umm realy I beat u

  79. humza khan

    I took paper

  80. Ulfur Brjánsson

    You do realise those are horrible for the environment