Welcome to King Von's OFFICIAL channel. Subscribe here for all music videos, audio releases, and official content from King Von. \n\nKing Von was born Dayvon Bennett on Chicago's South Side and raised in the crime-ridden O Block neighbourhood. After beginning to rap in 2018, King Von caught the interest of Chicago flagbearer, Lil Durk, and was welcomed into the Only the Family collective. Following up to his early single "Problems", King Von broke onto the map with "Crazy Story", which was streamed over 200 million times. This was followed with his debut album, "Grandson, Vol. 1", which broke out onto the Billboard 200. Be sure to follow King Von on his socials and streaming platforms to stay tuned for the come up.

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  1. Grâce de Dieu Wine


  2. CJTheGorilla

    R.I.P King Von

  3. Grâce de Dieu Wine

    Rip king ... Von forever

  4. Roman mason jr. Hayward

    I like your videos can you buy

  5. Lil._jay Ayeee


  6. Anthony G


  7. MR. LEE 100

    I just realized He was bringing back storytelling to hiphop. Loke 80s and 90s.

  8. Arden Louis


  9. SheFwTyrin


  10. •killa• 6

    brooo everyone sayin x was the most saddest death of all time but look at von he blowin up yall needa chill on x cuz von a real g x was just a good singer but von was a legend prolly the biggest sad thing in my life all his songs were true abt him killin ngaz out here plus he was the only person dat actually rapped abt love even doe his life was abt the streets pop and von couldve make a great team rappin wise

  11. SheLovesKb-

    If my future kid ever want a bed time story Imma play a king von song no cap

  12. Tim Adams

    RIP King Von

  13. Moni Mitchell

    He said people dying in october but he died

    1. Moni Mitchell


  14. vin56 w00fh

    Rip king ❤🙏

  15. 0tf.Maniac_

    Von's first banger for the 2020.

  16. 0tf.Maniac_

    2020 was Von's glory year

  17. MR. LEE 100

    Have he every been to KANKAKEE

  18. Rev-X

    Rap snitches, telling all their business Sit in the court and be their own star witness Do you see the perpetrator? Yeah, I'm right here Fuck around, get the whole label sent up for years Rap snitches, telling all their business Sit in the court and be their own star witness Do you see the perpetrator? Yeah, I'm right here Fuck around, get the whole label sent up for years

  19. Sinister DevilEye

    Rip king Von I swear he’s one of the best rappers of all time 👑

  20. Artur Prendi

    He kill this song

  21. FlatEarth GregWidener

    Please look into the words firmament/raqia and give a little thought as to how star constellations are staying in shape for thousands of years. Because I believe we exist in the third dimension and we are on pillars that are immovable and we have a dome over us that holds the stars. Please study flat Earth and don't be a zombie any longer! Great day to you all!

  22. Nelson Vang

    King von way too clean 💯💯

  23. Prince Dame

    Ayeee he used waynes flow okay

  24. Alonzo Bussack

    Rest easy von.

  25. E Milsap

    It seem like he still with us R.I.P VON

  26. i_ green_alot

    that look at 0:43 got me scared EDIT: bro im fr scared tho look at the way he staring RIP von

  27. youngginTv


  28. youngginTv

    Rip von🕊🕊🕊🕊🥺

  29. Crisisツ

    Right now it’s RIP king von😔 it’s finna be RIP quando rondo

  30. pixlninjagaming3 McCathern

    How did he make a yr vid

  31. Joshua Gauthier


  32. Zay Ski

    when he said "god knocked on the door and said walk wit him" I felt that shit

  33. Gaming_with_ KM

    Lit timmy killed king von i hate him lit timmy is do dead when he get out of jail and NDA young boy is in the death of king von

  34. Angel Rubio

    VON ‼️💔

  35. Jace Davis

    The life of a savage

  36. Ej Thomas

    I like your song bro rip

  37. Gaming_with_ KM

    Bruh von you messed up bro im your top fan you favorite rapper bro😥😥😥

  38. Jennifer Montemayor

    It fire ❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑👑

  39. LeDarius Haywood

    Rip king von

  40. Sec F

    FUCK! Bring back VONN take 69... RIP

  41. AcCUrate 50cal

    Foenem screaming get back 🕊

  42. Corey Brady

    Im just sad I here about King Von after he die... i been banging his music since then. If you into boxing or running this will level you up.

  43. Frank Ayodele

    I only get to know best rappers when they're dead King Von XXX Pop smoke Juice wrld Nip Lii peep I think am cursed

  44. Taeven White


  45. Jessica Nelson

    Von baby u drop them bills when u was look at the phone in the whip.

  46. Jocelyn_ Nation


  47. Shaheem lawrence


  48. yoaspire

    Lmao pnut in the beginning

  49. Andy Carrillo


  50. Elijah Knott

    Lmaooo when you got shot over some lyrics then make a song called armed and dangerous

  51. PUB Deuce

    Durk shouldnt have sent that lil boy to play with him.

    1. PUB Deuce

      @Syntheticez listen to fbg duck

    2. Syntheticez


  52. EliteDxvin

    Imagine if he was president

  53. Kenton Carter

    Rip bro💔

  54. wnt krks


  55. wnt krks


  56. kamela rayburn

    This go hard

  57. Nie nie Da baddie


  58. Cloud z music


  59. Jason Mr fuck u

    64 mil views

  60. Meis S

    i only knew like 3 songs of him. i wasnt rlly a fan but he knew what he was talkin bout in his music

  61. Money Monster MedZ

    Realist wavez in the 7 cz

  62. Delete TheElite

    Lol dead jesuit puppet 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. T Raw

    Y’all say shit like “CanT wAit FoR 2020 tO bE OveR🥴” and shit like that as if the very first day of 2021, all tragedies and this pandemic and shit will all magically disappear and all will be well LOL 🤦🏽‍♂️

  64. Hitman.773x

    King von died young because he didn’t wanna be 63 years old 😞

  65. Valen montano

    He sound like a lil kid

  66. gachulif new

    This song is 🔥


    My homies at my school tell me story like this 😂🤣🤣😅😅🤣🤣

  68. mahkyla ryanne

    this song go hard 🔥

  69. DaDeadNachoo 1398

    All those dislikes are from 63rd! R.i.p🕊

  70. XDyoda

    who is the female in the car wit him?

  71. Julien Vumiliya

    He is not die he alive how because is bless him

  72. Abigail spriggs

    The goats still living in us and our hearts love you king von 4 ever RIP the rap god

  73. piece control pat


  74. AALIYAH _

    God loves you trust in him

  75. Mr. Bot

    0:19 He is in house arrest

  76. Diamolyn

    All these new rappers dying before they can really take the place of the legends. If this keeps happening the top rappers are going to be sixty and seventy years old. No younger ones to replace them.

  77. AJ Herrera

    🔥 rip king von

  78. Ajanthan Vijayakumar

    has anyone noticed the music video sounds better than the song or is it only me

  79. Osiriss Bogany

    he The best rapper

  80. afnfDJ

    Dis beat is disgusting 😈🤮