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  1. Nicholas Salminen

    after 1000 years: now i dont need to go sleep for 1000 years

  2. ꧁star night Sky꧂

    Congrats for 4,000,000 subscribers 🥳

  3. Henrick Yavuryan

    your sus if you watch this and your not in school

  4. Karen Saunar


  5. zahraa daher


  6. ٩٩Laura_GalaxyWolf 10ツ

    The criminals knows what to do now because they watched this video- for sure

  7. Eric Cocom

    And airstrike

  8. Louise Johnson

    Love 'The Fifth Element' reference!

  9. Kevin López


  10. Kevin López

    I'm q lefty

  11. Daniel Stefán

    he was not on the iss he was on mir

  12. Min rill

    When i was a kid i have a very dark brown eyes color that i thought it was black but when i get older i realize that black eyes color doesn’t exist

  13. lightning70

    When you realise the Great Wall of China is bigger than Texas 😂

  14. Awang Young

    Why ejecting at higher altitude? Why didn't wait the plane going down at lower altitude before ejecting?

  15. Ehreent_HD 2.0

    nooooooooooothay will eat me

  16. Siva Shakti

    Bright side I wish you remember me when you reach 100million+

  17. Dark Devil's

    Bro I am start hearing from sorry between to no way


    I am from india

  19. Charles Layne


  20. SnowWolf_Gaming_YT

    Is it just me or does this video’s thumbnail look oddly similar to kurzgesagt’s video of mind downloading? Eh idc tho

  21. pinocchioo

    In the thumbnail I have the first dog not so dangerous.

  22. Kenneth Madore

    ill buy it she comes with it

  23. Surojit Dhara

    I am to an Indian 😄😃😁🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  24. Dee’s Network


  25. Noor e Mariam

    Wow you got 4M 🤠


      What it's not 4M it's 40M 😂

  26. best tick tocks

    I am scorpio but I am kind shy and I talk a little I am always forgive

  27. Prya Ghansiam

    Nice 👍

  28. Brian Dinh Nguyen

    10:43 the person reading the riddle accidentally said 5748 when it was 5784

  29. reemachatterjee

    Brawl stars

  30. Mahboobeh Riyasaty

    Thats grate and whats your name

  31. Toni Strammiello

    hi I would love to get involved in some environmental projects. I live in Italy in a town called Matera, in the south.

  32. Diya S


  33. John Wilson

    Where the hand of Man has never set foot.

  34. Nithin Kumar

    200 points

  35. Ian Carroll

    I saw em all

  36. Melissa Nannini


  37. Mishika Agarwal

    As an Indian, this is all normal

  38. Eralda Blloku

    Pluto will always be a planet to me

  39. Rheanna Einwalter

    I think he means B.C.

  40. reeekid

    Me:let's do this tomorrow confirm!!! Tomorrow:maybe we can do tomorrow Day after tomorrow: I don't want to do this my legs will pain so bye!

  41. Itz_ Cøttøn Fluves

    Me:is no 1 life?


    Now it makes me hungry. Who's hungry?🥘🥐🥙🥗🥓

  43. chamomile_fr0gs

    ah yes. normal humans swimming near a submarine that goes down to the Mariana trench

  44. peachy_fox plays

    I have a hot tub in my garden and at the bottom there's a picture of a dolphin and I'm always scared it's a shark lol

  45. Prya Ghansiam

    Nice 👍

  46. Jesse Dunn

    For the women's face I got that I'm a detail oriented person but with the binoculars I got that I'm a big picture person soo wth am I😂

  47. Toby and Jen Jackson

    you know how planes, boats, heli, do not survive. but how do scientist know this? And how do people survive this instead of using something else?

  48. Alex Jennings

    I am 7 and it said I was over 50

  49. Virtual PlcK

    At this point u should just delete your phone


    Buckingham palace it's a country within country!!!

  51. Becky S

    panther yayyyyyyyy and this voice is from 123 go

  52. Asha Adan

    We dont have 7 eleven in the uk-

  53. Charlie Carr

    The 4th one

  54. Maya Zareen

    My eye color is black💀

  55. Galactic_Monkey

    when your 12 and metally your 20

  56. Julie Editz

    You know the red one with the white spots I saw it with my grandma and grandpa yard

  57. rose dasie

    when you live in nc and see them a lot

  58. Samraj B

    All these are imaginary stories without any proofs. I don't know who invented such wild imaginations. A meteorite measuring 10 kms wide can only cause impact on one side of the earth.

  59. Grind Mode Joe

    Why I’ve never seen the number of dislikes on comments?🤔

  60. CowBloxYT

    You gonna be a thick titan

  61. Shahnawaz Sayyed

    If I can hear more than average..then how come everytime on call I'm not able to understand the other guy what he's saying

  62. Frost OI

    0:40 yeah nice fricking fruit bro

    1. Frost OI

      1:45 again

  63. Harkirat Gaming

    I got 310

  64. ლP A S T E L B U N N Y ლ

    I got 200points

  65. sammyrascalYT

    Holding a mouthfall of cold water for aslongg as possible works for me

  66. Stickup Bishop

    I know everyone's making money following NASA bull but this here is beyond garbage and cgi is used to help promote these lies again this is straight hot trash

  67. Alphara HAROLD

    Waiting and so excited for " Manny Pacquiao " skin of MLBB Paquito 😅👊 from Asia 💕 Congratulation Philippines ✌

  68. Ricardo baja

    Yes giant crab exist in a thingy locator but it doesn't exist in real life

  69. Prakriti

    I only have one thing to say- As if

  70. Deepak Kumar K S

    5:41 Those "floor pan" actually invented in India,those are still used in India

  71. Daniel Berzinskas

    But ctrl+scrl lock 2 times will cause crash, if enabled in regedit

  72. Gurman Dhaliwal

    FYI those are mummies in the second riddle lol

  73. Capped melon

    I got alboft

  74. Redpanda603

    yellow plums look like yellow circles


    Congrats for 40M bro

  76. sjwjnwjs smsksjj

    Legends writing the phone number in paper and dialing it 😂😂