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  1. Joseph Gelberg

    Hi Cody, if u didn’t know, there’s a song on Spotify that features ur name in it. I personally love the song, it’s a great chill vibe that I listen to when I’m driving or doing HW. I don’t really know ur music taste but I think you’ll enjoy it, or at least I’m hoping u will. The song isn’t about u but one of the lines says “bens chili bowl and some Cody co, hit the drive through subsequently after smokin dope”. The song is in reference to how he is failing college but he is doing music so maybe it will be ok. The song is called terrapin by Ben Beal. Hope u like it.

  2. Merf Snurf

    cody and noel can be my father anyday 👀😬✨

  3. Free agent Jukee

    I laugh at Malone brown every fucking time

  4. fitzzgerald kennedy

    Why does Cody look exactly like Mod Sun?

  5. Marcus Dell'Olio

    hey I've actually seen a swamp/skunk ape a few years back lol

  6. kevin senteno

    That dude should do acting like in a TV show

  7. Roomify

    Looks like dwight

  8. Donna Terrell

    *Real talk- Cody should should always dress like this* zaddy 😍🤤🔥

  9. Johnathan Driver

    cody is mark wahlbherg

  10. Alexandra Sieskiewicz

    The hits keep on hitting

  11. Marcus Sanchez

    Bro I’m eating

  12. Manu Viswanath

    update: the movie's box office was $418,286

  13. J Man

    Why does this slap so hard? Idk but it does

  14. Gerany Norori

    this is my fav duo of all time

  15. Marissa Rose

    Noel us bts army will protect you and Cody lol and whoever that other fandom is wouldn’t stand a chance against us 😭😂🤚🏼

  16. R2 D2

    I fucking love Noel

  17. Piano Man '65

    You guys got another cool milli

  18. Cole Richardson

    i listened to this on audio i had zero clue lmfao

  19. Aleksi Poikkimäki

    I’m vibing to this almost every day. This slaps!

  20. AtlasPB

    This is relateable

  21. simon h.

    cody also looks like he’s about to try to sell me herbalife and peyote

  22. simon h.

    cody looks exactly like this college student at every highschool party i went to who sold shrooms and weed and would buy anyone a 6pack of beer if they asked

  23. simon h.

    dilfhood suits them

  24. Brody Walker

    I love the new set. But is there anyway we could have a more consistent wide-pan camera angle? I would love to see Cody, Noel and the guest all at once instead of so many cuts back and forth. No hate, just some feedback! Would love to see everyone and more of the set instead of the individual shots.

  25. Temuul Munkhtur

    Terry refused to break the character the whole time

  26. AH M

    is it just me or does this terry carnation dude look like he would run a successful beet farm?

  27. Steven Does Stuff

    Very unrelated but Cody at 1:34 reminds me of Otto from Re:Zero

  28. Cicada18

    You... You forgot to say "sike"...

  29. Kelly Schutz

    Noel said he’d never wear pants again and yet here we are!

  30. Jelli Belli

    I just showed this to my dad and at the end he started talking about all the times he accidentally set the grill on fire.

  31. Denzil Frost

    Nobody: Cody: AHOY

  32. user406

    Please don’t have guests again this was awful

  33. Kai Wood

    the helios 44-2 used foe the swirly bokeh?

  34. Lycan

    this was very funny fathers

  35. claire hurley

    I literally was thinking damn noel looks old right before u said makeup

  36. Anthony DiMartino

    Bloody Mary was a baddie!! Lmao

  37. Isaiah

    Why am I just hearing this now 😂😂😂🔥🔥

  38. Kata C

    cody better stop with that “i built a deck around the house” line bc i’m ab to flood my basement

  39. Star Man

    Gentle reminder, drink water!

  40. Megan

    The new fav podcast 🥲

  41. Megan

    So nice to see some original funny content lmao love u guys

  42. Bret Rudolph

    Am I the only one that thought his artist name was pronounced “Quinn x c eye eye?”

  43. M SG

    <3 I love this

  44. ItsMeJessieAndAri


  45. Bonnie Buckner

    Was this produced by Tim and eric? LOL

  46. KaiNoOkane

    I am laughing maniacally at work! Getting strange looks and don't fucking care!

  47. Danae Clean

    i need more bts content of their music vids honestly. this shit is pure serotonin.

  48. Randall Rodriguez

    Movie is 3-iron by the way

  49. nathan johnson


  50. Vera Roque

    I was 6 minutes in thinking "that reminds me of Dwight" and then I realized and my dreams are fulfilled.

  51. Jamilah Nicole

    No bc them saying they don’t fuck with space but now they film in space 👁👄👁 oh how the turns have tables

  52. jupiter t

    i’m sorry he said 5$ a month .... is he lying i- i’m gonna fucking buy that wtf

  53. Kaitlyn Miller

    i listened to this on the apple podcast app and was so confused how this wasn’t dwight and then i just realized it was a bit gn

  54. Elizabeth Gammon

    Hold on...Quinn 92...omg I am so stupid

  55. Elizabeth Gammon

    CODY the outfit was actually truly so hard

  56. Kajetan Miliankovic


  57. Bob Bob

    The new gen is gen Alpha (they’re going with Greek alphabet now)

  58. Danny Castillo


  59. Calvin Balda

    1 million lets GOOOOO

  60. Mr KnightTV

    "screaming ghost pussy" "this is sponsored by stamps"

  61. V1RU5420

    didnt see the video until the bts reminded me it was already out damn this reminder feature

  62. Snapshot Flo

    After he left fuckkkkkkkkkkjng hell I was laughing straight for like 10 minutes. Thank you boys I needed that x

  63. Snapshot Flo

    I don't know what this is but I fucking love it

  64. Marcoispan

    the gen after z is gen alpha (not a joke)

  65. Emily Chan


  66. Allie Boy

    They remind me of “the lonely island “

  67. anglit

    Daddy 🥰

  68. sami moritz

    1:52 andrew? from podcast outside? working on the set?

  69. haley !!!!!!!!!!

    There’s a cute animated show on Netflix that’s all about mental health, death, growing up and much more and the main character has a “space cast” and he brings on all these people who have a different topic in each episode and it’s all cute and colorful and is very interesting but the space cast makes me think of this awesome Set!

  70. Rebecca

    i was listening to this audio only and fully did not realize it was rainn wilson 💀 now i have to re watch it because everything has changed

  71. Maria Taubenberger

    you know damn well that noel will be a dilf

  72. WiCK3D

    xbox live lobbies in a nutshell

  73. Saiful Azly

    gg for 1 million boys

  74. gracie

    the reason noel looks tense is cuz post and cody can hardly break eye contact

  75. Kyle Moon

    “Any kid gen z makes is an infection” random diss, but Alr dawg

  76. Sally Couch

    can't get over Noel trippin' when he carries the water

  77. haley !!!!!!!!!!

    We love an enlightened king with a quarts crystal on his neck

  78. jordana moon