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  1. Bacon Eater

    Please stop touching your hair while baking 😩

  2. zalys p

    I will always talk about how great Denzel Curry is. He is more versatile than people realize. From his cover of Bulls On Parade to his collaborations with Kenny Beats and The Avalanches, I am always impressed.

  3. Victoria Scott

    they represent the two opposite extremes of the quarantine hair spectrum.

  4. Nicolas Hendriks

    Dude Noel could straight up just be a famous ass actor. Unlike my friend Cody here who can't put a serious face even if his life depended on it.

  5. ykthefuckingvibes •

    did y’all snort a line of coke at the end wtf??

  6. Yolanda Perez


  7. bella reyes

    "Half a teaspoon of vanilla, Alright Cody spit in this" 😆😂🤣

  8. Nissy

    carrington just speaks facts and he really does seem like a genuine person. watching him on the show was annoying and frustrating bc he seemed like a total ass but he really was there to do his thing and he was 100% honest about it. that’s why kierstan had no hard feelings for him and still cared about him even though he “did her dirty”. US viewers just want that “genuine love” and forget that all the love island contestant are still humans that make mistakes

  9. Xriqq

    You 2 on a team vs josh making a candybar

  10. Mia Modafferi

    why is this so funny

    1. Mia Modafferi

      the fucking tasting part im dead

  11. Nutty

    Next song FUKING FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK featuring matty smokes

  12. Kira Audrey

    I’m dying

  13. Grace Onofre-Martinez

    Carrington is so hot

  14. CTCarLover

    i late to this episode by a lot but i appreciate the car jokes

  15. Amy Stuart

    Stopped about halfway through and drove to Timmies for a double chocolate donut.... XD

  16. Adi Mikulic

    Stop feeding your dogs chicken bones!!

  17. Coyote Dead

    the card reader hilarious lmao

  18. Aleah A.

    cody licked the fork twice, put it back in the glaze, and then fed it to his friends. EPIC CHUNGUS MOMENT

  19. Abby Lange

    Was Noel talking about Juan Pablo from the Bachelor???

  20. Aleah A.

    i don’t even know what part of the video to comment because every part made me laugh hysterically lmaooo

  21. Hamza Chaudhry

    17:26 the guy in the middle looks like Alex Albon

  22. Brendon Henley

    There’s a video in your ads

  23. Lydia DeRaimo

    i just watched the american school system fail them completely

  24. laurenlovesred

    They are baked in lieu of baked baking

  25. Joe Millar

    Wtf was that noise Noel made at 0:56

  26. Erin Johnson

    Talking about love island- can we bring the Codel back?!?!?!?! I mean, that shit was great!! Am i the only one??🤔

  27. Rafael Prado

    Noel moaning through out the episode while i was on a Bluetooth speaker

  28. Kate Roberts


  29. Spencer Kearney

    noel's pirate british accent sounds like moss from the IT crowd

  30. Julian Vargas

    Did they film an episode of Hot Ones towards the end!?

  31. Maddie Jenkins

    “half a teaspoon of vanilla... alright cody spit in this”

  32. Tyler Wigley

    moby dick is about killing god

  33. Balistikk Hanzo

    This is an actual bopper ngl

  34. riley

    Cody’s video is slightly off ://

  35. riley

    Yesss bring some more love island people on we want the secrets

  36. Rachel Ellingson

    I wasn’t prepared for this video... but I needed it in my life. Had me dying the whole time!

  37. Nadirah Hanim

    Invite your girls. They give instructions but yall dont know what you're making. Make it chaotic!

  38. Freddie Skeates

    "Doing my swede in" is the same as "doing my head in", i.e. 'really pissing me off' For context, a swede is a (roughly) head sized-and-shaped vegetable, hence is substituted for head in the phrase.

  39. ciara stares

    Can someone tell me what the fuck the podcast is that Cody is talking about with gravy? I can’t find anything anywhere and I feel like I’m going insane🥴

  40. itsok tocry

    Talkspace really said yep their viewers need this...

  41. ZZ

    Has anyone clocked she means Venusian not Venetian ldfhglhj

  42. Ink Splatter TV

    pov youre watching this while wasted... or is that just me?

  43. player jr

    Bro who tf watches this and chooses to DISLIKE it. Is everything okay at home if u do bro?

  44. Jordan Cheechoo

    This was the first time I've ever been disappointed with noel and Cody. I was thinking they were goingto get drunk and bake but no ... lame ... ill get over it... Still a good video

  45. Zach McPhail

    I died laughing at this shit

  46. Julianna Beckman

    That was funny as balls Thanks fellas 🤓

  47. Tristarr Hernandez

    “Talking shit on your stupid ass phone. Where are you watching this? During your lunch??” Me: on my phone during my lunch 👀

  48. Aryan Fakhrai

    Noel sells eighths for $20

  49. Peter Woodward

    cody and noel only talk to each other during the podcast

  50. Ryan R.

    This episode is just Cody having a midlife crisis while Noel talks about the news

  51. absolute scronch

    this is the best video ive ever seen

  52. maya loza

    fucking incredible ahahaha

  53. John DiMillo

    why does Noel look like he’s 50

  54. Zack Erickson

    I love how 75% of what Noel says is *beep*

  55. Joel Shaju

    idk man im not tryna be a hater, but I really dont fw Noel. I feel like he's always tryna overpower Cody and Codys just being too nice about it

  56. justine

    i’m waiting for this makeover on Cody

  57. Alisha Davison

    "I feel like a goldfish"

  58. David Martinez


  59. Angel Lemus

    They are so hilarious, I love these guys.

  60. Matt latt

    Wasn’t really expecting Cody to exclame “epic chungus moment” but here we are

  61. kylie s

    the two extremes of quarantine hair

  62. Isabel Wallgren

    The Ebussy costs at least 20,000 euros

  63. Albert Lopez Penalver

    the eyes make it look like goldeneye graphics

  64. Hildy Tanner

    why did it go completely unnoticed when cody asked why noel knew what his fingers tasted like and he said “you remember that time you took out my tonsil stones for me” wtf

  65. Jade Teruko D*

    This podcast now just sounds like 2 dad's catching up at the grocery store for an hour and a half

  66. The Magical Boy

    Did.....did everybody on this podcast really just try and claim Crazy Train is one of the hardest songs on Guitar Hero? Sometimes I feel like y'all just make stuff up by accident on the spot. Every single person who has ever played Guitar Hero knows that Crazy Train is one of the easiest songs, not just in the game, but in the ENTIRE series. It's like a Tier 1 song. 😂😂😂

  67. dark matter

    I'm convinced these two just share a brain cell when they're together which is why a software engineer would suddenly not know math

  68. Kyle Angeles

    Those Elon impersonations are hilarious

  69. megan616

    You absolutely got me into love island and I got 2 friends into it. You probably were a big part of the American fans

  70. Emily Nicole

    Underrated fer sure!

  71. sóley lind

    who was that special guest

  72. julia holcomb

    "this is what it looks like when shrek [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]"

  73. julia holcomb

    was this video sponsored by whole foods or something

  74. dinonuggets1823

    Why’s noels whisk so fucking big

  75. Herson Ricardo Alarcon

    Hahahaha the math part was awesome!!

  76. TrinBrin


  77. MenialAce1


  78. Ashuël


  79. Taylor Gibbs

    My initials are TMG and that’s my biggest flex