Welcome to the official USfilm channel of Cyberpunk 2077 - an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. Developed by CD PROJEKT RED.

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  1. Tony Gilbert

    Please let your awesome looking game come out on the 10th, be the best Xmas present ever

  2. Vibha Chudasama

    If you are gonna release the game b4 the queen dies then heart this comment Also please release the game b4 the queen of England dies Ive been waiting for this since a long long time

  3. Marco da Costa Rocha

    I want a Spider Jerusalem mod.

  4. Radyt XD

    Kesini gara² meme, Like

  5. God tier 35

    I really hope this game doesn't turn out to be bad, but it probably won't

  6. Free Man

    Just 64 years more! Let's go!

  7. Alessandro Fernandes de Souza

    My dream, one group of LAN houses exclusive of Cyberpunk 2077 of CD PROJEKT in 2021, in my city, Araraquara/SP/BRAZIL.

  8. SwuadeTV

    I jus don't understand why this isn't gonna be vr

  9. Anshul Sharma

    And only i am the one who is worrying about this game's size 😐

  10. Szymon Broniecki

    3:05 *sieciobiega

  11. masky

    This will b the next big adventure.

  12. jahonten5

    The game looks bland beyond words

  13. yongsinner

    I need a Milfguard. Can I have a number?

  14. Жахнер

    Лозунг должен быть: Это всратый дубляж, и дно после ведьмака, дажае Киану озвучил какой то поц. Да что тут говорить, кто не согласен ? вы действительно можете сказать что в начальной сцене где летающая тачка полыхает вы чувствуете накал ? такое ощущение что они едут в метро и у гг упал фантик на пол, такой же пох,,м. Вся претензия сейчас только к озвучка работе со звуком, и к актерам которые вообще не чувствовали роль.

  15. andkrk001

    Będzie dostępne na ps4?

  16. Xtrafibers

    This game gonna have something like pets? I want a cyberskunk.

  17. Mike Mountain

    GTX 1060 6GB / RX 580 8GB 60 FPS at High settings 1080p. That's very important!

  18. Garry Superales

    Is Johnny Silverhand cool enough to be my wingman for judy?

  19. Coded Niche

    If you’re gonna complain about graphics you better at least have a PC😑

  20. bfFAN221

    YESSSS *OG CHIPPIN' IN!* We're back, bois!!!

  21. The Gaming Wolf

    Huh I’m surprised that’s there’s 22 million view in 4 days... But considering how long we waited for it makes sense

  22. Rawli Ringor

    Cyber punk is deus ex but WAYY better

  23. Eco Shock

    Delay till 2021

  24. Nova Nexus

    You can see it on his face He really have fun working :D now i am hype for the game, Really hype!

  25. aran amanj

    MAN this game better be historical I’ve been waiting for 7 years since I was 8 now IM 15

  26. Ian D.

    GTA6 in blade runner world

  27. Вася Фантиков

    Озвучка понравилась всем, кроме русских. Я вот тоже буду играть с английской озвучкой.

  28. apxv467 je

    Future America

  29. Rin Okumura

    2:55 MILFGUARD... Really?

  30. _Epidemic_

    Ингрид сразу узнал)

  31. The Pro Panda

    So is this their take at GTA 6?

  32. Ander S

    So basically Johnny Mnemonic? Nice

  33. Quahntasy - Animating Universe

    *We can finally have Keanu reeves inside of us* And there couldn't be any better time to release a dystopian future game

  34. Sayan Sarkar

    can johnny be a romance option please

  35. Lil' Mistake

    "coming: when it's ready" Me in 2013: hehe nice joke Me in 2020: They weren't joking apparently

  36. The Equ4liz3r

    Nice effects in the music video - *To bad this (imo) music is absolut trash*

  37. Cyber Bogart

    What a way to showcase the game. Great job!!!!!

  38. Mertcan

    im burning dush

  39. Никита Мазов

    it looks like the game embodied everything that was expected from half-life 3, but Gabe chose to stay on his wavelength, squeeze promising projects ... His loss. So we meet the new king (I hope)

  40. DriedMoss

    Wasted episode. We’ve already seen a much more in depth look at JOLI from long ago videos. The music and the involvement of Keanu Reeves has been covered months ago. We get news on a “content creator”mode? Just mute the music. Wow! What an amazing five generations ago mode. Where is the look at the character creator, they should have spent some time in there. CDPR should have released the character creator, by itself, months ago, letting the world spend hundreds of, thousands of, heck, millions of hours just building the perfect character to be ready for the actual launch. Imagine the swarm of content creators this would have generated and the free advertising. Anyone over there at CDPR smart enough to think of that?That would have kept the snipers at bay and nothing about the game is spoiled, nothing given away. CDPR could have even had the Character Creator “locked” behind a preorder of the full game to satisfy the corporate angle. They could have showed us PS4/5 footage or given us a heads up on something about photo mode... The list goes on. ...and then...CDPR TELLS US THAT INFLUENCERS HAVE ALREADY BEEN PLAYING THE FULL GAME!? So this game is ready? Then what are the rest of us waiting for? RELEASE IT ALREADY. What a tease and a middle finger to those who preordered and bought this game on day one... This whole launch delay game tease and bait switch has been an exercise in excitement abatement.

  41. Zac Symons

    Looks so good hopefully we’ll ever play it

  42. Sayan Sarkar

    keanu Reeves must be paying this right now :(

  43. LC Mav

    MIAZGA !

  44. Jedrek Nadobnik

    Growing up in Poland I realised that Polish youth from the 80s was the first which experienced a sense of rebellious Cyberpunk freedom. The fall of the Berlin Wall opened a whole new world of Western Pop Culture. Music from Depeche Mode and Tangerine Dream, books from Philip K. Dick and movies like The Terminator and Blade Runner were illegal and unknown to the public, so after the fall of communism they became the symbol of freedom. That's why I think there couldn't have been a better game company making a game like Cyberpunk 2077.

  45. Kaan Şahin

    7 years ago wtf?

  46. Jesi Ash

    It will be basically Fallout people deserve... because Bethesda suck.

  47. Raion

    I expected better gaphics...

  48. Kyrie Espayos

    "Burned half a city to prove his point.The other half just for fun" hey this man gives off a person who can kill someone with a pecil a fucking pencil vibes

  49. VOid PAntEr

    Pls have collaboration with nintendo

  50. Mert Efe -Game Time

    GTA V bak işine kardeşim(look at your business, bruh).

  51. The Potato

    Please tell me this is only for lipsync alone because the expressions are like Steven Segal's.

  52. Luan Daniel

    Isso é um filme na moral isso tá bom demais.

  53. iXam aXtroller

    consumed by neverending conflict (X consumed by neverending release date (O hope you get your job done this time CDPR.


    Am I the only one who feels disconnected from this game? Somehow not only I am not excited for this but also I dont know how to feel about it. it doesn’t bring the same feeling I got when I first saw Gta v or Red dead 2 trailer. Is it because the game doesn’t have a direction or a statement to make or is it just me?

  55. Saheb Bansal

    This song has some indian vocal elements i think

  56. TMG

    NGL, it has some of Rage 2 VIBE which is a good thing since im a big fan of that game

  57. TMG

    damn the hype!!!!!!! cant wait

  58. Oliver Widłak

    4:26 damn my first gf ever

  59. Hüseyin G

    bir kez daha erteleyin oyunu annenizi tost yaparım

  60. Bili

    hype 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. Josh Lovez Stuff

    is the narrator the same woman who voices Diana for HITMAN? If so, that's dope!

  62. K-Man Sports

    So basically this is fps-GTA VI

  63. perry3669

    Who else is going to do a pistol only playthrough?

  64. Sandi Sanda

    Cyberdelay 2077 😪

  65. Li Assist

    Cartoon Graphics. I thought the graphics will be better here😂🤣

  66. john doe

    that burger guy is hilarious

  67. Yazzid Fadhillah Milan

    Seven years ago