We drop stuff, we bounce stuff, we throw stuff, we catch stuff. How good #44Club

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  3. Erica Scott

    They're going a little over 37 MPH for any of my fellow people who don't know kilometers.

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    sparks, aaah thats cool

  5. sticky digit _

    POV: you came from tik tok

  6. Harry Marr

    @harryymarr_ :))

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    The million dollar bar was saved by its girth 😂

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    Demo ranch was in this video

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    "Freezing" ..... Seriously?

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    Gaunson needs to make a science channel colab with mark rober

  17. pro plays to win

    His life was transformed from a dinosaur to a corpse

  18. mantas tamosiunas

    u hit 200 k likes but u didnt go to Swicerland ;(

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    It is better

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    Ig baristaorava 😎 that piece gold would look nice in my desk 🤓

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    Hey when you guys getting new merch in??

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    Would have went thru more paper if u guys didn’t put spacers in between the packs



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    Love you guys so much, always positiv, always smiling... Adn you do giveaways?! Unbelieavle Mi ig name is @juraj_hubzin

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    I love your videos And my Instagram name is Logybear2017

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    Some grandpa in back: *Somebody said something?*

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    I think the spray paint colour was pink on purpose

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    "Do you shake it? Does that add a bit more" (POP) ROFLMAO

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    Cflynn954 thanks for the wonderful science projects cant recomend this channel enough

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    Luv the vids <3 @jack_restuccia14

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    Ig: christiant.r What's the temp of that thing!

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    The reason why you are getting the coney-joney is because all the presure goes up

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    @whatsdakalakin Yeeeah boys love your stuff!

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    "how ridiculous"

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    @samkbarnes 🤞I get this win

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    In Australia, baloon goes up.

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    1 tongue

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    IG: rudratibrewal12352020 I am curious to know how much time it would take a vaporise 1l water ??

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    giant rexy

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    Your gay

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    Its fake, a Nokia can't be destroyed 😅

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    Lucey for the sord cause brucey lucey and rexy

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    Neither know how to share the video


    Don't have a insta handle

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    6:19 I believe those are capacitors

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    Love how they guess the science behind what they do also @noahed_21 cuz y not

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    Truckwheels vs oobleck

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    Cony jony

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    No not from states but I m from Ireland

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    "That's our smallest balloon!" Oh, is it? How did it get "smaller" than the pink one?

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    A hoofer is a try or a take

  76. Orlando Santiago

    What if you drop the tungsten cube to a pool of a no newtonian fluid? May it works better than the aquariums with the water.