We drop stuff, we bounce stuff, we throw stuff, we catch stuff. How good #44Club

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  1. Ben Lockhart

    The cube is 2500 dollars

  2. T C

    Poor Midwest Tungsten Service's website is going to crash with all hits.

  3. Billy Griffin


  4. T C

    Commtest: About $2,699.84 USD with FedEx International Economy, $2,722.75 with International Priority shipping

  5. MrJose thegreat25

    What about world’s heaviest cube vs world’s strongest trampoline

  6. Reuben Rosenberg


  7. Freya and Izzy’s world

    Was is 250$ or 150$

  8. TEAM Warbot

    It’s surprising how an iPhone survived 1k feet but my iphone couldn’t survive 3 meters

  9. Andrew Medrano

    $1500 US

  10. kenny head

    $2500 usd #commtest

  11. Finns Fantastic Magic

    3k more likes! Let’s get a new tooth!!!

  12. Daniel Ferguson

    I know I'm late to the game, but what about a giant Slinky?

  13. FubbleNugs McNubbleFugs

    Is anybody aware that this cube costs 2500$?!?!?!

  14. Eric Kerker

    Make a giant saw blade

  15. Mario Piccirilli

    Hear me out. How Ridiculous and Slow Mo guys collab???

  16. NUT

    a giant Rexy would be cool


    6:32 there's a fly on ur head lol

  18. BlueRaiden

    Every time he laughs it sounds like a 80 year old smoker.

  19. Kyle Small

    8:05 “ Well that’s not in one piece anymore” 😂😂😂

  20. Chris Partridge

    $2500 USD

  21. Kyle B

    Carl the cube

  22. Mitchell McLeod

    $3,400 AUD for sure

  23. Colossus gamer

    These guys are the dude perfect of australia

  24. derrickgates42

    How ridiculous.

  25. Xavier Fernandez

    And the dinosaur survives lmoa

  26. Austin Church

    Thing hits like a meteor

  27. Supr2baboy

    That cube had to be $2500 USD.

  28. Trucks Bikes and all things nice

    Please drop style on Big squares of 8th inch steel plate to see what it does

  29. Josiah pedigo

    ASMR crushing

  30. Kinnith Hood

    You should do a reverse bullseye where you throw the dartboard at the dart and try to get the dart to impale the bullseye

  31. jake feaster


  32. Zwgrafakhs Andrianos

    ...and the cube goes on

  33. thor56265

    When's the next RC viddie?

  34. Michael Lewis

    I sense a disturbance in the force, the guys were getting annoyed with each other

  35. rsaxtellartist

    Aussies are more fun and crazier than Americans, and that is saying a lot!

  36. PandaBeatBox


  37. Kimberly Ledet

    poor rexy

  38. Kimberly Ledet

    You should drop a car on lots and lots of bricks.

  39. Michael Lewis


  40. Jacob Moon

    About a month

  41. Xelo Gaming

    Mom: don't play with your food!!!!!!! Me (sometimes):

  42. Frizzle

    Who else saw these guys’ comment on demo ranch’s vid?

  43. Michael Lewis

    How about a 45 m guillotine

  44. Kenneth Lee

    Copied demolition ranch

  45. Mineral Blox

    Pizza 🍕 boy 55 dude perfect fake it

  46. Reece Barnes

    Love to see a slow mo guys colab with these guys


    Seen yalls comment on demo ranch. Cant wait to watch this

  48. Mineral Blox


  49. BlueRaiden

    Why so many fly’s in every video?

  50. David Helt


  51. Luke Schultink

    19 minutes of quotes. How good!

  52. Moonlight The Folf

    I’d say the tungsten cube is worth 2,535 not 2,499 CAUSE TAXES PEOPLE

  53. minecraft games

    when you life gives you paint CRUSH IT WITH A TUNGSTEN CUBE

  54. matty bear

    Stanford killa

  55. Crunchy

    4 days

  56. Joshua Floyd

    $2,499.00 USD


    3 more thousand until that new Tooth!!! Let’s go guys!!!

  58. Frozen Star

    the cube costs 2,500 USD or 3420.63 austrailian Dollars

  59. shaun thomas

    Commtest. $1600.00

  60. w s l

    3 , 2 , ad ................ 1

  61. Jose Garcia


  62. Twin Trickshots


  63. DIY is dead


  64. Alexis Eyestone

    What’s up with the cam by gaunson spinning round and round and round

  65. ceruleansunn

    cast a hook into a jumping fishes mouth

  66. Elliott Core

    What's the music at 12:41?

  67. Gracious Kun

    How about Gavin?

  68. Jesse Dulaney

    Tungston block vs. oobleck?

  69. Brayden Pesce

    If u look at his comment I’ll shout u out to how ridiculous 2 which is only behind ur channel in subs by 98%

  70. Brayden Pesce


  71. tyshaun logan

    a whole day

  72. tyshaun logan

    a whole day

  73. Noah Brazil

    That thing is like the hulk version of Thor’s hammer.

  74. Merlin the Wizard

    10 k likes for a lady friend for rexy

    1. Merlin the Wizard


  75. Kellen Moore

    Most people: 1st Me: 2,758,418th

  76. Chloe Knight

    One of these bad boys has my name on it

  77. Matthew George

    A giant Rexy would be awesome.

  78. Rhinownage

    My guess is 2.012,71 Australian Dollar EDIT: Also, they almost certainly made it from recycled lightbulb glowthreads.

  79. Danny Neal


  80. bob H