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    4 million? more like 8.17 million

  2. hello 111.I

    i love how they turn everything into rp lmaoo😌😭

  3. Baron Foots

    george with tommyinnit like shirt?!?! :OO

  4. Cypher Vlogz and Gaming

    This is the first time they dont have slimescle and phil but this is the first time that they left aswell

  5. Danish Khan

    TommyInnit is so entertaining

  6. TNTGamez

    Ninja always looks high

  7. RakshaSings

    imagine having ninja in the video but not needing to put him in the thumbnail

  8. mari bear

    Ayyy video is on trending :]

  9. Oliver Vanderslice

    Did anyone notice he used Cynthia’s Battle theme in the intro

  10. David Thang


  11. Morgan Shultz

    the ending is just- beautiful

  12. Orange Dragon Emu


  13. The Julio Tapia Show

    The fact that ninja just full on rage quit and made a domino effect

  14. Disbelief


  15. Nickz1lla

    the c team is sad

  16. Adin Boileau

    You ever doing one question go ever again?

  17. XMANS


  18. Elizabeth Lukarova

    hi tommy my friend is obsesed with your vids can you pls reply and say hi gabby I would rely appreciate it

  19. chim chim cricket

    ily tommy <3

  20. Elise

    Alternative title: everyone bullying george

  21. Potato Trousers

    It's really chaotic without Philza lmao

  22. メyZ


  23. Viking Guy

    Number one trending for gaming!

  24. PrettyinPinkStudioz

    Is everyone just going to ignore Gogy's shirt-

  25. WholeQuill

    Ninja funny

  26. Johnlee Javier

    i laugh at swears amd disc stands for and coplimation is very funny

  27. TryhardWinte


  28. gold luna

    14:43 ahhh that music is from the brimstone biome thing from calamity, I love that

  29. ttvbully yt

    The fact that you 6.9 views

  30. Myriah Oliver

    I can’t breath 😂


    the end xd

  32. GG1DK

    Tommy needs to do a vid with dream and George and bbh

  33. pro gamer

    Where's the vlog TimmyIsntIt

  34. Shader ZYX

    21:33 god damnit now when i go My Ordinary Life in my playlist it's going to be filled with TommyInnit stans

  35. NYXL_Happy

    When The sleepy bois needed Phil the most, he vanished

  36. the groovyest

    thinking about how many people watching this don't know about george and ninjas marriage </3

  37. corn toast

    Tyler Ninja Blevins

  38. son nguyen

    Ninja is hilarious

  39. von derick guzman

    Tommy get 2m or 3m every year

  40. Alex Two

    Hey Tommy can I write captions for your video? They seem to be turned off.

  41. Kal Bitch

    This entire video absolutely killed me

  42. French Cuadoro

    Ninja is so uncomfortable

  43. WONG ZI XUAN Moe

    Geogie is finally here

  44. Utopia Light

    So Ninja practices polygamy?

  45. apple pi

    I was just about to search heat waves then i saw this😀

  46. GamerKJ123

    I love it how Charlie and Wilbur just both play around while Philza is making progress and Tommy just being a panic person

  47. Fat Boi

    Clowns' world

  48. Z3FT

    Oldschool ime

  49. Clip by clip

    I cant stop LMAO bring up ninja more hahahha

  50. LatenR MC

    he spoke to he's sister,mum what about he's dad

  51. Lash

    Gogy what's an std?

  52. Not Me

    Ninja: We’re just gonna eat George. Me: There’s literally a food in your background!

  53. Joseph Messina

    Good job tommy you now have friends😄

  54. Khaile Steven Velasco

    Konichiwa-Konichiwa -Ninja

  55. Nox

    i think tommy is to addicted with pokemon themes now

  56. Jacy Yang

    8:29... IDK about ninja anymore...

  57. Oseyp

    all rage quit

  58. Rajanbir Sidhu

    My man doesn’t even link the Channels in the description

  59. Just a Account

    @Mr Wolf yes

  60. Exotic Br4ndon

    ninja just makes any video better

  61. Kenzie

    As soon as I saw ninja in this video I knew it would be fu*king hilarious

  62. Kellin Teddy

    Nice new crew but how do they win without ph1lza?

  63. Kos0A


  64. Tiffany Tarrazona

    Tommy: Becoming like Philza Wilbur: The mistress George and Ninja: Having marriage problems

  65. Amber Smith

    i laugh at thrown chield cancel me

  66. Cassimir

    I really like how even out of the dreamsmp George and ninjas marriage is irl cannon

  67. Jahnsen Jerome S. Co

    I have an idea- If u are hungry give ur items to ur friend and die in lava so it resets ur hunger and u do not need to eat Geogre xD

  68. Mia C

    I love the music at 2:00 GEORGENOTFOUND ONLY FANZZZZZ

  69. Tijn Vandermassen

    14:02 i like it a log

  70. Kenzie

    I wanna eat goggy 😩

  71. eggboy727 the one and only

    you guys like fries

  72. Mars Bars

    Lol Tommy: IM not going to laugh (five seconds later) HA HA HA HA

  73. Duminda Seneviratne

    How is Charlie quality and fucking ninja the same in all these vidos

  74. seann laurence nuguid

    Anyone realized that george is wearing tommys shirt?

  75. Michael angelo Sousa

    Part 2

  76. iDavid

    hey tommy my birthday today

  77. Louis Cyclone

    *"I got 3 of my funniest friends together..."* Techno, Tubbo, Ranboo: *"We really are the B team!"*