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  1. Clark Sarge

    If down thumbed this video, you are a Russian bot.

  2. patrick schneer

    I can’t believe you were only on the ship for a day, it seemed like you were there for a week or more

  3. David McClellan

    The smile on Destin's face just firing the 50 made my day!

  4. Shinokami007

    couldn't write "DEFECATE" in the title or what? why do we use that strange onomatopoeia move instead of the smarter word ahahha :) anyway thanks for the video <3

  5. USS Long Island [CVE-1]

    Dont worry guys, if it were a german submarine, he wouls have flooded the entire craft.


    confirmed: A golfball is deadlier than a gun ;-;

  7. Taha Meron

    Nice video. You should wash you hands after going to the bathroom :P

  8. evergreen2y

    I reckon a submarine is like a under water hogwarts.

  9. Hunter Deem

    His screams remind me of the screams from Broforce

  10. ASAWProductions

    Big props for respecting the privacy of the injured person.

  11. Bubblezov Love

    I really can't imagine a more respectable person than Destin. Just based on all his videos I feel huge respect for him. I would LOVE to spend a day on the farm with Destin, just talking about stuff and helping wherever he needed... I feel very lucky to have met at least one person I would put at the same level as Destin. 😎 The words *role model * is so apt....

  12. Matthew


  13. Ben Clifford

    I think there's a bias in favor of the left-side. To really test that out, you'd need to switch lines between whackers each match and see the results.

  14. Bill Kordis

    Heathkit Model IT-11 Capacitor checker

  15. alexthebro 265

    linus had the "what have i gotten my self into" face.

  16. Louie Uriostequi

    Dude stop stfu you’re getting annoying explaining

  17. Bubblezov Love

    I'd like to see mental health covered. I mean I know they're soldiers but in an environment like that they must at least think about strongly keeping people focussed and ok....

  18. Louie Uriostequi

    We are not slow and stupid like you and other people I can perfectly understand the soldier, you’re just making everything sound so difficult to understand

  19. Mike B

    Ok I have never heard of 'code switching' but now that I do, I finally realize there's a term for what I used to do a lot while younger, but I hated myself so much for it even though it wasn't a 'conscious' effort to do it. I always felt it was just a subconscious way i was trying to fit in with others. But I've always tried to stop myself doing it as I got older and realized I was doing it, sometimes apologizing to the people to do it. Normally it would be various accents around me like Hispanic, a bit "ghetto" (if you can call that an accent), etc. but it all came to a head when someone from North Carolina visited me, and OMG I just couldn't stop with the "twang" in my voice to the point where they said it was annoying (for point of reference from California), then I realized I was doing it without realizing it.

  20. d Watson

    What’s long and hard and full of seamen?

  21. drchpt

    This was a good format. Thank you Destin :)

  22. Kenneth Varghese

    “Learn from that what you will” 😏

  23. lastofthemohicans


  24. tom elerding

    Thank you all, gentlemen, for your service to our country! We appreciate your time, expertise and commitment. God Bless you!

  25. G P

    All I could think of when you used that voice was POWERTHIRST! THE! ENERGY! DRINK! FOR! MEN!

  26. Moto Nugget

    This series is awesome! Thank you for the videos!

  27. Simon Andrews

    15:18 you can just tell there's some lawyer/health and safety person in the background shaking their head.

  28. AntiCitizenX

    "Learn from that what you will." --- Nice way of saying you have no idea how to interpret it. :)

  29. Apolo

    So Usually I eat while watching these videos. Now im just confused on what to do... Thanks for producing high quality videos as always, hope you feel proud of yourself

  30. BoyInTheRoom

    𝕄𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝔻𝕠𝕡𝕖,),,

  31. Raeyn

    Anyone know what calibers these are? Doesn't sound supersonic at least.

  32. Doug Mapper

    I see the official hairstyle of Alaska is "hat hair"

  33. Mitchell Beaver


  34. Cooner Kathmandu

    Yield Strength measures stress at which a force applied causes the material to lengthen and then break.

  35. Ayush Mange

    When I heard those sfx I was straight up thi king about adventure time 😆

  36. Mayuresh Arankalle

    Why red light???

  37. Luka Radovanović

    6:17 Unresponsable gun Usege keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.

  38. Xarosai

    Did you capitalize the SUB part of subscribe as some kind of a submarine pun? If you did, I loved it! hahaha

  39. cyrus abraham


  40. Wm Wellman

    Lucky duck .... what you shown is only 1/3 as amazing as what you got to do. Congrats.

  41. pilot constatinus

    11:22 > How long does it burn for > 45 min, so two candles should take 90-120 > Youre gonna light both of them at the same time now? > Yes

  42. Audacious Scoundrel

    when he tells boomhower to speak slower HAHAHA

  43. Vincent Chan

    I am surprised that a military sub actually got an extra bed for "guest".

  44. Naz

    ahaha I had so much fun watching this!

  45. Fuzhon Was Here

    and now we are watching weed whackers fight

  46. Brad du Plessis

    Ice cream (has to be vanilla) and syrup together is the most common thing to put on waffles in South Africa

  47. MAX PUMP

    USS Toledo captain Castellano ARRIBA ESPAÑA

  48. the Yesinator

    You are awesome

  49. Rad!.


  50. TheSpacecraftX

    Can we chill with the propaganda please?

  51. Luxcium

    8:42 Expected ring tone for waking up on a submarine


    Add to everything else the fact that the ship might roll and spill your pots, this kitchen is straight out of Overcooked.

  53. trauts2003

    Can't believe they don't have a more efficient shower heads. They mustn't have pop up ads down there.

  54. therealxunil2

    My wife and I play cribbage at least once every day.

  55. Saša Simić

    At 10:58 they noticed a mistake but everything was ok untill 8:39 . That was the first time that someone moved correctly placed pieces to a wrong place on the grid. At 8:02 you can still see them correctly placed on the grid.

  56. J&V Mor


  57. William Popowitch

    Thanks Destin! I was actually just about to do that.

  58. Andre Rahming

    I’m watching this while pooping.

  59. Titanium Mechanism

    I bet that Shell didn't sponsor them out of the goodness of their heart, but whatever motivation they had, it resulted in something great.

  60. GreatFlamin Zeus

    6:48 uuhhh, what’s the “Bug Juice” container? Or is that classified?

  61. Camecol21

    Destin, Thank you for asking excellent questions and making the most of a one-night stay.

  62. LoneWolf7878 gmail


  63. Raymond Bosman

    You need to tell your friends at Raycon to send to Australia!

  64. Camecol21

    Yeoman = S1 on the sub.

  65. BadKarma 714

    I have a question what is a firing solution Did they put in the torpedo tubes? Is it the water

  66. Adam Kaufman

    Maybe the "hair" is a scale that is still growing and will later sort of unroll into the right shape!

  67. Avaraya

    bros doing bro stuff

  68. Some Weeb

    A nice round 256 for this episode!

  69. Kamilah Haynes

    I can’t believe you were only on the ship for a day, it seemed like you were there for a week or more

  70. CaptPicard81

    The sound effects at contact are absolute chefs kiss

  71. Let's Plays

    What you're looking for starts at 3:27

  72. R van Dyk

    Finally some content!! I've been waiting for underwaterpooping vid's for ages!!🤣

  73. R Hayes

    Maximum Noodlage!

  74. Nathan

    i almost didn't click this because the title feels clickbaity, glad i did because this was super interesting :D

  75. GraphicHealer

    Destin: "Raycons get 6 hours of battery life" Me, A Sony WH-1000xm3 Owner: "HA! WEAK!"

  76. Oakstrom

    Loved this series. As a former Nuclear Electrician's Mate, it was a shame that you couldn't see the Engineering and Maneuvering spaces. The Nukes control the Rx to make the steam, water, electricity, and propulsion. They're a good bunch and live an especially tough life on board a submarine.

  77. MisfitActual

    6:45 your welcome

  78. SnowThundah

    So why doesn't the ball knuckle?

  79. Connor McMillan

    “Just a cluster of cells with no value” “can’t even think so not important” I can’t believe that people can see the miracle of life especially in their own race and just dismiss it because it’s inconvenient for them

  80. Squid Gert

    I’m claustrophobic just watching it…