Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on USfilm. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.
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  1. Dayna Anderson Hepler

    the peanuts/candy corn mix is the 💣

  2. Fukk Yoo

    The 2nd palette is way better!!!!.. Just loving it!.. Coming from a mother of 4 and in my late 30s!..thank you.

  3. MotherOfCats

    This is the Jaclyn I have MISSED!!! Comfortable, relaxed, honest, beautiful.

  4. Sylina Williams

    Love you 😘 your glowing!

  5. Tanya Yager

    This was awesome! So many great ideas! Btw if you need a recipe for Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme, let me know. Also when can we get a tour of your bedroom and laundry room? Love you, Jaclyn!

  6. Anne Martino

    I can’t agree with you more about candle scents lol I love candles that make the whole room smell amazing ! Bath and body works candles def pick up the best scent just don’t burn for long !

  7. Kourtney Stewart

    I love how she mentioned dulled down at this point that’s exactly the description of the volume 1 I’m here waiting for her to come lie about volume 2 now... 🤦‍♀️ and mention a package change when it’s actually a palette chance.


    Love the lipstick

  9. Janette Sainz

    Yes I break out with mask so I order some soon thanks 😊

  10. Maritza Sepulveda

    Will always be one of my Favorites 🖤

  11. Life after we got Charlie, the puppy

    May I know the measurements of the table top of the vanity?

  12. Vibes

    Audrina Patridge that u?????

  13. Vibes

    Why was this in my suggestions oct 2020

  14. Annie C.

    J! I know you probably will NEVER see this but plz plz plz tell me HOW we could ever get a highlighter palette from u again (The Flash Palette specifically)? I realize they were limited but will u ever release them again!? I can't find one and would love to be able to purchase one from u! I think it's STUNNING and so many ppl (every day ppl and celebrities alike) agree it's one of the best ever! Plz let us spend our $ on ur beautiful product! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  15. Nailed By Yazzy

    Okay but as a nail tech, I cannnoot stop staring at your nails, PERFECT ✨

  16. Essentially Jessi

    Yes!! I’m loving this!!! Thank you! 😊

  17. Tori Green

    omg please do more videos like this!!

  18. Emily Moses

    Love you Jaclyn !! Are you having your annual Halloween party?

  19. free dom

    Omg im obsessed with her shirt, where can i get ittt please

  20. Sarah Abraham

    Ugh. Finally you start looking 26.

  21. Tina. cooper

    . 👍😇😀

  22. Tina. cooper

    U. R. So. Beautiful. 😇

  23. Eva T

    Love that this was right before the coronavirus. ;P Jaclyn you're beautiful!

  24. PuttingontheGlitz124

    I’m sorry. What do you mean you can’t do pale pink nudes anymore????? Excuse me

  25. Morgan Bruce

    Did you buy a tester foundation 😂 do that all the time 🤦🏼

  26. Bristy Rahman Vlogz


  27. Corryn Viens

    still out here waiting for your favorite dips video :)

  28. biapiaxyzia

    i enjoyed this!

  29. Brooklynn Thompson

    I loved this video!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Shelby Johnson

    Please make a video on the best fine hair products!!!

  31. Sadia Ahmed

    This is the first makeup video that I watched when I was younger and knew nothing about makeup. Love it <3

  32. Rahman Binfaisal

    ood works deserves good recommendation, I appreciate the effort of (Prince) Kinetic investment for helping me work from home despite being quarantined. Profits been made weekly as he promised, i invested €700 and now making €17,200 weekly, All thanks to him, wouldn’t have been easy during this lock down he made me and my Family smile, Send him Email and Thank ALLAH not me

  33. ᴊᴀᴍɪᴇ ᴊ

    Wow fuck youtube for hiding this from me... i just heard aboout this..??? Aw happy !

  34. Julie Yang

    You look stunning, hun.

  35. So K

    I really enjoyed watching this!! We all get frustrated- it’s just nice to know we are not alone 🙏😇💓

  36. Andrea's Beauty Life

    I absolutely love 💕 how your hair looks 🤩❤️

  37. Jacque Bridgmon

    I love you from one Jacqueline to another. I’ve watched you for years and you are amazing in every way

  38. Ana Fragoza

    Hello I love the basic videos.once 😁

  39. Rebecca S

    👎🏽 Goya

  40. Rebecca S

    Blonde looks bomb

  41. Melissa Worthy

    I love you and these vids!!

  42. TheJmm112

    That Skims bra is everything!! I have 3 because of your IG story

  43. Emily Guzman

    Ok but what’s the name of the beer

  44. Kira Havird

    OKAY....I've got my Jac snacks and I'm ready to watch!

  45. Lindsey Frost

    Yessss the scrunchie!!! Lol every time I use a scrunchie I can’t not think about Carrie 😂

  46. Bradley Denison

    Just curious, if her boyfriend has his own place, why is his channel always filmed in Jaclyn's kitchen?

  47. Diana Flores

    Missed these!!

  48. Jeh Libras

    hair color toning mask ?

  49. Raysa Montano

    Here in 2020🤪🤪🤪

  50. Bikini Fit

    love love love this one!! xo

  51. HelloKittySam

    Jaclyn, Ive been watching you since you started USfilm and I get so much nostalgia watching these past videos D: I wish I knew you in person! and be best friends!

  52. haley mcmillian

    Omg! Where did u get the big pumpkins??

  53. Stephanie Escalante

    I'm just seeing this for the first time now - Jacklyn THANK YOU SO MUCH! For all that you do. It doesn't go unnoticed. As someone who has had an almost identical struggle as you, with regards to mental health, it's lifelong journey. Just know that you have gone through the worst & that means you are stronger than you once were. Keep learning, keep living & keep doing what you love! We need you in this world! :) Blessings to you! ~Steph

  54. Audey Yoyeyn

    Okay. I'm two years late. 🙃

  55. Candi Lease

    Wood wick candles are absolutely amazing!!! The sound is my favorite!!!!!

  56. Nikola Foster-King

    Awesome 👍 needed this ❤️

  57. Paisley Farnam

    Why her cheeks so big

  58. Kristabelle43 D

    This was legitimately my fav video you’ve done recently! More please!!!

  59. Kimberly Hall

    You have to clean an eye lash curler? 😳

  60. Johanna HRH

    Love Back to Basics! ❤️

  61. Tammy Betts

    Girl I absolutely love you and I'm getting ready to use your first mini pallet and it's my favorite of course lol but also I had to tell you that my mom use to drink beer a little bit just regular beer and she always put salt in it 2 so I couldn't believe that someone else does that which I know that you do it pumpkin beer but anyways lol your awesome girl I would love for you to come back to youtube more and you can do like life style videos if you don't want to do makeup all the time

  62. Genesis Ruiz

    Have you ever talked about what product you use to keep your baby hairs back??? I know you’ve mentioned the toothbrush 🥵

  63. Charlotte V

    you literally give me powerful erika jane vibezzz girl. loveu!

  64. Officiallydaiya

    A dupe for the ysl mascara is the maybelline falsies lash lift mascara. And it doesn’t smell strong. I work in cosmetics and got the ysl mascara in gratis, and I cannot use it because of the freaking strong smell. Got them both, haven’t found any mascara I like more than the maybelline falsies lash lift.

  65. Marygoroun

    Girl, you look beautiful! What is that lip color your wearing?!

  66. als

    Lol ‘isn’t it crazy? Me doing my job??’ Hahaha I love you!

  67. Kayleigh Stork_

    I need a Amazon Favorites video !!!!

  68. Melissa Rescigno

    Omg low sodium turkey breast lmao I died

  69. Gwynne S

    Why she screaming at me?

  70. Dina Sebti

    Love this woman, she is just great. I am so happy she is in a good place but would still adore her and love her if she didn't. God bless YOU .

  71. Jacquelynn Orona

    I love your voice!!! Thank you for your videos been watching for so long!

  72. Katie Bryant

    You need to try sand and fog candles! They sell them at tj max!

  73. Jacquelynn Orona

    I love you sista!!! Love the video. God bless

  74. Abigail Robinson

    I needed this..... 😭

  75. Bailey Swagel

    Hey Lady. Love your videos!!!!! Have you tried the Milani concealer? It's so good and I feel like that one is a better Dube to the tart shape tape. I LOVE the Milani foundation too. I have a few expensive foundations but I find I always go back to the Milani. Thank you for sharing your videos!!! You've inspired me to start creating my own channel, only a few in, would love your feedback. I know your busy but thought I would through it out there :) I hope this comment finds you. Sending love your way!

  76. Jacquie Kendall


  77. Nathaline Malcolm

    Haven't seen your videos in 4 yrs I'm glad to see your staying true to yourself and you happy😘

  78. Teni

    Pleasseeeee do a skincare video!!!!

  79. Alexandria Alderete

    Jaclyn you are amazing !!

  80. Rabia I رابية

    she talking so fast WTF!!!!!are you rapper