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  1. DienstagHD

    Ayo can a loc come up in yo crib?

  2. DeadlineUNIVERSE

    .Then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked

  3. Marco&Luke Y

    my brother: yo wanna come watch this anime about volleyball me: nah not really also me after watching the first episode : wooooooooooooooooo

  4. Inglonias

    This is a new scene! As someone who loves noodles, I approve!

  5. jesus robles


  6. Adsta

    That snap at 0:51 probably cost the entire black clover budget

  7. MytH AnGeL

    LOL human cause of the problem again even in the anime world hahahahahaha sadly its accurate

  8. RC_K1ngsnam3

    Read the light novel

  9. Poop_Knight96

    When the imposter is sus! 😳

  10. Reon Pena

    You think yami would think twice ?

  11. Anthony Figueroa

    I just realized asta had his blade right at langris throat. He was NOT playing

  12. JAVII

    Izi brizi

  13. 09newtona

    For some reason I'm expecting Rimuru to be in this.

  14. Smudge the cat

    "babe i’m home alone" me: 0:45

  15. Ratul Ahmed

    This Is best OP

  16. Zoë Jaira

    The music at the ending noooo😭

  17. Shoto Todoroki

    0:09 Midoriya you okay? 😭😭😭😂

  18. Shirob

    this fight was so random xD

  19. Alter _DiiVisioN

    Eren jaegaaaaaaar

  20. kenzie mays

    waiting for season 5 like 🧍‍♀️


    look at my pfp

  22. TreBoogie0

    Angel dust: the anime

  23. Koussay Ben Soltana

    And nobody is talking about my boy aoyama .-.

  24. Jaelynn Reed

    me after cleaning my history: 1:34

  25. Steven

    They fight for Subaru and Emilia to kiss Otto and Ram, true great friends

  26. Freec Aleister

    Koutaro wants to know your location

  27. Chenoa Gansekoele

    This movie is gonna throw away all my tears but I ain’t complaining 🥲

  28. Shred917

    Looks like a video game for me lol

  29. Giacomo Frasson

    easy breezy

  30. Roronoa DeLGaDo

    That ost 💔 Nostalgia

  31. Mihai jlp

    Idk why the heck why but I imagined giornos theme while watching this

  32. Lana Fiedler

    This is literally the only thing i can cry to

  33. Criszer

    why did the beginning look like jujitusu kaisen? kinda cool tho

  34. Kohaku Bekunin

    So they name are reverse of each other

  35. Zain Play’s


  36. Handelo

    GS: *Eyes light up* Goblin Champion: "Why do I hear boss music?"

  37. KT Bars

    Byakuya has the best one, hands down..

  38. MIN PARK

    Boruto: Water style: Wave surge Sarada and Mitsuki POV: What when did he learn those style?! Naruto: My son has grown*proud* Boruto: Now I am gonna attack him Naruto: Nope not a chance! *kicks boruto* Boruto: What!? Wait.... That's a ninja tool Me: Still thinking what just happened? Naruto: Eazzy!! Boruto: That stupid old man is using a ninja tool!? *Just noticed* Me: Still thinking w-what just happened* Shocked*

  39. BiLinmeyen Aşk

    shall ı buy a drink lollll 😪🤤😁👌👌👌👌👌

  40. Kokichi Ouma

    But srrsly, HxH IS THE BEST ANIME

  41. Mar Hip

    Why was historia able to see ymir's past?

  42. 抱歉

    I have been cat fished. It ended up being CGI.

  43. Sami.z 38

    1:21 spirit bomb?

  44. Architects XIII

    attack on cgi

  45. alexia

    Kasanatteta mune no oto Yusabutte mo kikoenai Koboreochita pīsu Kon'na nichijō no yūutsu sae Tameiki mo dezu ni mu kanjōna bokura [Minami] Life filled with vanity Colors have faded Things you desire exists here Flee from this colorless world [So] Tsugi hagi no kokoro wa fuantei Arainagasa reta shoki shōdō o Yobisamashite hashiridase Tsutanai kotoba Omou mama ni tsunagu yo ano Ni~Tsu no kodō Wasurenaide [Minami & So] Oh, my lord, it's gone What should I do? Pieces I had have fell apart Where do you belong? Where should I am [for]? Once you've lost sight It's left to fall apart

  46. mariam kurian

    Which episode is this from?

  47. Josh Ewell

    The first time garra felt physical pain

  48. Zinu Dereje


  49. Afnan

    0:43 where bakugo’s mom is squeezing his cheeks!🥺💕

  50. Hey Its Nikole

    I’ve just realized that their last name all ends with maki like Yuina Itomaki Enhou Norimaki and Himawari Uzumaki

  51. Xavier Morales

    Vengo de parte de bleach esta canción es lindab

  52. SelfReassuringTitle

    Playing the long game

  53. Shiro sunja

    This ed reminds me of classic osu

  54. LeoDaBest 180

    Guys, I'm telling you. This is NOCLIP Quirk

  55. SmiffyLel

    0:58 best twin 😍😍😍😍

  56. Golf Club That Killed Joel

    With that wallpaper that name of the video...

  57. Χρηστος Λαβαζος

    the scene with the granpa one of the best scenes of episode 1

  58. Rafael AZL Granja

    0:42 "Boruto is better than naruto"

  59. Ельник


  60. Gotcha Gurl Emma

    Me: Black whip is that u?!

  61. ReaperZone


  62. Shhsshsh Zvzhzh

    Man I wish this animation was used in aot sucks they only had a year to animated it :/

  63. Ege Özoran

    It started as Subaru kun, then turned into Subaru kyun, then to Barusu and now is Baru. The guy has a name damn it.

  64. Mariano Martinez


  65. Smudge the cat

    me: *born* my dad: 0:45

  66. chico amaro

    just to make it clear that Naruto has all chakra natures and he can still use kekkei genkai, he used lava style against delta

  67. Guilherme Tonon

    Reverse Haren No jutsu took a whole new meaning with the Marriage.

  68. actionvids35

    I see Tanya reicarnated again

  69. Emerl18

    So how early did you guys think "koala"? I almost knew it as soon as she said "eats only poisonous plants", and was 100% certain when she mentioned the pouch, though I didn't know about that pouch's particular "feature".

  70. Michael Jackson

    So many old school anime vibes in black clover ( Naruto, One piece). This show man 🤯😱😭😭

  71. Thomas Morin

    naruto using rasengan on boruto is the same as you shooting your son with a gun in real life


    it's very cute the dancing stuffed animals

  73. Jimmiyjams

    This opening is the reason why I have trust issues.

  74. Jimmiyjams

    This is opening is the reason why I have trust issues tbh