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  1. jayden the zoah king

    Only allmight I respect

  2. Ironmancarmel 2005

    Vegeta is hilarious! Too funny😂😂😂😂

  3. Jaiden

    Black naruto is ducking amassing

  4. Lina Zitouni

    Nope it’s 19 millions views rn!!

  5. Ironmancarmel 2005

    Third video I watched first-time Watcher of your videos make them Bow Down! Hands down funny keep it up bro! Huge Dragon Ball fan no ill feelings just comedy have fun!

  6. Adolfo Hernandez


  7. Pickle Nuggets

    They have the will of fire after all

  8. Christopher Branch

    But did cook him tho lol

  9. Lavitra Kumar Singh

    Goku wins every time doesn't he

  10. Pickle Nuggets

    So I see that's what it means to have the will of fire

  11. Brenton Milton

    Goku ultra ignant in this bitch

  12. Jeickos

    boondocks vibes

  13. Pickle Nuggets

    I'm weak bruh😂😂😂

  14. Christopher Bryson

    Lord frieza should of run and trained a few months...epic

  15. Daniel Vildpzola

    I love how goku goes like .goku vegeta .vegeta.oh and kiss kakarots feet to

  16. Adrian Xhyra

    this hits different when you just watched the original episode and the abridged one of TFS, LOL

  17. Integra Hellsing

    This is AWESOME

  18. Redslayer86

    Aight this one was fucking hilarious.

  19. Maxillum1

    This is REAL "Goku black" that we needed in the show.

  20. KingKrist G4


  21. Xx_Gem Beast_xX

    All black sounds Jamaican my dude

  22. iTzK1llua Lol


  23. Goon Head

    Damn better talk game than Naruto

  24. rex maurito


  25. Pamelq Taylor

    Why would Goku KAMEHAMEHA Frieza when he could just pop a slug into his ass?

  26. Nathan Christle

    Trunks pulled a "Dr. Dre" 😂

  27. Adrian Scott

    The difference between the Funi dub of Goku and the original manga Goku

  28. DreamEater777

    LMFAOO 942 weak ass creatures disliked this funny ass video. This is as gold as SS Hair

  29. Loranys Aka

    My opinion: “This has helped me out!” Link:“ 𝘼𝙋𝙋𝙄.𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙏 “ Final conclusion: “I'm glad I tried it.“ "2:44"

  30. Jason and Cj


  31. Yahshua Immanuel

    So fireee lol naruto in tears lmao

  32. grindtime forlyfe


  33. Yahshua Immanuel


  34. turquoisepaws

    He'd euthanize Scratch on purpose.

  35. narendra patidar

    Zzzz im lazy where did you get those hot flamin bar- ZZZZZZZ

  36. Rebuild Pls


  37. LeBaby James

    Mannn this so dope 😂 wish we had this as kids. You should’ve made his hair white and his eyes Red 😎 IYKYK.

  38. lssg broly

    goku pull up with a 39 bruh i can't really see wut it is me just assuming

  39. Maame-Abena Awuku

    i have a question. can you travel with it and do you need the power cable to power it

  40. Uchiha Goku

    Play that flute cuz. 🔊🎶🎚

  41. LiberalTears

    America / black Goku: “Niggas think I’m fightin to save the day; but really, nigga I just like to fight!”

  42. PSS Reacts


  43. jakeizlove

    On his momma!

  44. Jovan Mckoy

    Yo WTF that ish was halarious

  45. Black heart bonnie

    Next broly vs freezer

  46. Rising_Tryxz

    We black we do speak bars that's fax

  47. Astrxwrld

    “My lord”💀💀💀

  48. Xavier Clarke


  49. Elijah Davis-Stinson

    Always love the content you put out

  50. Masked Monstrosity

    Showed up in my recommended not dissapointed

  51. KingT RyuJin

    N I G G A


    i feel sad about naruto

  53. Karito Kibishī


  54. Preston Thornton

    Black history month isn't even a holiday so... 🤫

  55. Woody's Wrath


  56. Derik Sims

    The real Goku (Black)

  57. •Chibi lil shy•

    ok but why was this so funny XD

  58. Chris Robinson

    This is how I talk to my gf before I leave for work😎

  59. JaMere Carr


  60. Ashton Wolf

    Froku dude Let's jus get this Shitshow over with and Shoot hos Sorryass

  61. Dr.Jekyll

    This is not black goku this is gettto goku.

  62. Gavin Foster

    Naruto is not getting enough clout for that second verse

  63. SleepingBear17 Games

    I prefer the old animation

  64. Steven Green

    Lol this is canon now.

  65. Night Fury

    Nice ❤

  66. Atomic brando

    Why he sound like remy from the boondocks

  67. Kevin Lewis

    Not even 3 seconds in and I'm crying. "I HAD A DREAM" "HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!" yo goku was wilding this whole vid

  68. Mickaëla Aimable


  69. Edwin lopez


  70. Nedim Mršić

    I wish he was this dope in original... I said.. THIS!.... DOPE!... IN ORIGINAL!... .. .. NIGGA!!

  71. owab fudol

    Damn, he predicted the future

  72. ronnie Rainer

    I can’t stop watching

  73. ronnie Rainer


  74. sawyer hyde

    This the thy the best channel ever

  75. sawyer hyde

    This is the best channel ever

  76. Sans

    He has a gun

  77. FootballBoy69

    If the mo key king and goku are brph mo keys and both called goku and both have a cloud to ride there the same person

  78. son goku

    worst video ever

  79. Martha Abara

    Sasuke: fuck dat shit I'm out 3:16