1. OpEy_234

    The fact that an axe is better than a sword and when his sword broke he was using his hand.

  2. Jenny Leigh

    I love your dramatic and poetic story of how you broke your foot, Mark.

  3. By Arnold

    markiplier: I'll never play this game again Me: *FLASHBACKS*

  4. Life Yoga

    R.I.P BOW

  5. Erik Villalpando

    You guys should play more of this!! So sad there is only three videos 😭😭

  6. Matthew Samosir

    *"NO ONE WANTS MY SHRIMP!!!"* -Mark

  7. Zoe Otaku

    Ze: "Let's test ur knowledge" - and doesnt teach the newbie Mark how to play Game: *makes Mark his impostor partner

  8. Finnegan McFarland

    Alternative title: *Markiplier has a complete psychotic breakdown and finally loses his sanity*

  9. Horizon FPV

    Mark: *Being very sneaky* Also Mark: *Steps on teddy bear* Mark: FUCK!!

  10. Kylie A Ebner

    Do u think Amy gets mad that he plays these πŸ˜‚

  11. nmkane 6768

    I thought this was an Among Us Video:(

  12. XD

    How does the gif perfectly match the outros beat?