The Petersen Automotive Museum is dedicated to the exploration and presentation of the automobile and its impact on American life and culture using Los Angeles as the prime example. Encompassing more than 300,000 square feet, its exhibits and lifelike dioramas feature more than 150 rare and classic cars, trucks and motorcycles.

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  1. Cody Clark

    Tim seemed like he's loosing his marbles

  2. sneakwastaken

    5:01 oops, plate censor gone.

  3. William Anderton

    why on God's green earth would you put a hemi motor in a Ford pickup truck hemis are Dodge

  4. 7 Star 150

    19:29 when he air quotes Ferrari .... LOL

  5. nubwaxer1


  6. Chesh Files

    Man....It felt like slow motion and after 1 car I had to bail...... sorry ...but a better host was needed ....just my opinion....

  7. aceyorba

    Thought tim allen would have at least 1 Hemi Cuda...

  8. R34GTRR35

    Not one car I would want in that lot

  9. Paul Aspen

    This was hard to enjoy because the entire time I was worried if the dude was going to make it.

  10. Ben Ho

    Wearing a mask?

  11. Bocangra

    If anybody came here for Donut HiLow : 1:41:12

  12. Arizona Hobbies & Rec

    Now I want to see his gun collection 20:38

  13. Carlton Alexander

    Thanks Tim. I'm From Detroit Michigan And I Was Born Into Cars From Birth To Now Yeah

  14. Mark Miller

    Nice , please do one on Donna Mae Mims .

  15. Kevin G

    Hard to imagine Mr Allen spent, i think, two years in prison. Not that I care, it's just hard to picture. He's the man 👊

  16. Shawn Willis

    How about his alcohol collection🤣😂

  17. Alex Safyre

    I didn't see any Duesenbergs ??? Lovely collection though.

  18. Chris Cahill

    4:00 Can’t believe he did that lol

  19. Jack Again

    "You're not allowed in right now...." lol

  20. Joel Soler

    Awsome collection...great video Mr. Tim!

  21. Jorge Alberto Ayala Alvarado

    james got to have the coolest fucking cars colection ever

  22. thedude abides

    I’m willing to bet with that gun collection Tim’s garage is probably some nondescript, run-down looking building in the middle of an industrial complex. If you saw it, you’d have no clue what was inside.

  23. Catamerican Whitman

    What is the silver thing on the floor under the Home Improvement sign? Love ALL of your shows/humor/patriotism. God Bless

  24. Roberto Faria

    Beautiful car

  25. Mikey Demeno

    no saleens?

  26. BehrooZ Abshar

    from PERSIA ArmeniA Israel with Passion

  27. BehrooZ Abshar

    from PERSIA ArmeniA Israel with Passion


    So your the one that got grandpa's church car wow see grandpa only used it on Sunday and in his suit he would wash it and they would head out the cleanest car there lol 🤣 oh by the time at so we won't fight over the car grandma sold it and the 55 truck we were all mad and the grandkids do want the car if ya fight over it it's sold to him he gets them lol hy I don't know they still like this dude lol

  29. BehrooZ Abshar

    from PERSIA ArmeniA Israel with Passion

  30. Rob Garrett

    Oh come on. I thought this was going to be a race with a GT40. Line that thing up next to a real 427 and see what happens.

  31. White Lives Matter

    Think about this. He came very very very close to serving the rest of his life in prison had he not cooperated with the government and told who the big fish was. Thank God because now he is on our side and he is exposing the leftist perverts in hollywood and the commies hiding in plain sight.

  32. Todd Stermer

    What about that nice red Corvair at the beginning of the video? Are we going to see it drag race too? I'd like to see Doug do a Corvair quirks and features... he's spend 10 minutes on the fan belt!

  33. lol


  34. Colton McNeely

    Lets take a moment to acknowledge the North American P51 Mustang hanging at the beginning of the tour 😘

  35. SonicBlur

    This man is my hero. Changed my life for the better. And the fact that he is a car guy like me is awesome.

  36. Gregg Alletta

    He says he's not a big Porsche guy, but he's had a lot of Porsches.

  37. raylrodr

    Drug dealers have all the cool shit!

  38. boson

    Couldn't keep my eye off the two Shelby Cobras as the camera moved around the hangar, I call it "The American Cowboy Roadster", no contender for this title.

  39. Youngish C

    I was hopping to see that S4!

    1. Youngish C

      Petersen Automotive Museum haha, kinda forgot this was a series.

    2. Petersen Automotive Museum

      Keep your eyes open :)

  40. FuquarProductions

    It's clear he's just a car enthusiast with money, whereas Jay Leno knows all the details of every car.

  41. Mister Radgman

    What are the cords coming from the bonnets?

  42. Carputing

    This man is incredibly well-spoken. What a great person to present this. Thank you so much for this video. Your museum is amazing, I hope I can visit one day. Have a wonderful day!

  43. Killumi Nati

    2 bad launch for the RS2... should clearly be in low-mid 14s...

  44. Laundry Toddz

    Holy shit!! I didnt know doug owned a ford gt?!?!

  45. Michael McArthur

    Both cars look and sound amazing!

  46. Snapping Jesus

    What's with all these so called celebrities hoarding cars? Jeez.

  47. Real World Marksman

    There’s a M249SAW just chilling in his office window lol.

  48. FASTER.1

    Rip Paul walker thanks tim for bring the memory back lets us all give a moment of silence for him

    1. Carlton Alexander

      RIHP Paul Walker

  49. Jimmy G

    So cool 😎 tool time Tim !

  50. Hamza Malik

    What's his favourite colour I wonder

  51. paulo sanchez

    Guns and cars, ladies and gents he's living life at its finest.

  52. dphotos

    Amazing collection. The Enzo has the same rear taillights as by F430. That is worse design Ferrari has came out with for taillight design. They are easy to break because they have no support. I just fixed one of my lights.

  53. Doctor Morbid

    Doug obviously was so nervous that he reduced the volume of the bumps he allegedly snorts.

  54. thatdumbgoblin

    I see Doug, I click

  55. Michael Bolton

    His wife is way cooler than him!!!!

  56. ✔️ YOLO NYC by Eric David (watch my channel!)

    Why is Tim dressed like *Fred Rogers?*

  57. Rafii

    RS2 she looks pretty, the first RS, the pioneer, she has nothing to prove these days - still spectacular performance on the roads, no matter that other - younger RS are faster. RS2 queen

  58. Ducci Mann

    And a Hollywood elite has guns in the background.. good job Tim!!

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  60. Kelley Dix

    Just Wow!!!❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸‼‼

  61. Doug625

    How about a 427 and give the GT40 a chance

  62. The Wretched Mess Garage

    I wish the docent would stop saying how "all original" the Black Jack '32 roadster is. It is a very nice traditional build up of a high-boy style hotrod. I saw more modifications to the 56 f100 during the walk around than the docent ever mentioned. The extended cab, the chopped top, the '57{?}Chrysler grill surround, and canted headlights were an old George Barris custom trick. At least he identified the tail lights correctly.

  63. Barton Black

    I like most of the cars. I like his honesty regarding the big ol Ford and Chev that simply don't drive well. The technology in most all of the modern day cars is so much better that it was back then. However, the cookie cutter cars of today simply don't peak my interest much. He spoke of his demon and my mind went back to the early 70's Demon. Of course I realize that he's talking about the new Demon that is pretty much the fastest street car out there. Am I jealous? Yep. If I had the money that he and Jay have I'd do the same thing. Collect a bunch of old cars.

  64. Slims

    Next up rs6 vs trabant....

  65. Rod Manhammer

    I wonder which car's tires are filled with coke.

  66. Shane Steel

    Where's the 55 wagon

  67. James McConnell

    Tim Allen is rich!

  68. dhtsoaeds dhtnadi

    i work on 4-stroke lawmowers. flatheads are a piece of cake.

  69. Ben Van Wert

    4:58 license plate Blur dept fell a sleep

  70. Audrey Gutierrez

    Did he ever get to Tesla?

  71. sir0623

    That was TERRIBLE! lol

  72. Mark Williams

    Tim is a real car guy! Been there! 69 road runner 413 NASCAR block! Ruled telegraph 74 to 78 10 second car

  73. Kevin Conboy

    Apple phone golf cart lol

  74. suckapunks

    this is so stupid. this is more of a promotional to sell the new gt. the actual race car from 67 is totally different than this 'road' car. race cars from the 60s went well over 200 mph. this is not a real comparison. the new gt is racing against a datsun. few modern 'supercars' can compete against real race cars even those from almost 60 years ago.

  75. HotRodder47

    My favorite is the home improvement 40 Ford convertible

  76. Phil H

    You should get the ham radio station from LMS sand gift it to me lol

  77. Adam Chi

    Tim Allen really knows his stuff. I'm impressed.

  78. Greg Greg

    Top shelf collection🕺 wonder what the total value of the collection is? Everything is perfect which I like because I have OCD😃😃😃😃

    1. Greg Greg


  79. manuel martinez

    I like Tim Allen, he was arrested for drug trafficking, but he found redemption with all his hard work and perseverance. I’m glad he made it and all of his stuff he deserved.

  80. Harry Ballzack

    F150 no. That’s an F1. If he got that simple fact wrong how many more? Hope the host is ok. 😮