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  1. Boss4852 Gaming

    Did he seriously call the T-800 the T-100??


    Cant wait for doctor strange vs Wanda he gon win tbh he got that stone

  3. Raven Strong

    I was searching for this dangerously hard last night 😭 .

  4. Mystreek

    thank you Erik and the team for your hard work for covering almost, if not everything, on Wandavision I was able to geek out a bit during these past few weeks. On to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!

  5. Jason Dearham

    Fietro was a leftover from the 80's episode... He was Mike Seaver's best friend!

  6. Jordan Bonner

    666th like

  7. Sue Tap

    2:58 did he say t-100?

  8. Tobias Hansen Beite

    The mcu future is looking bright

  9. Pinche Pandulce

    2:58 terminator t-800****

  10. John Croft

    Was patiently waiting for this video :)

  11. Ryan Feltmann


  12. KingKlutch13

    14k views in 6 minutes

  13. Crazy RedDead

    Very true

  14. Jordan Bonner


  15. Daniel _

    it’s still.. Rest In Peace Sparky 😢🐶

  16. Sara Martinez

    I think White Vision might appear in Armor Wars. I mean it makes sense.

  17. Tadd Tilton

    I appreciate you and your whole crew buddy.

  18. Kyle Fielder

    But what is beef if not cow persevering

  19. Kanye West

    I am both happy and mad at Paul Bethany for that secret cameo.

  20. Max Fink

    Who else thought the Vision battle was epic

  21. Shawn Barnes

    Those mountains I think are 100% Wundagore mountains. If you look at the illustration from the comics they look the same. Chthon I feel will be the next big bad or at least for Wanda and Dr Strange’s story line.

  22. Rex C

    Wow you guys are fast to comment

  23. Watchface Boss

    Come on ross it ws a simple story bt v made it complicated vd our theories,ny1 agree or nt????

  24. Wynty


  25. Isaac Johnson

    First time in my life I’m glad to early... To the video that is

  26. Red Panda

    Big brass ones showing us the final moments of the Hex the whole time...*THE WHOLE TIME!*

  27. julian t

    They could easily make Jimmy Woo a Skrull, he works in the government, no family we know of, works with superheroes, miss understands human questions, unusually happy to get coffee. He's a good candidate

  28. AAlves

    Wanda might not be able to feel Vision, but I sure as hell felt the tears coming down my cheeks after these last 2 episodes

  29. KTLC1

    I feel like the cgi in this ep is so much more noticable and stand-out-y than it was in the last 8 eps

  30. Shane Herndon


  31. Jay 7

    Really mad that white vision wasn't reshaped to be ultron since the timeframe for the last episode should be around 2015-2018 smh😭😭😭😭

  32. Logan Lynn

    maybe the mcu white vision is a adaptoid in the mcu

  33. The Roger

    What is subscribing if not notification persevering?

  34. Zoha Khan

    I was waiting for this thank you

  35. Bruh Moment

    What we all waited for

  36. Fishy Boi

    Wanda also through multiple cars at Tony in civil war at the airport

  37. Louis Avalos

    Will wanda go to dr.strange for help??

  38. Ricky Cabrera

    I came here for Voss and only Voss

  39. Washkabe

    In the immortal words of Count Dooku: "I've been looking forward to this."

  40. KD TheDripGod

    Here come the Scarlett Witch

  41. Trizzyy

    strange not showing up lost me money, thanks erik

  42. Malachi Hill

    when is the next ep

  43. Markus Aquarius

    The Mutants

  44. let's all skip the drama

    Been waiting for thiiiisssss

  45. Moldomré


  46. Finn Pie96

    ah yes 3minutes

  47. Morgs


  48. Justin G

    I have no business being this early.

  49. Clartaholic

    Now we wait for falcon

  50. eduxr

    was waiting for this video

  51. Yabriel Rivera

    Yeah!! I've been waiting for this😁

  52. Kevin Jake Cadayong

    I think the ending was beautiful. It's just about Wanda and Vision

  53. Gucci_Gill978

    I’ve been waiting for this!

  54. The Scarlet Witch

    I will get my children back.

    1. Thomas Boland


  55. Ridley Brock

    what a final episode

  56. stranger idk

    Fun fact: you rushed to comments to see what to comment because you’re early

    1. Da Boss

      Yea you read my mind

    2. Mr. Sky

      Yes I’m early


    I'm like... Early

  58. Hamiz Iqbal

    Ive been waiting for this.

  59. realEarthly


  60. Renzel Cruz

    Elizabeth olsen is so gorgeous being scarlet witch

  61. xl DragonMaster

    POV: you’re not early you’re just on time

  62. Marife Pechera

    1,991 person here

  63. Aryan Chakraborty

    Where did white vision go after getting his memory back he should had come to wanda rather then going away

  64. Korey Crawford

    The darkhold is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be Unnatural


      Duh it’s magic lol

  65. Amirul Afwan

    I'm waiting for this 🔥🔥🔥

  66. Jose Tello

    Captain Holt: BOOOOOOOOO(H)NE(R) ?????

  67. Hi-Def Ronin

    I look at WandaVision as a “Prelude” to the Phase 4 craziness. Imma be patient because I know the pay off will be amazing in the future 🔥🔥🔥

  68. The Awkward Troll

    It is time

  69. Plai Beatz

    So has Monica’s powers gotten stronger since she’s passed the hex 4 times? Assuming when it was closing is the 4th time.

  70. dallas_ldld_

    who else was waiting for this

  71. danisar

    Im still not over it tbh

  72. xxxTino xxx

    We still have so much Marvel ahead of us to fill the emotional hole that WandaVision gave us❤️

  73. phat fred

    i absolutely loved it

  74. Lawrence Gutierrez

    Early Gang Erik

  75. doubletime

    I am convinced Wanda can defeat ichigo

  76. Lane Dayes

    Best series ever .....sad it ended...

  77. Gnan Siddharth

    The center of wanda’s tiara looks like magneto’s helmet

    1. Drew C

      Exactly what I was thinking. Way closer to that than an M.

  78. N8 C54NK

    69th 😉

  79. sauce.1400 !

    Damn I’m early

  80. Lewis Mccullock

    Will there be a season 2?