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  1. Bruh

    You got me at "trapezoid jaw" . I sometimes randomly laugh just thinking about it lol

  2. Colton Jenkins


  3. Benjamin Greenwood

    Kurtis out here repping furries is the sweetest thing to me for some reason.

  4. kokojoe

    merry kurtismas

  5. Porter Crane

    Just wait until Kurtis hears about Leo the Lion

  6. Sammi Williams

    Why does the cheese servant guy look like Greg the rat from Ratatoing

  7. zimuszka

    The country girls video was the first video of yours that I watched, Kurtis. So this is truly beautiful. Yee yee.

  8. RyanStillPlays

    I'm a magic mike stan

  9. Splash Fire

    You really said "Everyone looked at people's shoes in head's up 7 up" like no what I'm so ashamed Ok I would've if it weren't for my crippling anxiety but I'm still dissapointed

  10. River ig

    I may be school smart but I'm also a huge dumbass- ✨me✨

  11. Lauren Campbell

    I ain’t ever seen a funnier kurtis video 😂😂

  12. MangoesAndGrapes

    Oh my god at the beginning that’s Scar’s super fast mode music, I thought I was hallucinating at first

  13. mars patel

    who'a gonna tell kurtis the third tiktok actually hit, sorry I dont make the rules

  14. Genocider._syo toko

    I watched a two hour film with him in it thinking it was a gay love story but it was actually super straight and i read the description wrong....

  15. Troy Harvey

    I'm not like other girls, I'm a rat!

  16. Bagle Boy

    and now it's a grammy nomitated song!! ihateithere

  17. MakeMeSmile

    12:37 man is astonished by another mans huge badonkadonk

  18. Miss Thing

    Kurtis thats a cool ass shirt you got there!!

  19. CancerianCrush 69


  20. Leah S

    Every time balls speaks it just sounds like he really needs to cough

  21. Eüropæn Guy

    This song is the wheels of my truck.

  22. Sammi Williams

    The logic of the townspeople: ah yes this furry flat chested goat looks exactly like that girl with the big boobs let’s hang it

  23. samantha arnold

    I’m in love with Jacob

  24. beef cake

    i'm GOING to kill Jason tonight jason: 👁👄👁👂

  25. jana ktnc

    damn vine was cringey

  26. Keenan Taw

    I will destroy every laptop.

  27. Confezzins

    why the white background it seems empty

  28. Devin Stocker

    1:54 "ugh"

  29. he

    You know a *good* example of dark/ offensive humour? South Park. It's so damn funny but also dark as hell. Like IT WORKS

  30. Jaspin34

    Sounded like "When you Wish Upon a Star" when Kurtis sang Blackbird (:

  31. Neftyan Neftyanov


  32. Josie Alexander

    when she goes on a date and the other guy is just chained to them with a long chain it reminds me of Death Note when L and Light are chained together and Misa wants to go on a date with Light but L is just... there.

  33. SomeSortOfDeliciousBiscuit

    I feel bad for any clueless transwomen being sucked here by mistake...

  34. Marie Sipkova

    I'm from Czech Republic and tbh the animation isn't the best one... but he also complained about story. I think he didn't even know anything about our history and legends. There is really strong connection that american boy can't understand...

  35. maddie Yt

    When you zoomed in on the awards I realized how they’re not even and now can’t stop thinking about it.

  36. Anne Santiago

    i’ve watched this video a hundred times and *just* realized he said 30cc of pepsi max which if someone needs blood...they’re gonna need more than 30cc😂

  37. masi

    sometimes i forgot there’s only one kurtis

  38. Keenan Taw

    I’m on the verge of mind hacking

  39. Skylar Jon

    "UR ARTSY HUHH" made me literally laugh out a whole friggin booger

  40. blake the great

    *L O N G B E H O L D Y O U*

  41. Daria Parodi

    Quit being such a steph :)

  42. Srishti Wagle

    thought u were bae................................turns out ur just dude ;(

  43. lefthandcigg 425

    Rip Alex Trebek

  44. Max Williams

    Anyone that watches kurtis's videos should know that it wasn't his intentions to make the joke about the fart scene and that it was done by mistake. Too many people in the comments jumping to quick conclusions. We all know he's a nice guy not trying to upset people.

  45. nettle ki

    i fucking lost it at the “there’s a camera there” omfg

  46. Cassie K

    when i say I have dark humor i mean like- i joke about my trauma and about hating myself because thats how i cope but this dark humor..... is not it sis lmao I am a poet and I didn't even know it... okay im going to leave now

  47. Helena Gay

    Am I the only girl that likes going 200km/h on the highway???????? Like it’s so much fun 😅

  48. Mikey Blake

    So if 80% is female and 20% is male, that makes me part of the 20% so HA, ain't no dudes stealing my kurtis boy away from me

  49. Sophie Proulx

    just loved the Sims 1 soundtrack in the background

  50. Freyja

    Who is this? Knockoff danny? I don't understand why did youtube recommend this to me? Edit: ok he's actually pretty funny, even though he's just like danny.

  51. man boy

    the locksmith cometh upon a dark and stormy night.

  52. Kit Auden

    kurtis can we play some more episode 🥺

  53. Cassie K

    if a man comes up to be and grabs my shoulder he is getting pepper sprayed. like just tap me lol

  54. Den’s Videos

    Kurtis they also look for the mother on the Maury show lol. The bearded woman episode is an example.

  55. Renee K

    "we all looked at people's shoes during 7 up" no kurtis not all of us are CHEATERS

  56. wowwowdude

    Did Russell film Mantracker?

  57. BlooieFPS

    when did that dude who eats frozen food become that one dude who has a mullet and the best dry personality ever

  58. Mathilde Harrysson

    my cat is named kiwi awwweee :3

  59. Mêddøws 365

    nobody: Roger taylor: 5:58

  60. The Azanian Prepper

    Why did you make us watch that massage video Kurtis!!! Whhhhyyyyy!!!!

  61. Rubber Duckiez

    Jason was the best boy. he should've won.

  62. vincent van gay

    he should do a video abt clone high👁️👄👁️

  63. Wolf Rayne

    I laughed WAY too hard at "poo-etry"

  64. the office

    This is the real life version of threat level midnight lol

  65. nettle ki

    the real pranks were the friends we made along the way ✨✨❤️✨

  66. kathryn gold

    im not even kidding i am genuinely actually SHAKING in my chair right now over this

  67. Lol Z

    Omg the free book free wifi one at 8:31 my teacher has that hung up in her class room with other deep messages

  68. elliewelly16

    oh yeah, as a woman i love to experience 183 different emotions in one day, it's so great for my mental health

  69. rosesarered

    How to unsee video Google : im sorry I cannot find your results. Try again.

  70. Phoenix

    Relevant Question: why do men? like why--??

  71. Skylee Allen

    That one skit at the airport had me DEAD

  72. Psu Choki

    This was so uncomfortable. No wonder that show lasted 6 episodes. A woman CHAINED to 4 random guys??? Sounds literally like Hell.

  73. Zephyr's Winds

    yo whats that music in the backgrounda t the beginning tho

  74. Nirian Vigora

    I’ve never hated being named Steph more 😂

  75. That was not Okie Doki

    Wow im litteraly a dolphin now. Thanks Kurtis

  76. Isabelle Wilson

    Brendan is the definition of flat water

  77. Barbecue salsa on my tiddies

    I can't believe straight people do this fucking shit and have the audacity to be homofobic wtf

  78. Tendou Satori

    Seeing kurtis without a mullet hurts my head

  79. LMaster 007

    After walking off the stage because I like white rice over brown rice, I would have told her how obscene she is

  80. Chebic

    This show has me constantly on the fence of whether this is just really good satire (think that question Kurtis mentioned about telling a women’s personality based off of her boobs) or if they really are just super sexist and stupid and actually think like this.