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  1. Hamza Ayub

    Thanks judo sloth gaming. With your help i got three stars in town hall 14 challenge......

  2. BlackHats Among Us

    I just hitted TH 13 😥

  3. Mayank Kholia

    Nice Judo ..By the way I come here to learn English from you 😀

  4. Mohamed Ashraf

    mission accomplished thank u Judo sloth

  5. Amin Es

    The links that you put for th7 are for another th level

  6. karan jain

    Thanks for the advice Epic jungle challenge

  7. Yehya Salman

    If my clan join the first time what league he will join?

  8. Amin Es

    I love the part when you say welcome back to the channel then guys coordinated with the music 😍😂

  9. Arslan Abbasi

    Thanks Very helpful 😊😊😊

  10. sïlly dög

    Judo y don't u make vids on clash royale

  11. sïlly dög

    No one bets oj in clash royale Everyone beats oj in clash of clans

  12. Mohd Alhoori

    Kairos used to play???????

  13. laxmisham shetty



    Better make video after maxing your storages judo

  15. Daril Gortea

    Judo I supporting you..

  16. Jericho Fonce

    judo sloth when you make me smile you are in town hall but.. I'm not of there judo 😍

  17. The.Black.Panther. 009

    3:34 that archer at the first wall is looking very lonely at the bottom right

  18. Chandler shane the great

    so now me and my clan mates are got the first lost in our clan cause of the new update donating system it was a 19 wins and 8 draws with no lose 😪

  19. Abhi Lok

    A tip for every th cc

  20. Dwyt Alger Loo

    Judo sloth please help us to tell supercell that there is another known bug where you cant see the health bars of miners when theyre taking damage from defenses I hope supercell will fix this as soon as possible, thanks judo !

  21. RedPan

    this method is so good! i 3 stared even when i forgot to use my royal champion and wall breakers

  22. Valentin CoC

    I'm watching this in 2021

  23. Abdul Rahman

    I got 3 star as I was guided 😂☺️

  24. Alessandro De Sessa

    Mass sneaky goblins 3 jumps and 5 invisibility. You get all the loot and the town hall.

  25. avinash tiwari


  26. Yousefgamer tm

    He actually looks like a sloth 😅😅

  27. sahil shankar

    I got easily 3 star in epic jungle event by using ur super easy strategy

  28. Jiren Sorcerer TV

    Thanks man! I've done it 4x

  29. K1LLU4

    Your my favorite creator

  30. swastik walia

    I think he had another light notice in his camera

  31. Adarsh Raj

    Purchased starter pack with your code 👍

  32. games.io

    I started playing in 2012

  33. Gamer BOY

    Ty this helped my th 13 and 12 and 9 base

  34. C.J Alley

    This man is underrated

  35. kirbyPH Official

    13yrs old New Subciber from Philippines🇵🇭🤜🤛❤️

  36. royal champion

    I can'tbelieved pubg sponsored judo😂😂😂

  37. Its piyush

    Love from India 🇮🇳🌹

  38. Soğansız Menemen

    whats the name of music

  39. CrazyCraig lol


  40. Kim Marcos Samuel Ko

    Judo has a lot of account actually

  41. NotThePutinPudding

    i actually like the editing in this vid =>

  42. Spazrocket Gaming

    I need to find the intro song!

  43. RixyPerry Vlogs

    Thank you

  44. Xtreme Gamer

    But why r u doing it

  45. Fapping Machine

    has anyone told you that you look a lot like Robin Lord Taylor?

  46. Gurpal Singh Soundh

    :( pubg banned in INDIA

  47. Mop Da Floor

    Lil Judo Sloth

  48. n9ne-

    Thank you mate. Worked First try

  49. Vasilis Zampras

    wow another amazing video

  50. Julie Cobacha Pulga

    Can help my base judo

  51. Dopboyfreshh

    I just completed it, got 3 stars on my first try, you're the best, thanks!!!

  52. Aaron Fabros

    Thanks idol your the best😊

  53. Kevins World K.W

    If you want to skip all the steps then just become a famous USfilmr

  54. ミカサKuroosaki

    The Hog Riders Are Too Many😂 1:58

  55. Nacht Faust

    3:32 Now look at this!

  56. Blank Blank

    Thanks it worked for me now ima a new subscriber

  57. Dylan

    Does anybody know if u upgrade the lab will the upgrade stop?

  58. mnizzar zakaria

    this challenge too easy..one try only

  59. Willbird766hi

    Well Im so proud, because that clan is from my country Indonesia, you guys can search "Cirebon" on google maps

  60. Chris Y

    Judo, plz turn down the skin smoothing effect, your face looks like burning victim.

  61. Kelvin Klein

    Thx clasher its easy from ur guide😁

  62. Kaneki-ken

    Success 🏆💪 3 star

  63. Kishan's Talk

    Ty ty ty ty sir you are the great

  64. unbrakeable blade

    Lmao my lvl 18 queen is just 38 thousand to upgrade is that a bug

  65. SHOUNIK *

    how much loot is farme with barch in 1 hour after seeing that video i am in love with barch

  66. Timothy John

    Thx for the tip i Evwrytime i watch this i forgot everything as soon as im in coc

  67. Ivan xXIvanXx

    Guys miners don’t have health bar anyone notice this bug? They don’t have the health bar. It’s invisible....

  68. Matthew Watkins

    Thanks bro 💯💯💯

  69. Eli Bryan

    You know a little of him died inside when he bought a 99.99$ pack😂😂 Just shows he cares about his own content and ever bodies enjoyment

  70. Rudraksh Visen

    You are amazing

  71. Peaceful Trident


  72. Wooshywoosh 25 Air

    Thank you so helpful

  73. Xavier

    That's one big gem stone...

  74. Eric Khokhar

    Big Fan 😍👍

  75. Abei Bunny

    Omg... You guys still playing this game😁😁