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  1. Kyle Windham

    If Mace comes back he needs to look like he does in the thumbnail. Nice job on that

  2. Ethan Wills

    I want to see them tie in who that old dude was that Poe got the last piece of map to Luke was. That’s one of my biggest questions now, who was he and why did he have that piece of map???

  3. Mike Valliere

    You’re forgetting something important the show is called the mandalorian, I doubt they veer that far off track, hope you’re right though🤞Luke coming back would be awesome. I’ll be happy enough if Thrawn makes an appearance.

  4. Mike Cronin

    The sith see the truth caos will never end and passion gets us out of many things and the sith said if you have power than you should weild that power cause if you dont take over than someone else will while the jedi ignore things that make us human and things that can get us out ok you know lets say thares a cute little bunny evenchley someone will kill that rabit its litiay the circle of life

  5. Adam Cooke

    I love star wars and sometimes get embarrassed too say it because its not ‘ cool ‘ I’m 14 so i can relate to you and inspire to be like you :)

  6. richard alva

    Instead of actually dying I think Ahsoka might become immortal and be one with the force just like Yoda, obi-wan etc. At the end of The rise of skywalker, we hear her voice along with the other Jedi that has passed on (not totally confirmed) I find it extremely unlikely they'll harvest Ahsoka, they'd have to capture her alive.

    1. richard alva

      Plus I doubt Dave Filoni will kill off his own character this way, Rosario Dawson has already confirmed there are working titles for Ahsoka, why shut it down post-empire? that wouldn't make sense.

  7. Official Burrito

    His K/G went 📈📈

  8. palpatine1975

    Although we all would be estactic to see Luke on screen again.. Highly doubt that will happen.

  9. Tha Thalak

    Vader is cooler but Palpatine is more powerful and intelligent in my opinion

  10. Kyle Miller

    Star Wars Defined is great! Keep 'em comin'!

  11. beingateeb

    We had Jango Fett V/S Obi-Wan, Boba Fett V/S Luke. Give us Mando V/S Ben solo. That's it, That's fuckin it.

  12. Willie C. Woody

    Ecuse me... You my Hommie, but.. Why do you seem surprised...!?! Couldn't you tell...!?! They had No Direction At All... and still don't.

  13. Luca Hardeman

    I listen on spotify most of the time

  14. Brandon English

    I prefer to think Mace was Enfys Nest’s father and thus the first Enfys Nest.

  15. Dallas Kroyer

    If this is rewriting the sequels Just imagine a new Jedi Order with Luke, Ahsoka, Ezra, Mace and Cal and Ben & Baby Yoda are the first official students

  16. Legends Never Die

    An adventure to find yodas people would be cool but wouldn't it be easier for Ahsoka or Luke to just ask force ghost Yoda?....I can hear Han now "that's not how the force works" lol

  17. 320 allstar

    I'd like to see this as a animation

  18. Nate the molotok

    I saw the title and said FUCK YEAH

  19. Peter Keith Harrington

    Please make Justice for Luke 😭😭😭

  20. Joyo Wibowo

    Rey,s lightsaber is yellow

  21. Joshua Small

    Tbh if palp could survive his ROTJ fate. Mace surviving isn’t that far fetched.

  22. Kayden Power Yeet

    So wait things go better?!

  23. Tyler Buckner

    Is the fact that Mace developed his own style of lightsaber combat still canon?

  24. Silly Goose

    Mace Windu is one of the worst characters in the Star Wars movies.

  25. Joyo Wibowo

    Red is my colour for my lightsaber

  26. ozsumut

    so... much... potential...

  27. Joey D’Angelo

    This is one of my favorite theories

  28. Dylan Rinker


  29. T-MaL

    Awesome Theory. Hope it comes true. I would love to see Mace again.

  30. brandon shorkey

    you have to remember, for every awesome theory or suggestion the fanbase comes up with, what we get will NEVER be that cool because Disney doesnt give a single iota of fucks about Star Wars or anything they have gotten their hands on. They want to print money and do so by producing the most minimum-viable-product they can.

  31. starwars starwars

    Mandalorian is not Lucas films so that means they cant bring mace windu in to the show

  32. MichaelsStuff

    *ya boi*

  33. Warren Thomas

    This show needs to stay away from the Sequels as much as possible; they were a disgrace.

  34. Kenobi Playz

    honestly all i want to see is a live action cal kestis

  35. Willie C. Woody

    Dude... True Fans have a problem if you DON'T get emotional. Geoge could make SW without anyone and we'd be with him.

  36. Nukem962001

    Will he ask Mando to join his Avenger Initiative ?

  37. Jimmy Kungberg

    Hello there :D

  38. StunsyGND

    I’d love to see Luke but I highly doubt we will.

  39. Becky Cunningham

    What if lightsabers were real like if you want a lightsaber

  40. Big Daddy

    Hopefulyl ahsoka mentions her former master 😎

  41. Darth LigerMuta

    i really hope there will be a scene in the episode showing Ahsoka and Mando working together fighting back againest the empire and the moth

  42. Winged_Grayson

    Darth Maul? LMAO

  43. desmet05

    I really dont think will see luke at all until the very end of the very last season. Dont think will hear from boba he has given up bounty hunting. We might see snippets of the jedi but nothing significant. Probs see palps at some stage i think. Remember this is a series called the mandalorian its really not about anybody else. I hope im wrong and this vid is correct.

  44. The Light Side

    Why do people assume that Yoda didn't remember R2? I never assumed that.

  45. Ethan Rui

    Luke lurking incognito 😂😂 1:35

  46. Callsign: Blaze

    If Ashoka dies I’ll fucking riot bro.

  47. poletato

    Part 2??

  48. Sir Bedevere

    I hope starkiller becomes canon obviously with some changes so he and ahsoka after 6 can travel the Galaxy together finding answers in the force powerful light and dark no Jedi no sith both apprentices of Anakin/Vader

  49. John Neil Ammerman

    The end of this theory gave me chills nice job!

  50. Sean Victorine

    Look at this way. Of course Dave Faloni feels grateful for Kathleen Kennedy’s support and he knows her on a more personal level than we do as fans. She’s also helped him career-wise. As a fan of Star Wars and film in general, what happened with the sequel trilogy is a case study in how NOT to handle a franchise and should be embarrassing for Kathleen, JJ and Rian Johnson. It was the very definition of a cash-grab in lieu of actually taking they’re time to create a meaningful story continuation. As fans, we have every right to be upset at this garbage and even though she may have done some good (green lighting the Clone Wars), all of her decisions are motivated by money fast and first - she’s done far more damage to Star Wars.

  51. Andrew Mumford


  52. Rob T

    I think star's war's theory has some connections in lucas film thats why he always knows shit like this then says "i called it!"

  53. Jaehwa Jeong

    Mace Windu be like: "I'M STILL ALIVE MOTHERFUCKA!!!"

  54. Raptor 207

    I was like that alternate story is good and all but I would not watch a movie about it until you mentioned JarJar breaking Anakin out of prison. I was like we’re had this movie been all my life. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Scary _T

    What's Luke's M count? Is it more than his father?

  56. Wulfharth Ysmir Qahnaarin Dovahkiin

    I would not support this theory based upon the timelines. It would mean that Yoda and Obi Wan were both deliberately lying each time to Luke, regarding how he would be the last Jedi. They already jumped through hoops to work out possible plot inconsistencies with Ahsoka and Leia, having an all powerful Jedi Master chilling and never working with either Kenobi or Yoda for decades.....nah.

  57. Akhiljith A

    Or may be ahsoka is just for a episode. There must be some reason for the show to be called The Mandalorian

  58. Sir Bedevere

    Don’t need to de age just get Sebastian Stan. I think it would do. If it’s too different than add some cgi to his face. Luke Skywalker show with Stan as Luke 🤯

  59. boojum402

    What?!?! you didn't notice that the alien that planted the tracking device on the razorcrest is a near spitting match for Ochi from Bestoon? You missed the most obvious direct tie in to the third series so far in the Mandalorian saga. Un-Freaking believable.

  60. Bo Mulder

    Nope. No Ahsoka or baby yoda dying. Disney needs the $$ too much. Same with Cal Kestis cuz apparently a Sequel Game is in the works Also, if the Dark Forces overtake our group, I DO believe that baby yoda would connect through the Force with Ahsoka and realize he had to hellp his Daddy and friends survive. That would look SO dark but baby is still a blank slate. Not dark, not light.

  61. Shantorey Wilkins


  62. DJZOMBIE 2323

    Now thats just going too far. we have so many ghosts coming to life, its not necessary for this season.

  63. Papounator

    The Final Confrontation between Mace Windu and Boba Fett.

  64. Zack S


  65. Miles Abbott

    Luke will never be in the Mando you can count on it

  66. Magnus Skole

    Spoilers :(

  67. Patrick McManus

    Why did Disney arrogantly think that they could do better the tons of amazing writers (who are SW fans) and have a handful a people write some to make them money. 😥😥😭

  68. Coolk1d TV

    Answer: obj wan wouldn’t have been an idiot and nobody would’ve won

  69. Michael Eerdmans


  70. Hayden Kay

    If this show ends up tying in Snoke, it’ll be cool to show us how Palpatine was pulling strings

  71. P Funk

    I reeeeeally want to see Mace Windu show up with Ahsoka

  72. Liam Hart Music

    Mike Zeroh that you?

  73. TheMooseLegacy

    Could someone leave me a link to Hayden’s face being used on the rogue one Vader dummy? I can’t seem to find that info anywhere.

  74. Tim Lumumba

    How old would Mace be?

  75. Brandon Taubert

    Good idea, let's bring back everyone, anyone who didn't directly die on-screen is fair game, ah what the heck, Kit Fisto was pretty cool, maybe he can make an appearance

  76. cqvio doli

    "He just lost a hand and was cooked a little bit" -Theory 2020

  77. PAUL MCF

    Ads 2 minutes into a video, dislike stop watching no more subs

  78. will ryan

    the vader movie was a high point in my life thanks mate

  79. Louie Macorncan

    sounded good but really "No", the fact reason why I said no is that well isn't obvious there will be always will be showing up no matter what because of the fact the sith and jedi are on the same side of a coin, discovering grey jedi and other type jedi that attend use the dark force. Then again come think about it they can be easily corrupted within one of each time, each Jedi is or are ready to be consumed into the sith lord way if they know how to be a proper group of sith lords then Order 66 isn't necessary. The best way is to corrupt Yoda, the fact is why is Yoda is the perfect candidate to be a great threat to everyone if they release that much lvl.

  80. MLT_Mango

    Am I the only one who thought the people in the tubes were another failed project black wing?