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  1. LasttWhisper

    plot twisted : luka CAN NOT dunk.

  2. The Sweet Science

    You used to be able to have two good players on a team and make a serious run at the title, Malone and Stockton come to mind, but it’s a new league and new day... your whole starting line have to be stars in the league now... at least 4 on the lineup have to be all stars... it makes the league seem watered down.

  3. Evan Ouk

    The healthy mice physiologically request because jar intraoperatively milk towards a verdant promotion. picayune, outstanding scarecrow

  4. Ghost Farmer

    That's going to be a meme that's all I'm going to tell you......🤣 classic

  5. Jamsor Bangon

    NBA2k crowd reaction

  6. Kutis Pwet

    Zion proves Newton's Law of Motion to be correct

  7. Amy

    That Nagy parked ending is probably accurate

  8. Jerry Desir

    Kenny just says anything...

  9. Luke Isaac

    Much love Kobe for showing love for the game in your own way...

  10. aaliM art

    How did a bum like Rudy Gobert make it to the league?

  11. Kay Dee

    Nigga the Pope got a Hawks jersey

  12. Nazir Ahmad

    Its a Plandemic

  13. Vnator33 Maboko

    Shaq s incredible hs voice n hs personality are amazing kip it💯💯💯

  14. Jessy Mervin Lawas

    3:58 thank me later

  15. Chiko Ragnar

    Wow. Holding 2 bottles of water is a big deal whereas i can hold 4 bottles of beer in hand🤣

  16. Richard Harris

    Lmfao kd went from the splash brothers to the dribble brothers

  17. Wahid 1

    Taco's Fall was'nt a good 1 he could have broke his ankle... 34 secs

  18. BobbyitsmeyourDaddyRoburto

    NBA is soooo boring now, all game long everyone is crying for a foul , NBA whistle league...

  19. jay

    That's gross! He put it on that boyz head!! Love from Toronto.

  20. 47 26


  21. cbx25

    They winning 10 championships with him

  22. Robert Abbott

    Defense sucked. Offense had to put up 69 to win one game and 52 in another

  23. J S

    KD, The Beard and JG are having an OKC reunion.

  24. hangtime1111

    if he dunk that last one best dunk ever

  25. Tez Downer

    why do yall ask like 1 question the end the damn video...... is it that hard to get a 30 min conversation

  26. Gabriel Abreu

    close to him, those bottles look like 200ml maybe less


    Lol He Travelled

  28. note2owns

    The uploader might wanna change the description. Portland scored more then!! Talk about epic futility...😂😂

  29. VanNamite

    Lol, i can hold two bottles of water and i am not even the same height as him

  30. Robert Hays

    His wife looks super uncomfortable to me. Like she has to fake laugh at everything lol.

  31. Daniel Nadali

    That dunk definite travel 😂

  32. Drake's Burner Account

    Nobody peeped the 2k "Barbeque Chicken" Wood slid in at the end 🤣🤣🤣

  33. perry young

    Jimmy buckets doesn't have lebricks athleticism or hardens offensive game. He has the killer instinct which both don't have

  34. Oscar Hernandez

    He probably would have gotten the ball if he touched it.

  35. Juan Gonzales

    I love Shaq lol

  36. Leslie Cumming

    Kenny Smith is right. The insurrection, at its core, is about the fact that black people get to vote and that that vote matters and can decide political power. Black women are the most powerful political power in the US right now. Thank god (and Inshallah) for that, they are saving is from ourselves.

  37. Verifiedche. Yep

    Funny how this has 21k views

  38. XcluziiveTv

    😂😂😂😂I'm a better running back

  39. DJ Morretti

    Is James Harden on the Brooklyn Nets now? or the Houston Rockets? I'm confused.

  40. Ray Supreme

    *Fan touches basketball* NBA: Code 2319 !! We got a 2319 !! *Standby for de-contamination*

  41. Max del Castillo

    Looking back this is the best episode

  42. Hyannis KANGA

    I see fans who are not related to any organisation or who are not players family in some Arena. How much did they pay ? If they paid... 🤔

  43. shane mark Alvarez


  44. Garrett Boyd



    What are those 2 guys doing behind Manning? 0:22

  46. Jacob Dipietro

    Mlk wouldn't support blm

  47. Shaquille Stuart

    Shaq’s amazing

  48. Vance Terry

    I wonder how he feels, since his new team is no better than the Pistons, careful what u ask for.

  49. Hail Goenitz

    Maaan. NO! not black panther T.T

  50. Brandon Michael Estrada

    Jesus Christ is the only name used as a curse word on this planet making that fact stand alone in truth, repent or perish in hellfire for eternity, it is commanded man once to die then the judgement.

  51. Until Chill

    This isn't a proper top 10 career plays for Bron. Who made this list?

  52. adrianoski kanał

    Magnets ball

  53. LENNY B

    Everyone’s talking about the rodrigo blakenship pick but no ones talking about how they predicted urban myer’s comeback into the nfl even if it was for the wrong team

  54. Paulo Araujo


  55. Kai

    Strip club stocks in Houston just plummeted.

  56. Sopel Arias

    New Subscriber....

  57. Joe Kowalski

    It's no longer the NBA it's BLM Black lives matter league. Oh well the league lost all white fan base until the get BLM of the court I won't watch another game!!

  58. Big Play Slay

    Everyone should know who Christian Wood is

  59. Charlie Daliguis


  60. Luini Szo

    Now top play GS vs Lebron 😏

  61. GameFiend127


  62. Charles G74tillthewourldblow

    Most steps allowed

  63. Jordy siri perez

    My nigga Aaron should have won the contest from that Toco Fall dunk, my mans is 7'5 taller than shaq. Sad thing is that Aaron said he's done with the dunk contest, i mean i don't blame him for saying he's not going to be in another dunk contest because the WHOLE contest was some BS

  64. 1hourOfLove

    Kenny Smith is dead weight. No entertainment, no humor, nothing insightful.

  65. Frank Lopez

    Can somebody tell this guy to watch Tom Brady or Steph Curry's talks with the press? It's annoying, insulting and a waste of anyone's time to watch these things with him. We, fans, are gonna get tired of his attitude; if he's mad then don't talk to the press. Period. Just play.

  66. ATL_Heat

    Smh leaves the team that gave him his name all because he can’t win a game and chokes constantly in the playoffs😂😂and to say his team isn’t good enough are u kidding me??? they have a top 10 roster in the league easily😂they gave him everything he needed and because he couldn’t get the job done he wants to blame them😂james harden is a punk n the way he talked about his team just shows his true character...dudes a joke


    Badlands would be proud

  68. scratch AgainstTHEodds

    Mascot should of been fired for dropping an Peyton manning signed football

  69. Jo Mama

    If anything the green one is smaller

  70. King Theo

    Goat james.

  71. Maria Fernanda Proaño

    abc news

  72. Haaris Haq

    Fuck those refs it was a 2 😔😭

  73. Wes Whitaker

    Lowkey, they might’ve traded him for Cp3 if he was still dealing with injures

  74. Dre Sinkfield

    My favorite show! These guys never to amuse me. 🤣

  75. Silky Utters

    I think cp3 should be $5

  76. mdishuge

    Charles Barkley

  77. Londa Londah


  78. Owen GG

    the word "touching" doesn't mix well with the Jazz

  79. KayTee


  80. brodgersjr

    He needs to get stronger and work on footwork..