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  1. Aaliyah Rosado

    how many times they've been making "The Addams Family" movies?

  2. Luis Nieto

    Watching it already, btw what's the song when Katherine is like having a sad moment?

  3. bhrix ogbac

    i thought it was teresa palmer in the thumbnail.

  4. Luciana Mendes

    No Ah jjjjjkkllknnnnnnnnbhfyd eu hfgc do c de f eu hggu eu hj oi Cunha três fui h uns vir bhgiv um jogo vou botar viu QT


    HARLEY QUINN IN DA EARLY 1900s JUST WHAT WE NEEDED 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 2:00 me and Halie 😏😏😏😎

  6. Stephanie Mujan

    Dreamland: Viking Suicide Quinn, Electric fuckaloo

  7. dina msd

    I luv Katherine

  8. Ray Jones

    That looks like a Dr . Buzzard root!.... can't wait to see this movie.

  9. cynthia rouse


  10. Parul Ahlawat

    🔥🔥what a movie !!

  11. C k


  12. Christopher Thomas

    This is a really good modernized trailer

  13. Ashley

    This looks like Misery with black folks with voodoo and hot weather thrown in there for difference.

  14. Cerezd

    does he die

  15. Edgar Morales De León

    Don’t trust in Michael, he is a traitor!

  16. Nong' Noney

    2111ๅๅไๆฟฟ0, .ะ-321🤕ถถๆหฟ

  17. Балкенже Утебаева

    Хентай олрлулхл"Хентай зайца х э

  18. AcerTheGamer !!!

    I mean who would seriously open fire if you saw a dog running at you from the other trench?

  19. alfredo Fernandez

    I can’t believe the creators of that movie tried to make World war 1 cute a PG movie but nope WW1 was not cute I rather watch R rated 1917 WW1

  20. korlu01

    Looks amazing!

  21. Jamal Smith

    This shit demonic Af but I’m gonna watch lol

  22. J Fox

    1. At least it’s an original idea. Not a remake or reboot or 20 year old sequel. 2. As long as it doesn’t try to take its self to serious it looks like it will be a fun watch. I’m in.

  23. Bolado013

    Que bosta, não vi nada de Jiu Jitsu ae

  24. Mr .JellyBanana

    Damn, this movie looks so good

  25. Gomez 2colddd

    Love the movie and I am 7

  26. BiteZombie89

    I want LOVE AND MONSTERS VOL. 2!... 😍. I Love this movie so much!... 💕💕💕.

  27. Purplenem 15

    Aaaaaaaw shiiiit

  28. Luiz Sena

    Jiu Jitsu? The movie should be called Ninja Alien

  29. Chilly

    its 2020 October why the fuck is this on my recommended anyway its still the cutest shit I've ever seen

  30. niogel

    Who else is going to watch this just for Travis Fimmel?!

  31. Hano Ma

    M mnn in

  32. silentQueenHere oJ

    Diss is Michael after betraying tommy and da Shelby family

  33. Pedro Costa

    I thought this movie was already released as it's from 2019. Can't wait to see it! I'm a fan of Margot Robbie :)

  34. Antony Sevilla

    What's worst for Dylan? The maze of monster apocalypse?

  35. Mechanic Gopher

    This looks like it was based on an acclaimed graphic novel

  36. Derek Fisher

    Simp: The Movie

  37. Will D

    My favourite horror franchise #ItsGotADeathCurse 🔪

  38. xd Masked

    whats the violin song in the background?

  39. Frank On Film.

    This was such a good trailer, holy crap.

    1. Hanskah

      Sadly, trailers this good are hard to come by now.

  40. Júnior Miranda

    i liked it

  41. Zarar Afridi

    Looks meh....

  42. Maru

    Margot Robbie is amazing♥

  43. Jaslef Santos

    gostei demais

  44. Paramount Movies

    Talk about a #Throwback - let's go back to where it all started 40 years ago! 😬🤯

    1. StrongJamal 2017

      Happy 40th Anniversary if your movie Friday The 13th!

  45. Maria Almeida


  46. SMithWay Co.

    Damn that!. U guys need to get this issue with the rights settled 🤦🏿‍♂️. We need a new Friday the 13th!!!

  47. Killers ANONYMOUS

    I love that horror music

  48. VoltageEffects117 HD

    This should be a remake

  49. RedHawk 67

    WAIT WHATTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

    1. Paramount Movies

      Just sharing some of our classic trailers in time for ~spooky season~ 👻ReHawk 67. 😉

  50. Aztec_J Fit

    Freaking epic

  51. echolot

    glad to see jaime pressley still killing it.

  52. woods stocks

    And the Oscar goes to...

  53. genae south

    when does it hit cinemas ? im so excited

  54. The Amazing engineer

    This was actually a genuinely good movie in my opinion, was quite accurate to the real story surprisingly!

  55. Max Bowen

    If it had Margot Robbie in the movie I’m sold

  56. Kluts

    Stubby was executed for war crimes

  57. Elijah Stevenson

    I've seen it and it's beautiful. This is really Margot's best so far. Hopefully, this film would gather attention especially for Margot.

  58. Andrew Liguori

    You gonna make a "chesty" movie next?

  59. Apex Brothers

    Movie tries to make the Americans look patriotic during WW1 Me knowing they sat back and watched until the final yr because they couldn't be scuffed for long term fighting

  60. Carlos Baicu

    Who wants to be king?

  61. Aussie.Sunset

    Can someone tell me where I can see the scene with the bomb (1:06) I can’t find it. I’ve seen this movie now three times I can find it. 🤔

  62. Joshington

    this seems perfectly identical to the classic story of Bonnie and Clyde

  63. YourBroBlogan

    We need Dankula for covert ops training.

  64. Little Macc

    She finally playing a different character lol other then the sick mama in movies 😂😂😂😂

  65. raqib zaffan

    I think margot will nominate for this year oscars too

  66. highkey DEMI

    looks like it was made in 2010

  67. Deane Paulita

    JungleLand and Dreamland

  68. I.O.C Gang

    Our dog

  69. Tiaan Brandt

    My Boy Travis Fimmel in the Big Leagues !!!

  70. Royal Shuvro


  71. L Powell

    Can’t wait to see this! Finger crossed it releases in some cinemas in the UK

  72. Sum Gowda

    Michael Shelby

  73. Soviet Pooh Bear


  74. PastelNoir

    I'm so excited for this, like a new Bonnie and Clyde but focused on Bonnie

  75. Fakhri Dito

    So la noire but romance?

  76. swan

    Finn Cole & Margot Robbie 🐐