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  1. Malsawm Fanai

    They're rich as fck but sell out their used cloths🤣omg these rich womens can't have enough

  2. Sierra Seward


  3. Jessica Reid

    I want to try the Buffbunny joggers. I eye them every launch but have a hard time spending that kind of money on sweats

  4. Cadavra Macabre

    Why do the clothes have to be so cute. I'm broke. 😭

  5. Polinator Dude

    'The UK equivalent of Zara' 🤣 We have Zara in the UK 🤣🤣

  6. Shayla Rogers

    I’d love to see you do a SheFit review.

  7. kaley vaughan

    You look so good it doesn’t seem real

  8. emiav

    Goshhh darn me for silencing my phone so I could take a nap! Could of been first 😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Makeup Minx

    BRUH. These leggings should be ILLEGAL. I just got mine in the mail and they are SO flattering it's crazy. Alphalete, if you're listening, keep these forever. MORE COLORS and more lengths (capri/above ankle)

  10. Whattowear?

    wow this is the investigations we are interested in :) I had an idea that tj maxx was not that good in terms of squat proof. Very soft though!

  11. Zoe Miyoko

    YES! I keep looking on their website but have been debating buying stuff!

  12. Zaineb M

    The owner of oh Polly and bo & tee is a notorious thief when it comes to designs. She straight up DMd a small business owner if she could try out some of her clothes and then oh Polly was seen with the same design a month later.

    1. HopeScope

      No way?! That’s too bad... sad to see they are going that shady, fast fashion route

  13. Hannah Grace

    OMG no, oh polly is not equivalent to zara! It's more like forever 21 lol, it's cheap and tacky.

  14. Anna Newsome

    Who was first

  15. Shelby k

    As soon as I saw that sports bra with the strap crossed over the head I knew it was they yellow one you wore a few days ago 😂❤️

  16. Jeanette Richardson

    I’m not first, but I’m here!!!

  17. Bella Mod

    Love this channel. Please rate Fancy Active

  18. Bella Mod

    Love this channel. Please rate Fancy Active

  19. Ashley Carnes

    I love the ribbed collections from bo and tee... down to the core and below zero are my favorite but I ordered them for lounge wear and not for working out and I dont like any of their other collections...ordered things from those and gave them away...anyways great video Hope!!

  20. Illyssa Demarino

    Hope, have you reviewed Pop fit yet? Just bought some but curious if you already covered them

  21. Natalie King

    Not like Zara maybeeee like semi cheaper version of house of CB xxxx

  22. Courtney Palmer-Jones

    All of y’all mad about being the first comment but I’m genuinely just glad for the new video; activewear reviews by Hope have become my new binge topic and it’s safe to say I’m addicted and will be actively waiting for the next video lol

    1. Catherine Kallon

      I was just thinking the same. Such a well done video but all the comments are about not being first is a damper

  23. ThatOneGirl

    Oof, those sports bras just do NOT look like anyone put any thought into the design😬

  24. Jessie Broach

    Giveaway- azur fit sweat set!! Love something stretchy so I don’t feel constricted 💕

  25. Halloerdernogen

    Do a review on the brand famme, I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

  26. Bili Amah

    The packaging is cute

  27. Catherine Kallon

    I got up to Oh Polly is the UK’s equivalent to Zara...woah 😂 it’s more like the UK equivalent to Fashion Nova. It’s nothing like Zara at all. 😂 you’re so cute

  28. Donna Hennessy

    I love your videos does the queen read her comments.

  29. Megan Perz

    HOPE!!!! Have you tried the Target seamless line yet? Love your videos!!

  30. Abi C

    We have Zara in the uk, but iirc, it’s mostly tiny dresses

  31. Meagan Ramundo

    How do you still not even have 500k? You deserve so much more support. You really put in the work for us as the legging queen. Appreciate you hope! ❤️

  32. Abby Tucker

    Can you do a video on cheap leggings

  33. Vicky s

    Please try unwonted apparel, super different designs to most places

  34. Lauren Lassig

    HER TAN 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  35. Mizz. Person

    The brown outfit is not flattering to anyone. The colors should have been reversed. Dark rib band and light chest area. Dark outer area on pants and light inner area. The way it is, no matter who wears it, makes the person look wider and more flat chested. Who designs these things?!

  36. condo oye

    I just randomly got recommended her, Now I can't wait for a new video

  37. ari auerbach

    I've been binge watching your videos I love you

  38. heliagrey

    Ha, that’s funny, my cardio nights are Bachelor watch nights, too. 😂

  39. Grace Mullins

    *is at work and cannot be the first comment*

  40. kavita pargain

    I like your Namste art on wall

  41. Demi Noel Wilcox

    Washing dishes, watching hope. Stops washing dishes to listen to the asmr Hope is making when she snaps the leggings waist band. Idk why but that is the best sound. A new pair of leggins.

  42. Caleigh Harrington

    Love your vibes! They make my day happy 😆

  43. Ria Lopes

    YAY we got your opinion on it! Finally someone I trust is talking about it. Love from UK x

  44. g p

    Your butt though! I hate you, I mean that as a compliment

  45. Ashley Byrns

    I love the skip it or ship it at the end! That’s a cute touch. And now I know what to get lol! Thank you!

  46. Miss Teiha Lybertie

    Can you try gap fitness

  47. Emma Royals

    Can you do Oner Activewear!!!

  48. Albina Terpay

    Here I was thinking I was early and there’s 1.3k comments 🤦‍♀️

  49. Nathalia Verge


    1. Nathalia Verge

      Okay so, I think I’m gonna get the sports bra for now. Cus, Hope☺️👍

  50. Sheri Morgan

    So Freaking adorable as Always 💗💗I hear you in the other room.. Lindsey is watching you too 🤩🤡 Love&Light from California 💗💗

  51. Allysia S

    1. Your hair looks phenomenal 2. If you feel so inclined, you should try some stuff from Unlabeled. Would love to get your opinion on their stuff 😊

  52. Erin Hunter

    The packaging was amazing but....

  53. Sylwia Iwańska

    I need more transitions like this one to the brownish - redish bra! 💥

  54. Demi Noel Wilcox

    Crowned Legging Queen 👸 2021 a million years running.

  55. Rachel Robbe

    I just found your channel two weeks ago and I have BINGED all your videos! Love you and your content!

  56. Chloe Morrison

    Thanks for making my morning :)

  57. Marissa Isaacs

    For the giveaway I would love to try alphalete!!! The more you talk about them the more I feel the NEED to try them😅🤞🏻🔥

  58. Mollie-May

    omg that was my instagram wooohhhh!! glad i could help lol

  59. Macy L

    I’ve always wanted to try theseee

  60. Mimi NewBean


    1. Mimi NewBean

      Thanks for the like hope 🥲☺️☺️

  61. Jen Lee

    love ur reviews! have u owed any pair of leggings from bombshellsportwear ??

    1. HopeScope

      Awe thanks!! I have but it’s actually been a year or two since I’ve purchased from them! They have some really unique designs

  62. meet momo

    I read the title as “booty” 😂

    1. HopeScope

      Wait.. what if that’s how we are suppose to pronounce it?!? 🤯

  63. Talia Grafos

    I love you so much I suck at finding good leggings and watching your videos rlly helped a lot

  64. Kuja Akina

    their designs look cute but damn more expensive than nike sports bras wtf??

  65. Jamie George

    Hello ....great!!!🌼😄💥

  66. Pug Things

    I love your hair! ❤️

  67. sierraM

    I’ve gotten here pretty early and Hope, I wish you to have a very good day🌺😊

  68. Sunny Rosario Trujillo

    Can you make a goddess leggings video? Need to know all the names of the brands that make you feel like a goddess

  69. Rocky Applebee

    I'm in the UK and hadn't heard of this brand!

  70. LittleMissPDX

    I really like bo and tee!!!

  71. C W

    Debating whether to buy or not. Thanks for this!!!! We love an honest review ❤️😂😘

  72. Amie Watroba

    Ok, but why are those white leggings so cute and why do I feel like I NEED them?!?! I am a SCHOOL TEACHER, I DO NOT need white leggings! But also I kinda do 🤭

  73. Chibikate_

    Rather annoyed with USfilm, I have my bell on to all and didn't get a notification. Just happened to click on to USfilm and this video was on my home page.

  74. Johngallagher89 X

    I got your merch today it’s awesome I were it’s to school

  75. MitchAlex

    Can you review ILUS label next!!!

  76. Mirna El-Hallak

    hey just wanted to say luv u

  77. desiree herrera

    can you please review talentless and LNDR ?

  78. Eléna Wenban

    So excited for this. I bought the lilac seamless set and it felt like fleece insulated material and my gym didn’t have AC on when it was open because of COVID 😭😭 I wanted to try the neutral range but I was nervous

  79. brianne

    i quite like this brand but damn the drawstring leggings are so weird to me

    1. HopeScope

      Especially when they don’t do anything 😆

  80. OyayoTheStorm

    I LOVED that red bra, but the way my K-cups are set up... I'll need one Hell of an underwire bikini top underneath to feel safe and secure 😄😄😄