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  1. Mr. Slither Gaming

    you watched this video and helped get food for these people

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    3:47 I finally became useful :')

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    Kurk I love the vedio

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    If I become famous I will try to put me beast in the history books if he was not

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    Commenting to help the channel grow so Mr.Beast can make more money to give away

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    This is absolutely incredible... Well done.

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    when you refresh the video and skip to the end just to give him more ad views

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    Good videoa

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    This should have been in the main channel

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    Commenting for the algorithm


    Billy Jimmy Billy Jimmy what's the different its the same

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    Commenting for the algorithm

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    Mrbeast doing mrbeast thinge

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    Hii I sketched u mr beast plzz check it Teen fan from india💖

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    Yo I hope your charity is extremly successful and works out perfect

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    Mr beast real life is changing the world

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    Shave your beard......it not looks pretty good

  23. Harman Kumar

    Your content is amazing.....

  24. Harman Kumar

    Good Good......👍👍.......keep it up.

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    Hi mr beast Im reminding you to learn how to drive a truck ok!!

  26. Isabella Bonafe

    Mr beast is soo nice! :D

  27. Ryan does some random videos challenge Ryan

    The only channel I will watch the ads

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    50 cent a like

  29. Randy Cole

    Love your videos, When are you going to tell everyone you are doing the, Color the Spectrum with Mark Rober

  30. Aynnara Quintero

    Your doing alot and it's amazing but maybe just saying try helping other countries and states!

  31. magma sqush

    when Jimmy dies he's gonna have a Viking funeral or something

  32. Seamus Powning

    Mr. Beast could lift Thor’s hammer

  33. Sebas Animations

    Just wanna say, God bless you mate 😊

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    JIMMY LIKE THIS COMMET or HEART IT !!!!!! Also u are the best u are improving everything

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    Awesome work man

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    I love u beast

  37. Kennedy Bristo

    Where the bread at man? How you gonna give people peanut butter and jelly and no bread ;-;

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    COME TO AUSTRALIA PLS People who agree I I v

  39. TheBackBois SQUAD

    I love you mr beast

  40. Matthee Hernandez

    I have a question what inspired you to do this?

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    Hi peeps I’m trying to watch every single mr beast video

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    Not even from the US but I'm gonna be watching every video here so you can keep doing what you're do. Great stuff Mr. Beast!!

  43. Andy ID

    i love how you think

  44. XlusfferX

    اخ بس لو كان مسلم كان باخذ اجر اكثر من وقت الكون

  45. Chris Baker

    I would donate some money to the charity if I had the link to do it.

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    Man bill is a good guy

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    Philanthropy for the win💪🏽

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    am I the only one who just found out about this channel?

  49. Deku fanboy ;-;

    Dislikes came from satans alt accounts

  50. Tyber_Den

    tareqq: How much food are you eating! jimmy: *that was a little mean*

  51. EG - 06BK 847671 Glenhaven Sr PS

    When people go to mars - “today I will be buying all the food on planet earth and giving it to poor people in mars” Comments: u have the biggest of the hearts u helped my family a LOT ❤️ ❤️

  52. Andi Salihu

    Rewatching this to get it to kore views so MrBeast can give away more food

  53. Nazario D Luna

    Love all the great moves you make with helping the people in need, along with the fun other videos you make Jimmy, I mean bill. Keep doing you and ill keep supporting when i can!

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    If u disliked ur truly the lowest scum in history

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    Hey is new

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    I’m subed to all of your channels

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    Just think this is the small mrbeats acche have almost 3 mil and is the smallest acc he have

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    SUB TO MR BEAST Philanthropy

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    me waiting for the vide on himdoing the autism thing markrober is doing: AHHHHHHHH CMON GET GOOD

  61. Mind Yours

    Mr. Beast doing more the community then BLM & the Government lol

  62. Kelly

    The man has a heart the size of a planet.

  63. Kelly

    You forget just how young he is. I love the fact that the more money he makes the more he shares it out. He's everything I want my little boy to grow up to be.

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  65. Johnny Moose

    You just became a legend, congrats

  66. Kickstartmy bff

    Jimmy Donaldson a nice guy..maybe able to help someone real need link on my video

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    we need more people like you in the world, tried beast burger yesterday by the way, pretty good & juicy 🤣

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    i love beast's.

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    Can i get cookie ?

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    Mr beast next video tie: Feeding a country in need

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    :people: FFFFOOOOOOOODDDDDD :MrBeast: yea

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  73. Craig Unger

    Mr. Beast is living the dream. @mrbeast If you are looking for people in South Carolina to expand I would be honored

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    Jimmy you making me cry😭😭❤️❤️

  75. The Tola Show.

    Well done jimmy

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    I sub and make more vids #charitymrbeast

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    Make a donation to cancer research

  78. Xavier Castaneda

    spam this to everyone and every mr beast chanel it is for Mark rober who helped ALOT with team trees and he is doing a fundraiser for people with autism @

  79. Haroonplays WilliambabanoA

    Do more man your the best youtuber ever born!

  80. RedJay

    I don't understand how there are people that dislike this