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  1. VéroPavLoves

    I thought it was Zara Larsson in the thumbnail

  2. Krista Patton


  3. Emily Simmons

    she would know everything

  4. Faris Taqi

    Did you gusht say carona

  5. Lily Grace

    Rachel looks really healthy atm!

  6. SpIcY cHiCkEn NuGgET

    Everyone be like 2018 2019 2020 anyone in 2021 yall?

  7. Toddler Bennett

    Rachel you are the best

  8. Said Furniture

    Elsa tiene unus kilos de sobra

  9. evelyn wolverton

    hi j

  10. Xxlove cutiexX


  11. nitenite gamers


  12. Anna Nonyane

    Hi there my name is Rorisang you are my else and Rapunzel

  13. Tracy Garrett

    I lo

  14. Alexis Murphy

    Hi I love you ❤️💕

  15. Desiree Frame

    Ifcgccvhvgvvv g v v cv cc. Cutvtf

  16. Adrianna Prince

    Middle won

  17. Goh Yew Seng


  18. me & you

    Oh my god

  19. Adrianna Prince

    Were do you live

  20. Iahn4

    I bursted from laughing when she lost control of her self

  21. سالم علي

    واو جميل جداً

  22. NaMur Yaqub

    Oh noooo 👎

  23. Ava Castano

    I really miss these old Rachel videos. It was such wholesome content.

  24. _xAngelica

    damn elsa is thick

  25. Nadine Hobday

    SO CUTE!!!

  26. Kandy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Rachel: family friendly Also Rachel: *Talks about the up there intensely*

  27. Kandy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I love how they talk about the "up there"

  28. Ashar Siddique

    Anna is my favorite,I love her♥️

  29. Asay Grandchildren

    He seems like a designer or something. Maybe like a fashion... person? I don’t know what word I’m looking for here lol

  30. Scarlett Butt head

    Who likes all her videos and can you do the princesses again

  31. The Iconic Cousins

    who has been watching Rachel since the princess vids????

  32. CelineSmith

    2021? Anyone

  33. twilight riana i. bulalacao


  34. netana leah mizrachi

    I have a cute sweet touchy feely one❤😂

  35. Yamato Hiroshi

    google is a girl-

  36. Kate Cassandra Bataller

    Or aurora

  37. Kate Cassandra Bataller

    My favorite in princess is sleeping beauty

  38. Em lap

    Belle is my favorite

  39. child_please

    James look good. In anything

  40. Amber Hunter

    Every single

  41. The Mandalorian

    Who else here in 2021

  42. Renee Garcia

    😱 😳

  43. Renee Garcia


  44. Princess Games

    Elsa: Where is your sister keep getting these photos Ariel: free the FISH!

  45. Joyce Johnson

    Her. Omg no reaction

  46. Joyce Johnson

    Drag queen both or girl

  47. Dream ASMR

    Me a dutch person: *hearing that they don't know how to ride a bike* "HOLD MY BEER"

  48. Dream ASMR

    When rachel has for once the most extra outfit😂

  49. J e s s Yes

    Ok I’m a 12 year old and ummm I tried to turn myself into a flamingo as in just 3 shades of pink.... 1 I put the pinks in the wrong spot 2 idk where to put it and 3 I JUST CANT DO MAKEUP. I also tried to turn myself into a tree

  50. yva phanor

    shes seeing what she got her self into

  51. Melissa Martinezperea

    Un bueno

  52. Journey -

    what ever happened to them LMFAO

  53. Sonu Kumar

    My favourite princesses else

  54. Nisha Tiwari

    My favorite *Disney princess* is *Elsa & Anna!!*

  55. Brittany Robinson


  56. mad21a

    Wow he is really beautiful:)

  57. Those 2 Sisters


  58. Sam A

    Bethany’s clothes are the most realistic

  59. Samuel De la Cruz

    I want to play in that hot tub of jello!

  60. Valeria Gonzalez

    Do you have a 7 “nope” I don’t believe you -Rachel

  61. xXSophieThePotatoxX UwU

    2021? Anyone?

  62. Phoenix Thompson

    👑. School

  63. Abbi Whichard

    imagine her swapping with claudia sulewski

  64. villain Katsuki Bakugo

    ya'll look like twins

  65. Deborah Dana

    were the pink cajual night in the stret make a vidio of it

  66. Evie P

    The cool kids sit in the Back of the Bus

  67. Phoenix Thompson

    Wow 🤩

  68. Clare Jeffreys

    Omggggg PLEASE name SOMETHING “diversity” idk what but I think it would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Paochao Lor

    Karen Lego

  70. Maya Donovan

    You should do one with Rebecca Zamolo

  71. Jasleen Sandhu

    Dont Gat Slime For Me

  72. Jasleen Sandhu

    Nono onononono

  73. Jasleen Sandhu

    Slimen Kit For Me🛍

    1. Jasleen Sandhu


  74. Jasleen Sandhu


  75. Chelsea Keith

    💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 i have no words

  76. Yosi

    I- need Rachel to style meee. Thank you