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  1. gina mercedes mendoza sàches

    conclusion green lantern is a shift in comparation with the alien x

  2. Grayson Phillips

    no shot jake ever loses

  3. Sam Stenzel

    we need this!

  4. RaptorJesus720

    "What's your power level?"

  5. Levi Mock

    When are you doing Asura vs Kratos? We'd all love to see the battle of the most angry. Also, great episode. Big fan.

  6. PRSer

    It all depends who is the player using Geese or Heihachi.

  7. gina mercedes mendoza sàches

    lets see alien x is was to level to archie sonic and green lantern is dont to level of archie sonic

    1. Ego

      1) bad grammar 2)archie sonic would body in only his super forms 3) composite GL stomps both

  8. O.G Rio

    Heihachi eats bullets,hachets,electric uppercuts,forehead lazers,ejections in space and bathes in dojo explosions...a guy name "geese" can out do that???🤔🤔🤔

  9. Osa E

    Did you know that android 18’s real name is lazuli?

  10. Miter.Ray19

    Herobrine vs. Superman would be cool to see.

  11. Maxwell Rochette

    Put it all on the grandpa!

  12. HarmonySword

    I bet Geese has better feats as Heihachi had his fair share of losses including: 1. Losing to Kazuya in Tekken 1 2. Only beat Kazuya thanks to Jun in Tekken 2 3. Got knocked out by Jin in Tekken 3 4. Almost killed by Jin, but is saved by the image of Jin in Tekken 4 5. Survived a point blank explosion, but was knocked out for the entirety of Tekken 5 6. Lost to Lars in Tekken 6 7. Killed by Kazuya when he was thrown in the lava, although maybe his Last Stand form could help for a while as he took little damage in the final moments of that fight Again I don't know Geese, but correct me if he has better feats or not

  13. Calum Hodge

    I am sorry but I thought Deadpool couldn’t die unless something was stopping his healing so technically Deadpool wins

  14. Lord Hydreigon

    No matter who wins, someone’s Goose is gonna be cooked

  15. Susan Walls

    (What the thumbnail pictures are thinking) Heihachi - "Boy, I will teach you to both respect & fear your elder superior's!" Geese - "Bring it on hold man! 'Cause I'd love to see you try."

  16. RetroGamerKevin

    @Death Battle Soldier: 76 vs Ruin (Overwatch vs Call of Duty Black Ops 3)

  17. Devin Carlson

    Jesus, was excited to watch this but had no clue wtf was going on the entire time.

  18. Ghalaghor McAllistor

    Two shapeshifters fighting against each other, let's go!

  19. gina mercedes mendoza sàches

    seriusly mecha has benn defeat so easy mecha is most stronger can hyper metal sonic

  20. Ezer Rosario

    Broly is no joke

  21. Sean Reusing

    Anyone else can see this be seen as Harada-san vs KNEE?

  22. Mentor of YouTube

    Geese for Smash so we can keep up the trend of bringing in arch-enemies

  23. Jesus Mendoza

    Bull freaking crap

  24. Owen Scott

    Henry danger vs robin

  25. PlayrR3D

    Something people always forget: *Superman is vulnerable to magic!*

  26. Robert Walton

    green arrow vs. deadshot

  27. matthew

    No way. Batman all day would win.

  28. Freakshow Theatre

    Geese FTW

  29. Fat Dogie

    "Let's have a theoretical fight between two characters where no one knows anything about the character they're defending"

  30. Enigma Sigma

    Please do death battle with Funny Valentine from JoJo SBR it would be great fight

  31. Memes On the skeld

    Reminder: link did not have the fierce deity’s mask or the medallions from a link to the past or the light/ancient arrows either (also no research is done for DBX so link could have also won)

  32. Луиза Губайдуллина

    привет пацаны я за хейхачи

  33. RedirectionPro

    You should do Goku Or super man vs Sitama

  34. The Plushimator

    I'd prefer it if she was bet against Spinel, if not Jake, then maybe another Scythe wielding combatant. (Maybe Specter Knight Vs Ruby Rose or Spinel?)

  35. KevieroFGC

    Geese is gonna win easy over Heihachi. I mean look what Geese has done in general at all Tekken 7 tournaments kekw

  36. Justin Vandygriff

    Hey guys what do you ever watching some other videosAnd I've been hearing a lot of disheartening things about rooster teeth and I really hope death battle and death battle cast can not go through that so just want to send you guys my support and keep on doing what you're doing

  37. Q Ball1442

    I'm a DBZ fan, but Krillin is going to get bodied.

  38. Shift XD

    As soon as sasuke started to mess with killua he already dug his grave.

  39. Boiled Tea

    At the end of the day both DC and Marvel fans can agree that their franchises have broken characters comic wise

  40. Ezer Rosario

    Damn darkseid is a BOSS

  41. goshzo

    a few questions: i’m confused which one are they using is it game shadow, comic shadow or both? did this episode debunk vegeta vs shadow? mewtwo vs shadow? mario vs sonic 100?

    1. Justin Alicea

      This was "primary source is game Shadow," hence its emphasis on the video games and the only things outside of it were used for a unique visual or because it isn't Shadow's best feat. Shadow vs Vegeta is not countered, as Vegeta's durability in his Super Saiyan forms would let him survive Shadow's attacks. Mewtwo vs Shadow is a possibility, though given Mewtwo's ability to increase its defenses, heal wounds and wipe Shadow's mind before Shadow tries to end the fight would allow him to get ahead despite the stat disadvantage. Mario still has his own invinciblity power ups and could scale to Bowser's black hole durability to outlast the Hyper form.

  42. Ghostly Omen

    Death battle winnings be accurate but how they be wrong

  43. Bluezilla

    17:09 When the quiet kid speaks up

  44. Bluezilla

    Fun fact: You saw this when you were young

  45. MisterZygarde64

    One thing’s for certain, the loser will be falling to their deaths. Also Cuphead vs Tanjiro Both end up traveling across their homeland with their sibling after an encounter with a demon with Muzan killing Tanjiro’s family save Nezuko who became a demon and Cuphead being convinced by the Devil to gamble his soul only to lose and be forced alongside Mugman to collect the soul contracts. Also both made their debut in the mid to late 2010’s as Cuphead was first shown off in 2014 and released in 2017 while the first Demon Slayer chapter was released in 2016

    1. 878G

      ryuko vs cap underpants?

  46. M g


  47. Brian Horton

    My mom could take em on

  48. Martin Kabia

    I Hope to see sentry vs super man

  49. Owen Scott

    Megatron vs genos

    1. Henry Bloodborne

      Any version of Megatron can stomp genos are you kidding me?

  50. Bdbad73

    Why did spider man lose simple ITS THR BATMAN

  51. Lyrica - All Things Considered

    They both would probably get depressed by someone calling them the wrong name

  52. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  53. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  54. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  55. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  56. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  57. Thando Ndlovu

    OMFG Princess Elise the most worst Sonic Character

  58. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  59. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  60. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  61. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  62. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  63. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  64. Thando Ndlovu

    I only agree on charmy Bee with the old voice actor, "original" characters and omochao but I do not agree with the others

  65. SiC Vicious official

    Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

  66. David ryan

    I don't like the way geese is looking at my boy in the thumbnail.

    1. Henry Bloodborne

      He is definitely going to make fun of that hair isn't he?

  67. Digimon Frontier Fan 05

    (Dinosaur King vs Pokemon) Max vs Ash. For the fans. 😉❤️☺️💙🥰👍

  68. Huseyin Isikli

    Hiehachi will win

  69. Digimon Frontier Fan 05

    (Digimon vs Bakugan) Tai and Dan for the fans. 😉❤️☺️💙👍

  70. Energy Hammer

    Spartacus vs eren Yeager (Fate vs attack on Titan)

  71. Crisis Among Infinite Darths AC

    My father versus a highly territorial warlike bird.

  72. Drew Fine

    A fight between "bad"ass dad's.

  73. BlueStormZ

    sneek peek at 46:52 your welcome :-D

  74. opalander

    When Chuck Norris couldn't beat the final boss, he went into the game and gave the boss a piece of his mind.

  75. justanotherchannelonyoutube

    If Heihachi wins Boomstick: “looks as though this geese is cooked” If Geese wins: Boomstick: “Hey hachi, looks like this Goose cooked you!”

  76. Laís Helena Leal Lopes

    A próxima vai ser Steven vs finn

  77. Carlos Hidalgo

    I'm betting on Heihachi Mishima

    1. Carlos Hidalgo

      Why, because I'd been playing Tekken, & I feel how haihachi's strength felt