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  1. Galixy Gacha

    Am I the only one who is talking about HOW DARK IT IS I love this series but it’s sooooo dark and my brightness is all the way up

  2. Eliane Nogueira

    Ist is map compete

  3. Oscar Rueda

    Que aras con tu diorama cuando termines

  4. LividHaddock's socks

    Where u put the wire on the upper engine you should’ve put blue led light in there so that it looked like electricity

  5. Infected123YT

    20:41 what is this music called?

  6. Wubulubadubdub0

    21:36 he is milk gang

  7. Hilarion Alvarez Necrete


  8. Half a Meme

    great content! i love the other parts too! But im sorry, im on Dani's side

  9. Keagan Pieters

    Make a dead body in electrical!

  10. Skuack


  11. Dylan Sotomayor

    Hey Clay Claim you can you do the new skin from Fortnite called Punk I'm pretty sure that it will look good as a clay model.👍🏻

  12. Firoza Begum

    Thank u but did u do all of them? do part 4!if u need a break then do it after 2 days

  13. Wyatt Dorr

    MILK WAR!!!!!

  14. Amina Moalin


  15. rybář minecraftovej

    Pls part four

  16. A random internet person

    Can’t wait for part 4!

  17. Charity Amor


  18. NotOnlyTheBricks

    Yo after you finish all the places try to combine all of them and try a different map?

  19. Alex G

    Rip in chat for the laptop that is only in the free play mode

  20. Dante Nauit

    Q: Where do cow astronauts stop to get a drink A: The milky way!

  21. Vexed_ Bumbarse

    Why don't you build the spawn ship in among us

  22. Kian Sarma


  23. Maria Kontog

    No you dum I am also Danny's fan and I chose Danny

  24. Sonja Sonja

    Sea Epear

  25. DETECTIVE 209

    And I don't even play the game the computer is only in free play u haven't played the game FAKE

  26. Death Strider

    You need to make among us dudes

  27. IndeksCard

    ClayClaim is orange juice gang, he tried to destory Dani


    im enjoying this series

  29. Mad Rex

    He forgot vent in caf

  30. Donald gaming Neak

    What do you call white stuff in cups you call them milk

  31. IndeksCard


  32. Bagas Yuliantoro

    Indo nyimak

  33. sow saw lian

    i love your builds

  34. Szklanka Pełna soku

    Wow its very beautiful 😮😮😮

  35. Jefferson Rivas

    kan jy saam met my onder ons speel?

  36. Britney Bronson

    I like this its my ferst time

  37. Revilo Persons

    I made Skeld in Minecraft at 2 AM when I was bored me and my cousin spent around 2 hours that night and then the next day 3 hours on building Skeld

  38. sheila couzens

    Part 4: Lower Engine, Reactor, Electrical, And Maybe Security...

  39. lucel josil catinan

    can ya make part 4 with electrical down engine secyrity medbay sheilds and storage??

  40. Marcell Playz

    If you make a part 4 you would finish the map pleeeeeease make a part 4

  41. sssyoshi wolf

    I love ur vids I want to build stuff like this


    Part four the skelt

  43. Edward Schtraukh

    the milk war is so tuped

  44. Daniela Vindas

    Amo a este señor, es super talentoso y es super alegre y agradable uwu

  45. huyen do

    Very good

  46. Singers Gaming

    please make zed from league of legends <3

  47. ingrid johana kock espinel

    Pllllllllllllleeeeeeeeease do among us skeld map part 4 with lower engine security and reactor

  48. maricka zavicka

    I want a WAR MILK WARRRR!!!!!

  49. W.D. Gaster

    makes a miniature of konoha (leaf village)

  50. Rowan Tielemans

    PART 5!!!! PLS

  51. Jonathan Soto

    Do part 4 plz

  52. zayukitaify

    The season 2 MORGAHQ 0v0 ?

  53. Hugo McDonald

    Clay claim: can I use your milk jokes? Dani: NO Clay claim does it anyway for laughs Dani: so u, have choosen death!

  54. Michael Thomas

    He forgot the vents in caf and med

  55. annabelle fox

    Clay Claim pls can u make the other two maps

  56. John Smith

    Si vis Pacem Paramilkum

  57. VanK

    I'm already waiting for fourth part of this masterpiece

  58. Kids Gamer

    mantap kali buatan mu bang! Bantu subscribe channel ku ya...

  59. Witherstorm #1

    Plz don't do any milk jokes cuz when a war starts it never ends well!!!

  60. Sebastian Servello

    Part 4

  61. Лumoн4uK 555

    I think, why You dont do vents ?

  62. TheViBEZ23

    14:03 lol

  63. The Creator

    Can you make part 4

  64. Aiden Kelly

    Make the ruins

  65. Manju-el Variador

    Giant hell will be electrical.

  66. Francisco Blandón palacios

    I 'm spanish but I 'm love your videos

    1. Francisco Blandón palacios

      Say hello

    2. Francisco Blandón palacios


    3. Francisco Blandón palacios

      I'm going to make my cake from the map "THE SKELD"


    Dani is destined to win. He made a game about milk. U r clearly orange juice gang

  68. Dante Nauit

    Milk war


    very good I'm from Indonesian

  70. DETECTIVE 209

    Thay dident screw up ur just pist becouse it's a big map so shut up baby

  71. ali kaissi

    I think you need to remove the laptop because this thing is only used in free play not the real map.

  72. Caiden Neugent

    Do among us crew and imposter

  73. Lip Succ

    you need to start saying THICC at every opportunity

  74. Albert Video

    Can u made part 4 do a reactor and security pleas:)

  75. juan jose alvarez

    plis yuo can t make the 4 part

  76. amanda aton

    Have you heard changing the time to April 1 will reverse the entire SKELD

  77. Muxi

    Make small milk Boxes things out of clay and place them in some places if the among us map!

  78. Лumoн4uK 555

    I thinked why you dont clay every map P. S sorry if write wrong

  79. Raven The Beast

    Start a milk war

  80. ninjafran 1234

    Part 4 the skeld please