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  1. I am Inkermitable

    I like it soggy to eat

  2. ilovebagles 37

    what else can you put in the fondoodler?

  3. Kasturi Parray

    Dooo it breakit

  4. Scott joiner

    5k comment lol

  5. Brynnlee Mitchell

    A clown

  6. Brad Shelton

    In the third round there was Jon and Adam so Jon adams was competing

  7. seven !


  8. ꧁ ᧁrꫀꪖt᥊᭙ꪮꪶᠻ᥊ 𓆈꧂

    5:45 Jamie don’t eat this hat Yes don’t eat hats Jamie

  9. edma06


  10. Samuel Jacque

    GMM made it on vat 19

  11. Lego Mixup

    as a seventh grader, these are easy

  12. rachybabez9

    Jamie and Adam are my favourite

  13. Edrich Reigne Malan



    404 dislike not found

  15. Liam TEG

    Bendable lollipop is cotton candy

  16. Butter Boy 289


  17. stella Vlogs

    0:10 well the kids r crying now

  18. Apple Juice Extreme Fun And Gaming

    4:26 it’s “ pickle-melon! “ and 4:48

  19. XiannGaming

    Gordon Ramsay has a new comeback now.

  20. Sxnrioslxts

    I love how Kyle is like so monotone but he says funny stuff just in mono tone LWKKWKWKWKWKJW

  21. narancia ghirga

    imagine the wonder stix had pixie sticks inside em so the kids would just like it off the table XD

  22. Gamer Bros

    Hey my town is called Bellville and I live in Texas I did not know there was another town called Bellville beside mine


    Do a goo jit zu

  24. stella Vlogs


  25. FatSardine

    1:14 ok this got me dead 💀

  26. Daily Dose Of Memes

    I just saw an add for this USfilm video and I stopped watching that video. I luv vat19

  27. Emilio the cool * also the fat *

    Pee pee wee wee

  28. OmegaWolf

    Vat19 is a nice guy im sure everyone that didnt survive got a new one and everyone went home happy :D

  29. Umplify FB

    Who Else Used To Watch Vat19 24/7

  30. •___•

    My actual phone password is Danzmen

  31. •___•

    My phone pass is *************

  32. Olivia Shanks

    Adam steals the whole show. Lmao.

  33. CJ Youngkin

    team poop knife

  34. Emilio the cool * also the fat *

    Okay I won't eat lighter fluid

  35. Madie Vanderzwart

    This is so funny 😂

  36. l sc

    What the heck I was looking at that tiny baking set yesterday and just saw it here

  37. Aaliyah Saldivar

    I love you guys

  38. Roger the Puppy

    You throw that on the ceiling it’s fun

  39. khronic CODM


  40. Exotic Foam Head

    Jamie: wOrK WiFe

  41. Che Wan Nor Halawati CWMK

    So the cup in the magic milk straws it was the choo-choo train set

  42. Anthony Veinot


  43. Magaly Huerta

    Can you like try to unscrew the screws ✨

  44. Mia Davis

    I really wish I did not post that

  45. Parker Talamantes

    Vat19 2007-2017 10th anniversary

    1. Parker Talamantes

      In 2021

  46. Sameera Rahaman

    It look like someone put their ass and shit in the bathroom

  47. Forged in Faith Farm Boys

    Drink that JUICE

  48. Green Gaming

    beef jerky + acid = cool beef jerky lava lamp

  49. Sameera Rahaman

    You look like somebody put their ass and shit in the bath

  50. Woomy master

    Got a vat19 ad while watchimg vat19

  51. wade

    But I like my serial soggy

  52. Zoey Gail

    Y’all need to do a giant ramen noodle cup

  53. Tina Alapati

    Hey Joe your eyes are blue!

  54. I’m so thirstae

    9:27 Ima make a mess 9:33 He didn’t lie

  55. Emmalyn Berry


  56. Top-lil-killer

    John beer

  57. Jessica

    6:42 Mabey because the pipes are old.

  58. Tom Nook

    Intro: 0:00 Mova globe: 0:33 Plush cheesy puff: 2:19 Retro pixel art speaker: 4:25 Gear ball: 5:58 Gumbo bug sky ball: 8:19

    1. Tom Nook


  59. zbenn


  60. FNAF All Star35

    I like how they went to the movies to get the popcorn lol

  61. Isabella Ehrke

    rndom guy getting gummy bear: holy shhh Me: WHAT DID HE SAYYYYYYYYYy

  62. felix mo

    Who’s watching is 2021

  63. Andrew Rudd

    the girl pissed me off

  64. Saturn Skies

    Who’s watching this in 2021

  65. Gogo Child

    I love the way Josh explains things 6:00

  66. Elianna Amstutz


  67. violet arsson

    Why does the girl with half shaved hair do that with her face

  68. violet arsson

    Why does the girl with half shaved hair do that with her face

  69. ItsP0lley __

    Is anyone else here in 2021 remembering these great days 🥺😌😔

  70. Jason Cunningham

    I am on Team Jsmie for this one... that game was rigged... you are asking Jamie where the Sea if Tranquility is and asking Miles How many colors are in a rainbow... you even let Miles say all of the colors before he answered 🤔🤔🤔

  71. PaCmaN


  72. Timothy Susee

    Love how they break a simple 100$ dollar bill into 20s to make it look like more money

  73. Ben Chung

    Is the slap lollypop just thin gummy on a stick

  74. Yeet Gamer10


  75. johann assouline

    wow just wow! im a big fan of your youtube channel! anyone else?

  76. cocozsq

    U should've said the normal and save the sponsor in the end

  77. Ben Chung

    When are you going to do more burning questions🙏

  78. Tulip World

    Oh my gosh Jamie should hire his wife

  79. The Rexys

    I’m teem Jamie