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  1. Michael Gregory Matterson II

    You better do weekly series like what why wouldn’t create more content

  2. Leander

    i feel like i'm dreaming

  3. caezaelibro1

    Where is my wandavision ep 8 review

  4. Charles B

    I thought Superman & Louis was only 13 episodes!

  5. Issei Eren


  6. seawater777

    Super Cool, thank you!!!

  7. Ruben Davalos

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Home Worlds was on the whiteboard

  8. CP Games Painting

    I could just turn into pure energy and light speed through your brain.. cool.. why even bother having a story then?

  9. Destinee Rogers

    The MARVEL was full of him ... thats was beautiful

  10. Matthew CardonaTirado

    2023😭 I'll be 19

  11. Andrew Higareda

    I have been waiting a long time for this moment, my little green friend

  12. Michael Gregory Matterson II

    This show is fire

  13. prashant kumar

    Please release your vd for Wanda vision latest episode...I'm waiting

  14. MeetBushe

    When is the next episode?

  15. J. I

    I almost forgot this was a CW show. Production quality is great!

  16. The1AtomGambit

    I’m gonna be made if they don’t have a race

  17. Logan Huffstetler

    These sony movies are a embarrassment and pure cash grab. They need to get out of the spiderman business.

  18. Dr Phot

    MCU: Only in movie theaters this Christmas! COVID-19: So I'm a joke to you?! Me: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

  19. George Dimopoulos

    wait this for real? i thought poeple were trolling

  20. Camari Brown

    Major Kudos go out to the studio for having the courage & confidence in these 2 guys to offer the deal that Netflix wouldn't 👍👌👏😀

  21. Nakx123

    Any idea if they'll be making some in-house studio or possibly contract Studio Mir to help out? I do know that Mir has alot of upcoming projects but might be fine if the Avatar projects are years away.

  22. William Young

    Good god. When will they stop with the cw shows. Stuff is WAY too dramatic for me. Ive given all of them a try and its all the same. Drama drama drama action drama.

  23. Daves World


  24. K. Feliciano

    But where's chun-li? .... lol

  25. KamiAnime S

    I wish they had a third person from the trio

  26. mmmm

    Nebula has a tummy, not very celestial or whatever but kinda cool. 😂

  27. Kevin Worrick

    I think that figure in the painting isnt Kung Lao, I think its Quan Chi, Kung Lao never had spikes on any thing Quan Chi did

  28. TreyCapalot

    Love your videos! Can’t wait for the Wandavision episode 8 breakdown, the episode was so good!

  29. La’TrayW.

    A series about a deeper looking into the first Avatar, Raava and Vaatu, AND the spirit world would be golden.

  30. Brian Hariprashad

    I'm soo happy about this. This is literally the greatest Nick show

  31. A.K. Comedy

    Don't forget the phone number on the wall "1 (938)" a nod to the first appearance in 1938.

  32. 1D5dozer

    Wandas kids are not real.

  33. Don Cosme

    id rather have prequels than sequels 👀💯 I'm ready to see some original air bender kingdoms

  34. Carlos Delgado


  35. Henbot

    Considering the creators bought the ownership of the Avatar after Legend of Korra from Nick, I was waiting for them to do something. If it was that popular no wonder it got so much in motion

  36. Landrian Buckham

    When he said "F**K Translucent....." I almost pissed myself hahahaha.

  37. James

    I'm calling it now: we eventually get a series with a new Avatar in space with spirit vine powered rockets and moonbending

  38. OpTicFanBoy24

    This means we don't have to watch the catastrophe that the Netflix series will be

  39. IslandWork

    Just realized you changed the thumbnail

  40. screaming goats

    omg i dont know what to thing

  41. Yves Kumasamba

    You making me sad

  42. Jamieology

    I would love a second season of Wands vision as well

  43. The Monster

    I'd love an avatar series set between atla and lok with an adult team avatar or something like a mini anthology series with small stories within the avatar universe, with one episode about a certain avatar like wan or kuruk and his story or even an avatar we've never seen before. Then another episode about a known charactar but with more detailed backsories like kuvira or jet. Something like tales of ba sing se! A kyoshi series would be amazing too tho. Or maybe even just an animated series based on the graphic novels like the search as the equivalent to the 4th season of atla.

  44. Yves Kumasamba

    Ok so Spider-Man no way home is coming please stop teasing

  45. ringsaphire

    everyone having a mortgage for an evil corpo to aquire is so typical USA :D

  46. Erwin Smith

    Fire nation soldier: SEND WORD TO THE FIRE, THE AVATAR IS BACK.

  47. William A M

    Honestly I could go without seeing another Avatar. I'm way more open to a side story during the times of The Last Air Bender.

  48. Samuel Khasin

    Please, no more attempts at live action. It doesn't need to be made.

  49. Shadow Nexus!

    Okay why does Lex Luthor look like Doom guy 😂😂😂

  50. Ed Beasant

    Doomguy Luthor

  51. I AM THAT I AM

    WANDAVISION REALLY? it don't sound like a Hero at all 🤣🤣🤣🤣.... this hero ain't coming to my Kingdom.


    I feel like this is how the x-men and mutants will be introduce in the MCU. Having been erased and then brought back probably mutanted 50% of the planet.

  53. death watch 42

    RIP MY KING, rest easy man

  54. Tetsuo Nabiki

    I just don't understand the shot with Kong blocking the atomic breath with the axe. This has got to be the stupidest thing I have seen. So yeah, I get he can block it with the axe but I don't understand why Godzilla keeps shooting it when Kong raises the axe over his head. Wouldn't it be on Kong to follow the blast direction to block it, why is Godzilla making the blast follow the axe and shoot off target. It just doesn't look right. When Kong lifted the axe over head the blast should have hit him in the chest... just saying. If this is the "Oh man! that was awesome!" moment they put in the trailer, I'm gonna have to say I will pass on this one.

  55. Techno Clasher

    btw ned has switched to a rog laptop from a dell one

  56. Falcon Foot

    The Actress who plays Monica is Beautiful they couldn't have picked a better Monica! It would've been a slaughterhouse if she teamed with the Avengers against the Thanos!

  57. Eric Wong

    I'm pretty sure it's Dr. Strange they are looking up at judging from the shadow cast on MJ's clothing; The "Elvis" hair bulge and pointy end of the cloak.

  58. Memphis

    Season 4?

  59. Adeola Tijani

    Pls when will this be on Netflix

  60. Cersei Lannister

    I love Jensen Ackles 💖

  61. Slyvesterz

    MCU is crazy right now

  62. kkkaaa8

    Every detail of angs life please

  63. corujariousa

    Live action for these type of story/characters hardly ever ends well. The amount of investment required for a good result is seldom available. I'd prefer if they invested in animated series always.

  64. Matt B

    So...why did the writers think it was a good idea to blatantly rip off Doomguy? Aside from that I liked the episode for entertainment...not getting into story arcs or layers..yet. We need more.

  65. Amari Shyaam

    has anyone heard of avatar genji he is next

  66. Raynolds Cardoza

    I know this is crazy and will not happen. But When you see the middle where it says "Spider-Man No way Home" it has the shape of Puerto Rico. Look at it.

  67. Gage Van Nuys

    I almost forgot that charlie used to show his face

  68. matthew day

    My prediction is this is going to be Spiderman meets Sliders. There is going to a bunch of different Spidermen, but they won't share scenes each other except with Tom until he finally finds one that can get him home. Maybe at the end they all show up for the big fight.

  69. Meylin

    The webbing around No Way Home is the island of Puerto Rico, there’s an arrow that says No Way Home pointing to Guanica where the Americans invaded Puerto Rico in 1898.

  70. finn 2817

    jack bertin

  71. AntiTeo Sensai

    I thought they only announced movies , not a series, so thats pretty exciting

  72. Noah Washington

    wow we long time fans finally got to see the OG charlie again........ I can't wait till we get that reboot

  73. Vhiea Liesta

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  74. Ay’ Ay

    Honestly the person talking is bias 😒

  75. Ay’ Ay

    Um cyber punk avatar is amazing !

  76. Ay’ Ay

    I’m tired of people saying the Original series. Korra is part of the ORIGINAL SERIES. It’s literally the continuation ! Seriously man people drive me. Crazy. I swear if they do more Aang and not Korra I’ll be so mad. I’d prefer an entirely new Avatar for that matter !