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  1. lard 66

    the new season of cells at work looks fantastic!

  2. Bianca Genco

    I feel that though

  3. Cat Vs Dog! Animations & Gacha

    Do you realise this all happens in like.. 1 second xD

  4. Brooke Bailey

    Why did that hurt me?

  5. bernard henry

    Lucas 😱😱

  6. sumzers

    “Hours days” “Maybe 7” This is my thought process

  7. cringefest of a lifetime

    This is almost relatable

    1. cringefest of a lifetime

      So close But not 100% there

  8. Normal Person

    Hes 37 miles tall? Dang.

  9. Leo Buelow

    "I don't know if I should be thanking you or pressing charges" is the story of my life.

  10. heyitsthe potatokrew

    now i dont need science class 😌🙌

  11. Crystal Pheonix

    ... Though you don't have to loose your taste and ya don't have to have symptoms from Covid I know because I got it 2-3 weeks ago

  12. Christopher Wilson

    Hard feel

  13. Akul’s Inator

    That monologue depression said hit a little close to home Im going to put the phone down now

  14. Christopher Wilson


  15. Brody Holland

    Happy birthday coffee start the body!!

  16. Brawn Puckett

    Thank you mister or missus platelets

  17. Siimple

    If u think about it that much, it actually becomes sad and dark

  18. Jakeda Gill


  19. Nicrad

    Honestly some teacher should just pay him to teach students like this

  20. Louie Macorncan

    That is like spirit depression, this is what they do ur body.

  21. xxnoob moneyxx


  22. Jakeda Gill


  23. ilikepop

    What happens when you take a shiiiiCAGO

  24. Spaghetgho Key

    *Just bashes it's head*

  25. AkufarelGhaul

    please do what happen when you have schizophrenia

  26. 江怀伟

    What really happens when you have to fart

  27. Samson Hardy

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  28. TheMythicalDog123

    Im 600th 👌

  29. Elizabeth and idk

    Now every time I bleed I will just think of this...

  30. Javier Chavez

    *me with slow bowl movement* *chuckles this is me :)* PS:*also me as a mexicanamerican* (EATS FLOUR TORTILLAS AND CHURROMINOS 24/7)

  31. Tootie Is god

    I have sever depression and sometimes I just wanna die whenever I have to go to school, school is one of the many reasons kids get depressed because it’s so stressful and boring and we get in trouble over the most simplest things😩😩

  32. Mona Garcia



    Lmao damn he was on his ASS

  34. subhankar Saha

    Hey bro cells don't have feelings its actually hormonal 😂😂😂

  35. Yoruchi_血夢

    Actually, my brain 🧠 stopped the depression by beating him up, now I don't have any depression 🍵( ~ ͜ʖ ~) Jesus christ, I can't believe my brain wrote this... 👁️👄👁️💬

  36. Oliver Santos

    Its all fun in games till the best friend shows up lol. I dont have friend🙂

  37. Marvin Robertson

    Lmao!!! Thats fucking hilarious

  38. ZigZacAttack YT

    I can already see the next video title... :What happens in your body when you shart

  39. Mixia Loxes #1

    So relatable 😂

  40. Domino YT

    Well this is actually good since pain,or being scared tells us if there is danger.

  41. ninny,s girl


  42. Explosive Measures

    When you use the wrong there

  43. willse _

    Become a teacher if you are not one

  44. nurselarelle

    I love your shares!

  45. Heartbeatslol

    I love this dude

  46. Efren Corona

    I don't not know he s a doctor tees

  47. Liam Lyon

    I love thies videos their pure golden

  48. Motivational Monke

    If your depressed then just don't be

  49. bloodfang mh

    So thats the voices in my head just a dude in a blanket

  50. Samuel Lopez

    Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and been ressurected 3 days later

  51. kidgamer

    You mean peanut brain

  52. キットキット公式


  53. Eli Plays

    Broo lucas was in this bro


    Why is the thumbnail for this video glitched it looks so weird

  55. Funtime Foxy

    It’s true

  56. Kg killer

    That pre accurate honestly

  57. Lash Grant

    I think you mean a stroke my guy.

  58. Jeremayno Grootfaam


  59. DED Gamez67

    HEY! You got the same bed as me

  60. Neith Void

    All I see is bolas from MTG

  61. just adrian

    The only reason I understand this is because of anime. Cells At Work. On netflix rn

  62. Roop KD

    It do be like that

  63. Doniella Sargeant



    I'm watching this in bed trying to stay under the radar... BUT ITS SO FUNNY🤣

  65. Mona Garcia


  66. nypd26

    Yo can I hire someone in the brain department to beat the shit out of this depression dude

  67. Gulag loser • 59 years ago

    Can you do what happens when you have schizophrenia, cause i have one lol

  68. Garrett Clark

    So that is what happens inside of my body

  69. Abigail Butler

    Dude we have the exact same bed set

  70. Gulag loser • 59 years ago

    That kinda make my heart drop because im insecure tp everything i do and have pol

  71. Shaniya Gibbons

    if my science teacher dont come like this ION WANT EMMM

  72. Insomnia Animations

    I’ve been diagnosed with depression and after an attempt, I was taken to the ER. The doctors demanded an urgent MRI of my head and saw this exact thing happen.

  73. Lucas Moyer


  74. August :D

    this is basically just cells at work but yt shorts

  75. _Andrew505 MEMEBOI

    I have clipping depression

  76. Jericho Yagin

    Depression is just spittin bars that makes us like that lol

  77. Samuel Shrieve

    If I was tree I go with Flippin somebody of pose but that's just me

  78. Achievement`s required

    I feel like this is a more creative way to teach in a way

  79. TTV rmzsnake

    Its the energy blade from halo