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  1. Wrinkly Twinkies

    Kim Jong Un goes sneaker shopping next

  2. Alcides Cerrud

    Them sandals from Panama 🇵🇦🇵🇦 arent meant for NY weather 🤣🤣😂😂

  3. Wrinkly Twinkies

    He kind of looks like Filthy Frank 🤔

  4. Eas Eas

    Me who skates in vans: I feel, insulted

  5. Wrinkly Twinkies

    Way better than mumble rappers

  6. Old thug

    One thing about shoes, no matter who you are or where you’re from. If you meet a fellow sneakerhead you’re gonna be friends for sure.

  7. Liam Lancaster

    Someone probably stole them 😂

  8. Parker Olsen


  9. Lulu Lopo

    American cities need to evolve, other countries are much safer.

  10. A B

    Why joe’s so awkward lol

  11. H A R S H I T H .H A R I

    Oh the rapper eminem 😉🙄

  12. Tyrese Upshur

    Y does it say the Ben and Jerry’s is $100

  13. Cole Winans

    5:45 true facts and respect lil tjay reminds me of my 19 year old cousin lol what a legend they both are

  14. Cole


  15. H A R S H I T H .H A R I

    I have $2 😭😉

  16. Chico Chico

    Who the fuck is this goofy guy never heard of him

  17. Adidas Fan 100

    Am I the only one who had to turn up my volume to max just to hear dababy talking 😂😂😂.

  18. One Eyed Man

    #1 diss track: Drop A Gem On ’Em by Mobb Deep

  19. Patrick Mosley

    Big gang ok luv

  20. Cone8042

    Juice wrld's grandparents

  21. Samuel Acosta

    If you watch All American you know who used that beat in 7:05

  22. Matheus Henrique


  23. Aaron Bagwell

    Eric Andre lookin like mature gambino

  24. joel espinoza

    Is very cool joji

  25. drhashtagyolo

    Hit em up can't be up there because like Charlemagne said we don't even know how much of the truth pac was telling. And if he was capping it honestly makes the diss corny af

  26. drhashtagyolo

    Back to back better than the story of addiodn wtf is this man smoking lmao

  27. drhashtagyolo

    Y'all old head af if you don't even have the story of addidon in the top 10 lol

  28. drhashtagyolo

    Ether is EXTREMELY overated Nas spends half the track just talking about himself and the other half throwing petty insults that you'd hear in a cod lobby. Ohhh you copied me, ohhhh you're ugly, wow such crazy lyrics. You named you're company after a dude that died of aids! wow Nas you really got him with that one!

  29. Chuyito

    Back to back in his top 5

  30. Cholito

    What were the kobes that he put on at the time 2:30

  31. Weez

    OG’s ONLY

  32. L A

    Stadium Goods be taxing so hard bruh. Sheesh.

  33. Nevin Peter

    Why cant I see comments n view video?

  34. A M

    I wanna eat that food so bad omg

  35. Keagan Geisel

    Get Bobby Shmurda

  36. Salvatore Sultana

    I like Charla but no, Rap Devil did not win over Killshot.

  37. E Lee

    2pac hit em up. Jaws dropped the first time people heard it.


  39. Anthony Taylor

  40. Ernest Ellerby

    Ether is the best rap diss song ever. Then Bridge is over and after that No Vaseline ! Okay I give you one more Takeover. That Nas , Krs1 , Ice Cube, and Jay-Z four of my top 5 dead or alive!!!!!!!!

  41. Michael Rice

    Tf is he wearing

  42. James Casey

    How is “Who Shot ya” not on there?!?!

  43. Cade

    Yesssirski keep it up with these good guests on Sneaker Shopping

  44. Willy Chris.


  45. Never Forget

    oh my god i'm back again

  46. Perez

  47. natedog5671

    Let the man shop stop asking questions 🤣

  48. zeekmorris

    Rap music sucks

  49. Brandon Hammond

    How you not have Young Dro Day One Gangsta Grillz or PSC the first gangsta grillz.

  50. noni

    Kendricks verse?

  51. Low 174

    Tim Dog - F**k Compton

  52. Hoez Sep

    Jadakiss & Styles P Problem Child 50 Cent Back Down Cormega Fuck Nas And Nature Lox-Sorry Miss Jackson 50 Cent Diss 50 Cent Funeral-Cam'ron Diss

  53. Zion Belton

    "hit em up" is the greatest diss track of all time. The beat doesnt even start yet and Immidiatly Pac is popping off 🔥

  54. Rome Grey

    Real MFn Gs and No Vaseline imo are in a league of their own and you cant go wrong with either

  55. DLAROC

    No Vaseline, Hit Em Up, Real Mfn Gz, Either, King of the Hill. “Sen Dog, you can’t rap from the guts... And B Real sounding like he got baby nuts” that shit had me rolling especially the way Cube said it

    1. Rafael H.

      I say what would you do was a harder diss towards dre snoop death row than real motherfucking G’s


    He bought all that with 1 minute cuz he be "making like tow thousand a minute"

  57. Rolling Stone

    2Pac - Watch Ya Mouth

  58. EatDick Cracka

    There is literally a song called Dead Bitches 🤦🏽‍♂️ #LLDUCK ✡️🔱

  59. MVPboppin

    1. No Vaseline 2. Hit ‘Em Up 3. Story of Adidon 4. Ether 5. Takeover Honourable mention: Back 2 Back

  60. The_British_loony

    Couldn't see Rick wearing jordon lol

  61. Yk ItzJo

    Marques knew he got robbed😂

  62. prodbywar

    where eazy e at ?

  63. ape 999

    Af1 vlone

  64. Electric

    Kool Moe Dee Let's Go

    1. Electric

      @lord havmercy And you know this how?

    2. lord havmercy

      super duper ol head detected

  65. 丶

    Er könnte einfach just 4 fun sagen jo ick nehme alle Schuhe die du hast

  66. Lynnette Hardy

    Wow. So our southern border is a mess, but I'm so glad Kamala Harris is focusing on the "important" issues. Fact is, she doesn't give a rat's ass about the border, and she doesn't give a rat's ass about this country.

  67. Skybe

    hi :)

  68. Dylan P.

    YOU MISSED REMY MA SHETHER that shit was nuts top 5

    1. Dylan P.

      Oh alright you at least mentioned it but still yo thats wild

  69. Sam y.

    isn't nike suing Because he just brought shoes from Nike and just drew horns on them and sell them on his own.

  70. Omuerta Genetix

    No Vaseline and King of the Hill

  71. marlin thrower

    good video

  72. ETclypse

    Young dolph - play with yo bitch 😪

  73. Ginuwine Jackson

    Eminem - Killshot.

    1. lord havmercy


  74. andre mcdonald

    Who I smoke

  75. Alex Youngberg

    *300 bars is undefeatable*

  76. Zendariun

    i mean... he didn't say f*ck for 6 minutes in this one

  77. Foqus Lab

    back to back

  78. TayMeeks !

    Ice Cube - No Vaseline 💯

    1. TayMeeks !

      @Stefan Trifunovic This is my opinion 🤷🏽‍♀️ Just like this is yours! One of my favorites period!!

    2. Stefan Trifunovic

      No Vaseline was aight but when I grew up I realised how overrated it is. He’s essentially just calls them all gay on the song and isn’t really revealing any actual shit about them

  79. J chock Lifestyle

    I have those Black & White Dunk Lows. Super clean 💯