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  1. Katie Duffy-Hartmann

    I love all his music but this is his best !

  2. Wyatt

    Ts so bad

  3. Chris Fletcher

    Who are these 1.9k clowns that hit the thumbs down

  4. Kenton Hitchcock

    I wish I could collaborate with you before I die, hopefully I meet you when I'm big enough I've been working times 2 so I can hopefully get 1 song with you Tom Hopefully you read this so one day we can look back on it 😏


    This crazy

  6. Kj Howe

    I still dont know what woke means

  7. Johnny Brownfinger

    I'm a drunk.. Prying for help.. You don't give me motivation.. Your getting rich saying we're drunks. My Lord I will die for.. I've killed for your ass to play this shit..

  8. Chloe Sweet

    Ha ha ha!! Tom I fucking love you! I wish we could hang out in person sometimes you're the fucking best!!

  9. Karie Davis

    Amazing how much truth is in his songs! Love it! If only everyone could tell the truth like this!

  10. Josh Wyse

    Be whoever u are ur awesome bro


    this dude says fact every 0.01 seconds

  12. Thebest Jonesever

    Bruh bruh, That shit right there is something else dog. Hands down

  13. Cala Knight

    I'm apart of trash too

  14. sister wolf

    Haha captain cony love the video

  15. Candy

    I'm definitely HOG for life πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜¬β„’οΈπŸ·

  16. No Way

    Oh my cold fire...

  17. No Way

    Holy muther fucking fire!!!!!!!!!!

  18. No Way

    So much love Tom and Nova.....apology unneeded.

  19. Larry M

    Wish they had a karaoke version of this so people could write there version of what’s going on with them

  20. No Way

    Love and prayers Mac.....we love you.

  21. No Way

    Evil fucks cant resurrect Tom once they kill him. Tom don't die.........

  22. B. Bowes

    This guy nailed it lol. everything he said was true. bravo dude

  23. Iron Wolf Gaming Channel

    Here in 2021 were HONESTY is ILLEGAL! I wonder what my brothers in Arlington think of it...

  24. No Way

    Forest fire shit...

  25. No Way

    Oral fucking flame thrower...

  26. No Way

    Spit God...

  27. No Way

    Fuckin sick with it... Sick as fuck baby...

  28. Alex

    I can’t stop listening to this

  29. Chivalrous Jack


  30. Jesus Flores

    3:06 bruh, are u serious. πŸ’€ I'm weak

  31. Sara Florida

    This is his life insurance. πŸ‘πŸ»


    This was the song that i found u on im glad i did

  33. Huntire

    This is what 2020-2021 needed. People don't understand how stupid all these protests are

  34. No Way


  35. No Way

    Your an asshole Tom. Fuck off....

  36. No Way

    Have your opinions fucking asshole but Im bumbin this....asshole....

  37. Sara Florida

    Libtards if you're liberal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«