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  1. O K

    how did you not break down into tears at two of us

  2. Shreya Somani


  3. Raghad_alfaifi

    React to GOT7 album 'breath of love : last piece'

  4. kanwal khan

    Sweat is my favourite ...which one is yours guys?

  5. Isabela Martins


  6. Harley Burden

    They just dropped there new album a couple days ago and it’s fire

  7. Amaan Lalmohammed Momin 19 A

    dude in trightrope that verse is from a bollywood song in 1960. It is sung by late Mohammed Rafi.

  8. Harley Burden

    The new album just dropped a couple days ago

  9. Hopefuldreamer20

    Thank you, Blake for helping me fall in love with this album. On first listen I hated it but trust me everyone who felt the same way it is a grower don’t give up on it. I absolutely love it now!

  10. adis j.

    maren morris is my lifeee i love the bones!

  11. Niki Chava

    Blake please please react to Tickets to my Downfall by Machine Gun Kelly. The pop punk vibes are insaneee. The album is incredible

  12. Sunflower My Eyes

    i knew that blake would absolutely looove sweat before i even started the video

  13. Ram Dubey

    I’ve been waiting for this reaction!! Really love your take on his music ever since I discovered your channel from his first single from this album “Better” I really love the fact that you go through the whole album with us, I can hear people talk about music all day so I don’t really worry about the long videos like these. Im glad you reacted to Melodrama as well, my favourite album of all time. I just wanted to say that I love your channel and I think you’re really talented! Keep up with the great content! Sending you love!

  14. Lara Munro

    I thought windowsill sounded like posty too and I was waiting for someone to point that out. it's my favourite song on this album for sure.

  15. Alyssa

    It's hard to focus on both the music and the video but when a new song drops I still try to read the lyrics too on top of that 😂

  16. Isa Santos


  17. Ian Riep

    Hey Blake, it's not a new album, but you should react to Katy Perry Witness. It's a super underrated album that I think you'd have a lot of good notes on

  18. kenna h


  19. Erin K

    I like yr approach. You are only one that i subscribed as reaction video.

  20. Камила Сарбасова

    hiii please react to mini album “KAI” by exo’s kai. this album such a masterpiece i tell you!

  21. Maja Klam

    You must react to their new album <3

  22. ALEX CHO

    I love the music they’ve been making recently, and their not even using producers

  23. Or Vaknin


  24. Ryan Ruckstuhl

    Southern Ontario (Canada) is very country music orientated. Best piano ballad for me right now is I lost a friend - Finneas

  25. Dua Zaidi

    YESSS in tightrope he sang in Urdu

  26. prxxl_ nedlog

    You should react to Small Talk from the Royal Albert Hall, Niall sounded amazing there😍😍🪐

  27. Bittu

    Tightropre's chorus is a hindi song by Mohmmad Rafi

  28. Azan mubashar

    so we have any ZAYN's song wowowoow

  29. Papi

    OMG his smile 😍

  30. afla

    Zayns way ahead of his time.

  31. Puspanalai Hasada

    He deserves more than why he is getting 😌

  32. Coyote_Starrk

    You’re on point. It definitely has a charm to it. I was expecting more of this song, but I still want to listen to it. Definitely a rare gem

  33. Harsh Naik

    He is the bestttt!!

  34. Harsh Naik

    Zayn has the best songs I've ever hearddd!!!

  35. Melissa Rodriguez

    Sweat needs to be Zayn’s next single!!!!!

    1. Melissa Rodriguez

      Afia Bambaikar wait really? How do you jnow

    2. Afia Bambaikar

      But its connexions for now.

  36. Giulia Stein

    Sweat is the best song

  37. Jennifer Movrin

    please please please react to Why Don't We's new album. please I beg you. tnx💕. love your videos.

  38. Giulia Menezes

    I clicked so fast omg

  39. bouytt guyt

    blonde girl), leaving her heartbroken

  40. tia sandhu

    Hi Blake! Could you react to The Weeknd’s AMA’s performance of ‘Save your tears’ and ‘In your eyes’ It is the 2020 American Music Awards. I can’t stop watching it! He deserves more than what he is getting at the moment. He’s such a good singer and very creative.Just a suggestion :)

  41. Monkey Revolution

    It is just a simple song FOR TEENAGER

  42. Deepak Kashyap

    React to Mind of Mine album of Zayn. That's a masterpiece ♥️

  43. Luan Aguiar

    I would love to see you reacting to Hounds of Love by Kate Bush ♡

  44. Sicnarf Styles

    Connexion is zayn's favorite song in his album 'nobody is listening'

    1. Afia Bambaikar

      It's the next single.

  45. Alyssa

    My smile was so wide watching this video, reactions like this and the way I'm so proud of BTS all warm my heart <3

  46. Lily Kay

    Ahh I was so excited for you to listen to sweat cos I knew you'd love it especially those drums at the chorus

  47. Felipe Blanco

    Unfuckwitable is so underrated 😔

  48. Toheed Khan

    I don‘t know if you have, but you should definitely listen to his Pillowtalk Remix featuring Lil Wayne

  49. Rachel’s Not so private life

    React to the good times and the bad ones by why don’t we

  50. Daisy

    In "tightrope " that verse is actually old Bollywood song . language is Urdu

  51. Natalia Villalobos

    i still cant get over how good blake looks on the videos like nbfjba share ur skin care routine bby

  52. Kirsten Boshuizen

    The beginning of Always Been You reminds me of Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer. With Blake's explanations, you really start listening differently to songs. Very interesting!

  53. midnight memories

    the people that disliked this video just accidentally hit the wrong like button when they were vibing to SWEAT

  54. yaelle delecocq

    boyyyyy omg i love how you were vibing aaaaah u da best

  55. Heaven Knows

    Are you really a producer ?

  56. vedant pawar

    This reaction was really great. Love how you enjoy the music and try to connect to the artist’s emotions. Zayn has those vibes which makes his much different than others. React to Jaden, his music is very underrated like Ninety, Cabin Fever, Deep End. The guy is a genius.

  57. Isabella Seaton

    React to kid krow plss :)

  58. random person

    hiiii could you please react to kid krow by conan gray?

  59. random person

    zayn is ART

  60. Isabella Seaton

    Pls react to kid krow :))

  61. Atina

    react to album kid krow by Conan Gray

  62. Areen Shah

    the fact that u still havent reacted to conan gray yet

  63. Areen Shah

    react to kid krow by conan gray

  64. Mysha Nomani


  65. René Ortiz

    Nobody are not talking about the perfect timing Blake got at 37:32 with the song? Btw, amazing vídeo Blake as always

  66. megan sarge

    i have been waiting for the why don’t we one since friday😭

    1. karen

      Same 😭

  67. Amaia Mauro


  68. Tone Ollestad Music Channel

    Sexy chill. Totally.


    He really thought Urdu was reversed 😭🤣

  70. Albab Hasan

    Do the reaction of “mind of mine” then you won’t say it is reverse, you’ll say it’s “Urdu” AGAIN

  71. kassiemarie1d

    You should react to some of the little songs she’s posted on her Instagram. She’s incredible

  72. holybiebah


  73. Rogie Rivung

    I am very curious to know what kind of music you listens to 😃

    1. roent gen


  74. Jurica Kuzmić


  75. Nompendulo Precious

    I'm gonna listen to river road whenever i feel stressed🙌🏽💙

  76. Tone Ollestad Music Channel

    This is such an insightful video! Thank you!

    1. bouytt guyt

      this is your most viewed video in one week! congrats!

  77. Neelima Sharma

    15:02 i can listen to this forever!!🥺

  78. Nompendulo Precious

    I would have loved it if Zayn hid all the titles of Nobody is Listening in River Road. Not in a obvious way though. Kinda got that idea from "outside my window" 🙌🏽❤ 42:14

  79. Bby ChimChim

    Flashback of my childhood WOW