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  1. Max DeBorde

    My man said "dont hit me" im dead 😂

  2. Ddd Kkk

    Watch the start of the 5th, cruzes dad tells him to use the 1-2 , it is like magic, hits mares every time , Man, his Dad is under rated as a coach,his advice works like magic,,Hope his Dad is in his corner for the tank fight.

  3. Max DeBorde

    Ray u gotta coach somewhere bro

  4. Ivan Balladarez

    dude USfilm is playing so many ads on your video. literally 2 ads every 5 min

  5. Tschād Erdström

    Fart 3:28

  6. Danny Martinez

    Both classy, both great Fighters destined for greatness


    Santa Cruz will run after feels the power.

  8. Lensus Met

    Maybe Floyd looks great on the surface but derp.insude he feels like s loser to Manny.

  9. salvador bravo

    To many people in the gym with no masks around Leos father, they gotta be more careful

  10. Jordan Mohammed

    Is it just me or does tank look like a light skin 50 cent ?😂

  11. Tobi Ojo

    ray looks like hes ready to deliver his sermon right after

  12. Alfredo Trevino

    I don't think we're going to see tank fight a heavy hitter anytime soon.

  13. USWMO

    check out

  14. Quintin Myers

    True that Leo is a Humble fighter person as well but time to get exposed like Mikey or Tank to get exposed TANK like Browner the next PPV STAR TMT Mayweather takeover well it seems yhr one whod taking over I's Teo with all hardware that's what going count

  15. Christian Camargo

    The tank will be emptied tomorrow night 🔥

  16. VFT77 2

    Here's what to expect this week in Modern Warfare and WARZONE's next update, alongside some new info we got on Black Ops Cold War! ➡️

  17. Lee White

    Gamboa stuck in auto pilot the loser all night

  18. Baez Baez

    First of all let's Thank Jesus for this day and his Mercy on us,Tank is the best and gonna be better than Floyd or like Floyd his body, his style of boxing he has is the type intachable, not that he won't get hit in no rounds,but that out if 10 punches they throw at him 1 makes it to him, but that punch he catches, doesn't gets landed how it should bcse he slides thru punches it might hit him like a bullet passing by flesh 1 or 2mm from flesh

  19. kingdomdominionalc

    Top 3 middle LB all time !!! Period

  20. Joel Golden

    Glad to see Tank make weight, I just hope he didn't lose his power with the weight but I still think he has this Fight.

  21. Jujuan Young- Battle

  22. Danny Elias

    Dang Ray KILLED this segment, allegedly 😅

  23. Night Boy

    Two sexy unty are Conor's Mom 🥰

  24. DJDonL

    I got Leo for the upset

  25. Suls Oner

    I feel like the way how he pinché like Ryan garcia he can win Davis but having a lot of power

  26. tiago alves

    when is floyd vs connor in ufc? with legs floyd dont last one minute

  27. Allene Williams

    Yoooooo Tank needs to go back to school...real talk. He needs a speech therapist.

  28. Storytelling by

  29. Santiago Toro

    Look at their frames 34:36 , Leo is bigger

  30. Juvenile Loki3 auz

    Haney, Stevenson, Garcia, Teofimo, lil cra cra.. ight imma head out.

  31. kerrari kors

    Tank is a Beast😆

  32. itachi uchiha 1993

    Everybody looking at this thinking " my team better not be on here" lmao

  33. sunny day

    Haha Mike still on that good shit.

  34. Alex Saavedra

    9:09 song : Desde Morro- Justin Morales 🤙🏼, venga terremoto 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  35. lorddisick

    They think they cherry picked by picking Santa Cruz. Underestimated. I see an upset. Another Joshua vs Ruiz

  36. Kote's Review

    Leo! go

  37. MARMIN

    Both of them just acting in the ring.. and both of then have a Business minded.

  38. Go Ham

    Stop watching first take people

  39. Ddd Kkk

    With alll these belts, these guys are not champions. Who are these bums? That little Davis should knock this kid out of the ring, but ot worth 75 bucks on pay er view. 7 bucks maybe.

  40. Frost_ Gang

    130 pound damn I can prob knock them down by blowing on them, on punch and I’m liable to put them in the ICU unit fuck they tiny

  41. Calvin Johnson

    This was absolutely amazing for USfilm to recommend!

  42. Ramon Tisdale

    God these guys are terrible...they should be talking about interior design..not boxing they suck...

  43. Emanuel Brown

    Gamboa fought with a torn achilles tendon. Ouch 😔😳

  44. Go Ham

    Dropping knowledge. Stop watching first take people.

  45. Mitchell jamerson

    What does this have to do with Floyd he's not fighting! Let the youngster shine you had your time to in the spotlight!

  46. Reala Rob

    Bruh 129 was close glad he didn't take this l on the scale

  47. LayLow

    majority of the people that spoke did not need to speak

  48. All Gucci Drip

    DAMN, I love both of them smh. Don’t want to see any of them lose...FUCK

  49. Devonta Travis

    3:17 Brandon is like all of us thinking...this man really having flashbacks right talk about birds and rabbits

  50. HScott410_

    preventing any positive covid tests the night before the fight, I understand that

  51. Travis Lane

    i will put a little disclaimer here that I did not watch this full video before I wrote this comment but it sounded like these guys said Tank has not faced anyone with significant "size".......Did these guys not see the Gamboa fight? Gamboa looked like the Incredible Hulk and was waaaay bigger than Tank .

  52. The Real King James

    Much respect to both fighters. TMT.

  53. Harold Brooks

    Ok so Ray just verified that I'm not crazy. I've said the same thing for years. Coaches need to drill this into guys heads

  54. HScott410_

    these fat commentators never had a fight in their life lol arm chair experts.. who cares about their opinion go eat some twinkies

  55. Kristian Nousiainen

    How to separate the real players and football hooligans??

  56. [message deleted]

    Mi migos, what’s that song that plays when they first show off Cruz

  57. Kobey Billie

    Leo with the W!

  58. Corey Bryant

    He aint have that same energy when Fury was getting in that ass 🤣🤣

  59. joseph palmieri

    Too much credit for tank making weight he should be making weight he’s a pro boxer lol I personally want Leo to win but he has to stay smart keep pressure and stay away from tanks big shots but if Davis tires in the later rounds Santa Cruz could exploit him he tired vs Gamboa and Gamboa has a torn Achilles for ten rounds.

  60. William Falcon

    Is Leo from Mexico or is Live in USA

  61. kamdem yann

    This video is amazing

  62. emmanuel lumigat

    Asar talo c gamboa.d nya kaya c tank🤣

  63. Kasi Smith

    Can’t wait!

  64. Shanias magical world

    Tank looks starvin 😅

  65. Dropnbombs

    gervonta looks like he been on a 1 week binge

    1. Dropnbombs

      @Champs Pressure Washing you are correct my friend.... its just crazy the sacrifices these athletes make to make weight... tomorrow night gervonta gonna look like a whole different person after he eats tonight..

    2. Champs Pressure Washing

      Dropnbombs It takes 24-48 hours (1-2 days) to rehydrate your body after being dehydrated. Being hydrated before competing is essential because a 2% loss of body weight due to sweat loss is equal to a 15-20% loss of performance! It is impossible to drink enough immediately before competition, or during competition, to make up for being dehydrated.

  66. Shanias magical world

    Check conor mcgregors proper 12 the sponsor!

  67. Trump Doe

    Floyd is the new Jack Johnson he disappoint white people by beating their great white hope. They really believed this guy who never boxed professionally would beat a 20 year career boxer of Floyd's caliber, dellusional.

  68. acapulcojas

    If this will go 10 to 12 rounds the Tank will get empty. I hope Leo will win through speed and combination!

  69. Russell bumak

    Tank easy fight

  70. vanrod987

    His dad look like El Chapo 🤣

  71. Papi Realraw

    Proper 12... you know notorious is gettimg some bread

  72. S Time

    These look like a bunch of pillow punches especially compared to tank .. 💥

  73. Marky Mark

    Live streaming on my channel. tomorrow.

  74. Peace Maker

    Shout out to the hosts.....but start at 16:50

  75. emmanuel lumigat

    Jack is one of a great referee

  76. Kofi Mitchell

    If lewis be Dcord for any team, possible chance Superbowl is in the reach of grabs

  77. Joe Bojorques

    Tank is a 6 round fighter. If He doesn’t Ko Leo in the first 6 rounds Leo is gonna break him down. Leo in decision.



  79. Rexy 1776

    3:43 Um that’s how you are supposed to play the RPO after the handoff isn’t it? You are supposed to tackle a potential ball carrier even if it’s not the guy with the ball (you won’t know in many instances).

  80. emmanuel lumigat

    Ganyan talaga pag d natatalo na.dami dahilan.