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  1. Jake Kamahele

    When you lose your contract with the Star Wars franchise.

  2. Yonkerz

    So...can we please get hair sliders finally? Like the skintones? And soon? Ive been waiting 7 years

  3. iWasNeverGivenAName

    This looks really good for a stuff pack. I just got the Realm of Magic game pack and I bet the two will play great together.

  4. Salmiak

    That girl really loved those pigtails

  5. Under Construction

    Is it just me.... Or did that ghost look like Billy Ray..... 😵

  6. Xavier


  7. Joseph Barcebal

    Honestly I have to agree, supernatural like fairies and werewolves are something I wish to be brought in The Sims 4. Not that I’m not grateful with this pack, but don’t you think won’t that be good?

  8. Aggie Rosiak

    What date is it coming out?

  9. connor forbes

    "Play with life" But they're dead

  10. X Efsunx

    çok güzel bir paket emeği geçen ehrkesin eline sağlık :) 26 ocağı heycanla bekliyorum.

  11. vip marcelina

    which like most end be 03:00 PM

  12. vip marcelina

    hi congrats yt you are the it's so cool

  13. julianto triwijaya

    I was expecting a werewolf

  14. scorpioninpink

    Jim Pickens will have a field day with this.

  15. Prime VerxcY

    What the actual f*ck

  16. Mariana C.

    honestly i’m already disappointed lol can’t expect anything actually GOOD from this game anymore

  17. Slurpwis

    people will buy literally anything nowadays

  18. Kavi

    I hate the furniture

  19. Φωτεινή Ζαριφίδου

    I don't like this pack.

  20. daluved1

    Who asked for this

  21. milkyfairie

    i've spent way too much money on this game for it to still have no cars or customizable babies

  22. Archgates

    Just realease The Sims 5 already... Or remaster The Sims 3 that was a better game...

  23. Roblox İmc

    I am crying😢

  24. *Coco_MiSt*

    Wha-what us this

  25. Samantha

    “We really went to our fans to see what they wanted”........ HA

  26. Suzette in wonderland

    you had me at 👻PARANORMAL👻

  27. HannahNoelle2158

    smol pp

  28. Will Foster

    This is really awesome but when when can I get Werewolves in the game I need werewolf Sims!!! Gurus!!!

  29. Sofia Gihter

    Everything is good like always... But where are our cars EA???? Where are boats? There is useless stuff pack. Again.

  30. C B

    Not interested in this at all. Seems like spooky stuff and realm of magic content.

  31. NerdyPanda2424 Gaming

    The sims even look laggy in the trailer... would be nice if fear emotion would have been added.

  32. Denajah McCowen

    2 years ???

  33. Hauntress Hauntings

    Obviously, I will be getting this the day it drops. Thanks, Sims team!

  34. Rogue Tarot

    Wow missed out on tarot cards 🤷🏽‍♀️

  35. Megan Richards

    Ok I'm not mad about this one

  36. Maranda Fisher

    1:27 Rip Bob

    1. *Coco_MiSt*

      He wants to die

  37. Angelika Friesen

    Why is this in my recommendations 2 years later

  38. Monkey


  39. Kayli

    The pack looks so wack we been had ghosts no physic career come on now just give us generations and the babysitting career where u can actually get the kids plz😐

  40. Sugar_lemonzUwU 44

    Not gonna ever play sims until you have a decent game

  41. Puparella

    Give us werewolves already.

  42. Moby Ivee

    I'm getting it 🤣

  43. Ayy Lmao

    0:47 damn are those waves in her hair?? Definitely gonna buy this pack just for the waves lol

  44. Emi Thraves

    where’s the baby update tho

  45. Jakya Smith

    Can you make a pack with werewolf please

  46. Der Pelmeninator

    Graystillplays special confirmed.

  47. S C

    If you're getting this pack for Bonehilda you're gonna be extremely dissapointed. Sim guru connor confirmed that she won't have her coffin and cannot be moved in. 😕

  48. Magical N!

    The music is groovy

  49. They call me Nas

    Its no sims 3 supernatural thats for sure

  50. Connie Watson

    I'm so excited! whoop my birthday will be *bumpin*

  51. Zacky Poo0

    Why is this in my recommendations rn Also, this sims version of this song is 😩 so good

  52. Philip

    damn that song is a bop

  53. TheStranger

    To be honest i could care less about the packs i just wanna know the patch that can stop sims from cooking and just eat their leftovers :)

  54. 4eva Sin

    can our sims scream now?

  55. Jhonneidy Nova

    stop releasing packs & release a decent patch addressing most if not all the issues this game is facing. at this point i’d pay for a “patch pack” cause clearly the only thing driving these people these days is money

  56. TheAntManChannel

    My gf loves this game xp

  57. Twisted Well

    Is this CANON

  58. Purple Girl

    Sims 4 is nothing compared to sims 2

  59. Production Shordy

    Um EA y this couldn't been in realm of magic..

  60. Savo Stjepanovic

    Are there new traits and occupations

  61. Dorian

    Instead of releasing one expansion witu all paranormal species and stuff they milked the hell out of it. First halloween, then vampires, wizards now this. Cash grab af

  62. シBasiszonシ

    I was expecting singers, apartaments and limousine etc. But it's not the worst.

  63. Roman Flores

    They couldn't just put this into the vampires pack? Goddamn I hate new sims

  64. TheRealest Punk

    Paranormal Investigator career bout to be lit af.

  65. Whoops, I make memes now.

    Personally wish they had used Ghost by Mystery Skulls, but that's just my nitpick. This song is still pretty hot.

  66. Noah

    When you make a million families and they always end up in sunset valley:

  67. Amelka Łotysz

    Nowy mod jej

  68. Kamil Lekcje Easy English


  69. Lex*


  70. Milarys

    Puta merda serio? Coleção de objeto? Decepção

  71. Amelie The frog lover

    Yea, sims 3 runs like a dog with no legs, the graphics aren't top quality and my laptop sounds like an aeroplane every time i launch the game. but the game is honestly amazing. It's so juicy, their personalities effect how they live, there is so much more attention to detail in the sims 3 compared to sims 4. I do absolutely love the sims franchise and particularly sims 4, but it lacks in story rich game play, its very emotionless. Sims 3 will always be my favorite 💚

  72. Gali Orzel

    2021 anyone??

  73. Dylan Deetch

    So Johnny Depp is a ghost and you guys missed Halloween

  74. MEGAjunglejuice

    Where is Generations....ridiculous.

  75. Leslie Harrison

    here's hoping this is the one with zombies

  76. Antonio Alhe

    We want werewolves and fairies, not this