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  1. MuzeXC


  2. Layla Achmat

    Oh I'm sorry for all the hate, didn't you sell out a tour in 1 minute, oh, and didn't you win 7 brit's awards, along with 242 other ones? Oh and don't forget the billon fan base. Oh, wait no that was One Direction.



  4. CorruptedWhisper

    Give the man Lana, she is invaluable. She is a black credit card if you know what I mean. Her value has no limit.

  5. Ryan Hanson

    Interesting how this hits my recommended during a unexpected incident😂

  6. Layla Achmat

    "Your career fell apart like one direction" Your ass must be pretty jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth.

  7. Layla Achmat

    Not u being a pussy bc Zayn didn't talk with u 🙄

  8. JAY Bee

    everyone: "its a bad idea" logan: "I want it." the dog: *eats maverick* logan: WTF

  9. Adrian Garcia

    I can’t believe he bought a fake card from Gary the fat boy

  10. Trishen Moon

    Whoever's watching heads up please wear earphones

  11. Harley Lawson


  12. Pablo Torres

    Is this the fake one?

  13. •hello there•

    I actually want a dog like his it’s so cute-

  14. ça boume?

    why is it translated in every language of the world ?😂

  15. ItzCraqed

    14:04 is what you came for :)

  16. Zophia Lyndsay Fenwick

    This is embarrassing. Did he really just say one directions career fell apart? I-

  17. EkamGoCheckEm

    Who’s here after mike and amara broke up😕😕


    This was on my home page😂

  19. Nishat Syed

    He looks like tfue

  20. Hallooos

    His life is such a mess and its getting even more messier

  21. FaZe_trapxy

    All that shit you talked...

  22. Navneet Tadhiyal

    Hlo Logan I am too a big fan of pokemon.during these covid19 days I cannot join my school classes as well as can't watch my favourite Pokemon and animes😭😭😭.I have been watching you since 2015.please make a huge giveaway so that many brothers mee too could get help.because it's my dream to see and operate such a cool apple gadget for the first time in my life 😭😭😭.love from India.❤️❤️❤️you spend a lot for your fans and viewers .lots of love.😭😭❤️❤️

  23. EDC 08

    This song came out 8 months ago and it’s ab a football player and ppl trippin ab his one direction line?

  24. Adithyan Vinod

    Logan: I can FINALLY see the colour of my SHIT!!!!!!!!! *cries*

  25. VanillaxCaramel 321


  26. Yog Raj Sharma

    What's the name of her gf??? Can anyone please tell

  27. Clout Bandz

    Logan looks so tall

  28. Rudolph Slay

    This is so good

  29. Ninoska MCCormick

    U made meh cry 😣😢😭

  30. Dot exe

    14:13 pinches nalgas bien buenas

  31. Luis Flores

    Fuck that bitch

  32. Jacob Stork

    Is anyone else ready for this election to be over with all these damn ads when you cant remember your password to you google account that has USfilm PREMIUM!

  33. Kirsty Feely

    the production on this entire video is absolutely A1, keep it up!

  34. Toxic _Lee

    man i missed the kids friendly logan paul

  35. Yadav0404

    why is this on my recommended after they broke up☹️

  36. Flash1Done _1

    Its october 2020 and the old days were great I feel bad for the generation who will never know about these times

  37. Aiden Dammann

    Dang when I actually liked Logan Paul

  38. Farhan Syahfi


  39. Tally McClain

    you deserve this

  40. Im AK

    is this a new trend about this 1d thing

  41. EzRa LeE

    Not lieing

  42. EzRa LeE

    Mike and Lana broke up not clikbait

  43. Mylo Brown

    Who here after mike's video

  44. Andrew Yoo

    Rip kong and maverick

  45. Jack Maxwell

    hi quality thumbnail for the video good job (sarcasm)

  46. Outcast Conn

    i love this song

  47. Angelo Mitchell

    The video before this one is the 1 that i been tryin to find.. Its the one where Logan changed & grew up. It was the breakup that changed him. Had no idea.

  48. Moderate roaster yt

    If i got your acccunt i would delete it Lol

  49. Radiant

    Who else got this recommended in their feed after their break up😭

  50. RivaniUC

    Evan is such a fucking loser

    1. Byron Hollington


  51. Pablo 6969

    Me looking for Antonio browns comment 👁👄👁

  52. alec dupuis

    Next month ..... Pokemon .... month after who knows

  53. Ttxkumi

    Catch the motherfuckin flow

  54. Ttxkumi

    Fuck off everyone being offended by the line saying your career fell apart like one direction

  55. PenguThePenguin _

    10:34 david dobrik best thing of this

  56. Arockia Shajan A

    Bro iam studying 11th standard bro I want some financial help for my higher studies pls help bro if you can

  57. Thatcoolguy6774


  58. Angie Finnerty

    f u Logan. you know zayn is better and mature then u

  59. Barbara Garcia

    If you think one direction fell apart I wonder what you did crumble

  60. David Wijaya

    Big flex brother!!!

  61. Mr.noobpro789

    Logan when u going to do a new music?

  62. Josuke This is just tis going to be great.!

    Big waste over for a card

  63. William Harper

    Anyone here 2020?

  64. cayleb vanalst

    i could use help lmao

  65. CosePlayz

    Actually his better than jake paul

  66. HarryPorpise

    These don’t instantly work like that...

  67. it’s Luna Playzroblox



    I heard this was *FAKE* Pokémon card in other video.

  69. Tommo Malik

    “Cuz your career fell apart like one direction” hahaha it’s the way ALL 5 OF THEM have more streams that you. And if that’s because of the Zayn drama then you are really pathetic....... Anyway stream Better and Walls

  70. Xx Françoise xX

    Kids in the world starving and logan buying 100,000 pokemon cards

  71. Jason Vargas

    Bro Evan geeks !

  72. Oscar Handyside

    I’d cry I’m to sensitive

  73. Talon Clinger

    when she said "I'm sure there is someone that can see that." I have a feeling they went "ohh look everybody you see that thickkkk ASS." 6:23

  74. Eleazar Lopez

    Who's here after the breakup video?! :(

  75. Loulya Kouja

    Hi I am to say. That you have the exact same Bird

  76. Nick Klaus

    Wtf happened to jake why did he stop posting on his channel jake paul

  77. JY RS

    Ohhhhh fuck you Logan one dirección tiene más talento que tu

  78. Gabe Grein

    Honestly if Logan fought KSI on any other day besides that day Logan would’ve won but KSI deserved to win the fight they had

  79. Tiffany Sturgill


  80. Talon Clinger

    why didn't he turn the water off? he just left it on.