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  1. Kokichi Ouma

    colleen: guava got bit me: ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

  2. Victhoeria


  3. Lila Hoyt

    He has the vocabulary of my son OMG LOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lila Hoyt

    Nobody:Nikita: Homeboy homegirl homeboy homegirl

  5. blu carl

    Can I the shout out pls

  6. Stacy Mcgill

    2:55 Two Middle Aged Homosexuals Have catnapped Me 😂

  7. Dan W

    Yay I was right kinda!!

  8. •Yümmy Bøbø•

    I love among us

  9. April Martinez

    the hol vidio i was scerd of the bolun poing

  10. Dan W

    I think 5 or 6

  11. Ali Watson

    Omg I love this series so much I’ve watched this 20 times in one day I skipped school for this

  12. Kaylynn Austin


  13. six.

    Just like kiwi my only dog 🥺

  14. six.

    I knew what baby puppies look like because i saw them before when i was a kid :)

  15. Marcus Robertson

    I’ve been binging this every other week I have no life or frens I don’t even know how to spell frends right

  16. Marlene Mendoza

    I am a.... 5:25 .,. lol

  17. ducky Houlihan

    "NoT tOdAy JaNeT"

  18. Impasta is cheesy

    2:32 be like in quarantine

  19. Makayla Hines

    They killed the best first.

  20. Hoos Gess

    Can I just say that they look like the characters in the video grown up?

  21. Rat Ratatouille

    Who knew that a killer clown that everyone hates has feelings. What a big turning point

  22. m no

    You should get the saliva tested to see what they’re mixed with!!!!

  23. Fluffy Foxes

    Watching season 3 cause I finished season 1 and 2 .>.

  24. Mackena

    Aww I remember watching this

  25. Norah

    I have not finished yet but if Bretman dies I will fiscally kill everyone who doesn’t like him and I’m not simping I just wanna have my favorite character live 😭😊🏹

  26. Twyla Beachy

    *John 3:16* *"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him, will not perish, but have eternal life. "*

  27. Haley Tollison

    Lol j&m

  28. SSongbird

    i think she will give berth to 7 or 8 6 or 4

  29. Spencer Leir

    Nobody: Still no one: Colleen: oo roses *k i n k y*

  30. cutie patutie

    Joey if you make a season 5 can u make sure it includes Manny, Bretman, and Nikita? I feel like it would make the season a lot more funnier

  31. Maddie scott

    I have been watching you sense I was 6 I'm 10 now I'm not lying lol I swaer on everything I used to watch this vid all the time and laugh so hard same with Miranda's USfilm channel

  32. antonio eder

    it so cute how he say the intro so cutr🐥🐥🐥

  33. Rhianna Bramble

    ro’s strut into the fun house was fantastic

  34. Rhianna Bramble

    Ro’s strut into the fun house was beer

  35. phiniox the Irish


  36. Karen Siler

    I’m dressing up as the trouble maker for a show I’m doing on Tim tok

    1. Karen Siler

      It’s supposed to be Tik Tok

  37. Alex Grey

    Any one else here for a escape the night binge watch?

  38. Sunny

    What if Tyler Oakley returns for Season 5??

  39. Kalena Awho

    name them Acorn or cookie

  40. Mrmeble

    Willie: ...Chose you 2 in the middle to enter the funhouse one 👏last 👏time👏

  41. Karen Siler

    Notice how Alex says as sinbad opens he says Dad?😂🤣

  42. That One Disapointment Who Can't Spell

    Bretman, in the most MONOTONE voice ever: *Oh, yes I love you*

  43. Joan Enriquez

    Do u ever stop talking?! ;_;

  44. Splashical Seasons

    Does anybody else feel that Nikita and Bretman make the whole season, and the past season in Nikita's case, so much funnier? 😂😂

  45. Call me Duty

    I am proud of you Joey have a happy life 😊 😃.

  46. Terra Simmons

    Your mean to mranda

  47. Juan Guerra

    He didn’t pick what was best for the group

  48. Typical.riyriy


  49. In the life of charlie Jones

    I love wolves

  50. Derek Begley

    If JC lasted longer he might have came back but it was pretty obvious

  51. Pewpewpew The1st

    Pov Your watching this in 2021

  52. Josh Layes

    I’ll say she’s having 6

    1. Josh Layes

      Omg I was right!

  53. AidenSucksAtExisting

    The monster in the happy form sounds like ranboo

  54. Gracie Tougas

    For all of those Harry Potter fans like me, did you realize that right before Merlin died, he yelled, “Avada Kedavra!”

  55. Panda UwU

    Matpat and I in the corner over here: I find clowns *delightful*

  56. Reinulfo Berbon


  57. FAME IV

    the worst thing this show ever did was have an all stars season that saved 1 person

  58. electric boogaloo

    Can you stand still for a *SECOND!* Okay cool.

  59. Nathaniel Day


  60. Keyllei Young

    nobody: no one ever: ro: “he has reeeallyyyy long arms!”

  61. michael mike


  62. Nancy Curran

    Ro: "OH I Can move around!!!" Colleen: "Ro focus Ro-" Ro: "oh it's really heavy" Colleen: "RO, FOCUS" Me: *laughing my face off*

  63. Alicatonly

    Ro sorry Joey Joey not RO ENYONE BUT RO

  64. Lilah Howell

    Maybe her name can be Nicole

  65. Pen

    when Ro said “maybe later” she accidentally foreshadowed her death

  66. Elaina Jersey

    Moons paws are like heels and it so funny 😂

  67. Kokchi Ouma

    I was thinking the ETH the 4 was going to be the dolls ??

  68. Rachel S

    How much they gonna stop on song

  69. Philippe Do

    When you realized that the kid are giving the flower blood

  70. Angie Harger

    USfilm move on it’s been 5 years

  71. Caitlin Edits

    When I first watched this I was only 10 and I thought it was real like the monsters and stuff 😭✋

  72. Alicatonly

    Coleen like we’ll kill Tim next time 😃

  73. Daniel Acosta


  74. Rat Ratatouille

    When you look in the comments to see who died each episode so you don’t be surprised when it happens: everyone: talking about Ro. Me: I- NOOOOOO NOT MY LITTLE CINNAMON WHYYY! But seriously I know it’s gonna be hard and I’m gonna cry :(