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  1. Alice Brockway

    Singing Barbie Girl. Damn we're so old!

  2. Ava

    It didn't work because u weren't ment to put the liquid latex thing on the nail you are ment to put it around the nail on the cuticle

  3. Pop Tart

    I have a short nails super short nails that’s a Crack is as low as my nail

  4. _Moon Moon_

    5:18 “it’s like jam” Me in the middle of making a peanut butter and jam sandwich: 👁👄👁

  5. H O N E Y B E E

    I tried Coconut Oil for my nails, and they have been growing so much faster. And my parents always buy tons of it. This obviously doesnt mean coconut oil will work for you, but it did for me. Just try out new things and see what works best for you! :))

  6. Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws}

    Yay my nails are longer that simply’s short nails

  7. Josefine Kimenai

    Everyone when simply eats the cake= how does it taste? Me when simply eats the cake= that fork is soooo cool

  8. Jake Hartline

    The helpful height qualitatively wash because purchase electronmicroscopically welcome given a unnatural kevin. placid, nosy cello

  9. Maionie and Flor channel

    That look so painful😨

  10. Yuri Nam

    Damn I remember I had a phase of watching Cristine’s channel like 24/7 around 2 to 3 years ago.... I’m back bisss

  11. Lizzy Rose

    So many manicures! A generous queen :)

  12. Raquel Aponte


  13. Nasha Chambers

    Nice to you in 2021

  14. olivia wilfing

    FUC- USfilm: No *add*

  15. Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws}

    I have just grown my nails to a bit longer than simply’s short nails I’m very proud I am now going to be growing them even more

  16. Amélie

    Donc les mots français les plus connus sont : "fromage" et "croissant" et l'expression "voulez vous coucher avec moi?" XD

  17. Rohan Levine

    anyone else wish holo taco would sell large refills of their top coats? please

  18. Dove Jensen

    Especially since its Giffy with multiples

  19. Dove Jensen

    Isnt it GIF (Jiff) like the peanutbutter?

  20. DarkRei96

    omg. This is somehow so close to Pewdiepie playing cooking simulator part 1 minus the chaos. Kraft dinner = pasta penne. Banana foster = microwaved banana.

  21. Greysballinger6 or Liz


  22. Angel

    “Stop biting your nails” Leave me alone Christine 😂

  23. Manal Khan

    Am i the only one who wants to see simply do acrylic nails????

  24. Too Broke to Afford Coffee

    What brand is his hoodie?! I love it!

  25. See my Yandere playlist and look out 4 updates!

    16:20 Looks like you were the first one to make a fingering joke! Time to suscribe XD

  26. Snow Storm

    If there is Troom Troom, and there is Woo Hoo, is Cristine HOLO HOLO?!?!?

  27. Laila Mamesh


  28. AmberAndGolden

    Sorry Simply, it's not my year, my nails are as thin as paper no matter what I do 😢

  29. Tia Smith

    I remember first seeing your videos when I was in school and my salon teacher said to look at nail art tutorials and I found one of yours, it didn't have your face in it just a voiceover and for some reason I thought you were a blonde American girl because of your voice lol (i think it sounded higher than it does now) then you blew up a couple years later and I still watch you lol

  30. Laila Mamesh

    bruh wtf is this lol

  31. Phoebe Collins

    And the Jury has decided that they are GUILTY!!

  32. Victoria Bitong

    I had a drug and alcohol lecture at my school and a bunch of people from a rehab center talk to us about the dangers of using both. One girl said she would cocktail drugs and alcohol. And she did this everyday to the point where her skin was as yellow as an egg yolk

  33. Angel Martinez

    i always love seeing here eyes like they look so fucking magical <333

  34. Awkward_Potato08

    i wanna see her in a super curly perm

  35. tammy JerkChicken

    Retro style Not Retro values!

  36. Belle Bush

    I love your fluffy children

  37. loverbug 2010 jemm


  38. Truth Teller

    😳♥️ wow!

  39. Catherine Pelzer

    I need help. I have only started growing out my nails, a lot, recently and I love them! But once the pandemic is over I’ll be back working in a kitchen, washing pans and pots and washing my hands a lot. Chipping and weak nails occur. How can I keep my bootiful nails??

  40. Anushka Choudhary

    After listening to so many podcasts of Cristine being so intellectual, this seems like a whole different person!!😅🥰

  41. BTS Galaxy

    Legends r watching this in 2021 😊

  42. Viola Veilchenscheu

    You have NO mask with cats on it??? I have about 10, all with cat prints...

  43. Hamsa Nandini

    This is the year I've stopped chewing on my nails!! I am a chronic nail biter (with anxiety), and I tried really hard to quit the habit (I even had a bit of a smoking habit - don't tell mom), which I thankfully managed to kick, but CHEWING NAILS bah, never could kick it. But! 2020 was the year! I think buying nail stuff definitely helped! It made it a good activity to look forward to. 2 months in and still haven't chewed my nails.

  44. Ya local Weeb


  45. Isabelle Corbyn

    I have had my finger nails painted in my sleep before with holo taco

  46. renee 5sos

    "we're gonna add nail vinyls next" i deadass said it with u 😭😭😂😂i love you smmm

  47. Vaneza Hernandez

    I can't wear fake nails An I don't bite my nails no more an it feels weird when I do bite on them

    1. Vaneza Hernandez

      An I have long nails

  48. K Beaman

    I had such a hard time eating my breakfast while watching this because every 5 seconds I kept spitting out my cereal 😂😂

  49. iris arv

    Men paint their nails too so this whole "women empowrement" thing sounds stupid

  50. Cosplay Unicorn

    I like that you're saying to grow out your nails thank you I have been trying to grow my nails through 2020 and I have been wearing nail varnish / Polish a lot lol

  51. Jeff Ab

    2021 any one

  52. julia

    simp. (+ly on the thumb)

  53. Chiaki Nanami

    I maybe questioning sanity for you!!

  54. Siobhàn Anderson-Judkins

    As a previously pregnant woman, I can confirm the baby bump is great to old food and drinks. Although, my autistic brother hated it XD He would come up to me, take away my mug or plate, place it on the table, and tell me "NO! TRY AGAIN!" So naturally, I would put it back on the bump because he told me to try again XD (My dad questioned my maturity and if I was ready to have a baby a couple of times)

  55. Jungquise

    How talented are you: Simplynailogical: icandocaligraphyonmynailsandmakeitlooksimple👁👄👁

  56. Halle Wilson

    I was watching this at 4 in the morning and I was so tired but I kept watching cause it was so good

  57. alluri pranitha

    Why does ben always talks about eva guttowski like some inside joke

  58. Isabella Janevska

    4 years later... USfilm: Ahh seems like the PERFECT time to recommend this!" Btw the title is annoying me soo much ngl. Like why so dramatic smh

  59. Brendan Tunbridge

    I read the title and I was like... isn't he already gay? Then I realised HOLOsexual.

  60. Abhisikta Gupta

    The fact that Zyler is my age, or even a few days older than me 👁👄👁

  61. BOB

    My Husband of 8 years used to be the best.. He has always been so supportive and loving until he started acting weird.. He's always on The phone all The time when I was Home and I realized the attention he gave me reduced...He's always claiming they are his business partners until he started staying out late. Out of frustration I shared the whole issue with my colleague at work and she introduced me to a very good hacker who has worked for her before.... Guess what I have access to his phone including Social media, gallery, contacts within 18 hours thanks to Frank... He is a very good hacker and competent one I must say, he does all sorts like Hacking of smartphones, school website for scores upgrade, cloning/website/cellular device, Hacking of social media accounts, spying/cell phone and tracking contact Frank via email ([email protected]•com) or WhatsApp : +1(860) 689-7192 or IG via @frank_hacks. He also helped install my fingerprint on his phone.

  62. Shanze Irfan

    That’s beautiful 🥰🥰

  63. XxcloudxydreamzxX

    I have online class at 11 helpppppppppppp

  64. NecraBriseis

    ahh, i missed the classic nail art videos. This was refreshing and fun.

  65. Ruby Cavanagh

    Your hair is so long

  66. Randall Moore

    Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

  67. BigBussyPrincess

    I love how her calligraphy nails say SIMP without her thumb

  68. Ariane Pedneault

    As a quebecer that was really funny

  69. Ruthanne Marie

    Alright who else thinks it’s adorable that Ben calls Cristine “Simply”

  70. Jenna Long

    anyone else think of sepultra when cristine or ben wears roots stuff? yeah yeah im so quirky i know.

  71. Rex Burgess


  72. ᴛᴏᴛᴀʟʟʏ ᴘᴀsᴛᴀ

    the two toed socks looked like socks for lobsters

  73. Miaha Stover

    Okay like forget the nail videos can we get some tips on how the hell your hair is so long 😭

  74. The Te

    Simply on one side: Can’t hide a rainbow collection. Simply on the other side: Can hide a one year HOw laOnG dOEs ToE PoLisH LasT?!?

  75. Miss_Fizz29

    Why would anyone send mean comments That’s mean! Well yeah no sh*t my friend

  76. Estefani Escalante

    I say “eggz-mah” Cristine says “ehk-zee-mah” 🧍🏻‍♀️

  77. galaxy . love

    I guess the holo transfer from the air bubbles actually makes since, when you are ripping the plastic off you're are forcefully pulling it up negatively effecting the imprint but when you just let the air bubbles grown then the imprint is releasing naturally not effecting the groves

  78. Why Not

    Hah.. simp for "simply" that's not completely wrong ig😂