Michelle Khare is a content creator, host, and actress with over 170 million views across her social media channels. A former professional cyclist, Michelle lives life to the extreme by taking on intense physical and mental challenges. Each week on her channel, Michelle documents her raw, unfiltered journey into a new community. Over the course of her videos, you'll see her train with NASA astronauts, compete in a Miss USA beauty pageant, and even join a clowning troupe. Michelle sets out to prove that with enough hard work, perseverance, and failure, anything is possible.
Michelle is the host of HBO Max’s adventure competition show Karma, set to air in June 2020.
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  1. Isaac Anderson

    mate its a rope i climbed a mountian and you cant do this its sad tho

  2. Jazmin Abogado

    10:14 Daaaaamn girl

  3. smol bean


  4. Isaac Anderson

    but your doing good

  5. Isaac Anderson

    hahaha i slide down ropes and im 11 50 feet tall XDDDDD

  6. Gina CassAt

    I did lifeguard when I was younger. I can do CPR on anyone still and I’ve done it on three boys

  7. Saron Meskelu

    Your voice is so good before but you just need to work on your peech it’s a. Bit to loud

  8. Inês Ferreira

    Michelle: Hoping that next year may be the best year yet People in 2020: Oh sweet summer child...

  9. Gina CassAt

    my mother works at Disney in Florida

  10. FFM R

    "Hoping next year may be our next year yet" Corona: Hahaha

  11. Corpse wife

    Maybe for you next video, Do something sorta like what bear grylls does!

  12. 30secondstomarsMBH

    Ok.......I love this series, but can we talk about how Savannah has the looks AND the voice? Like her voice is AMAZING. I know it sounds weird saying it but still.

  13. smol bean

    Can we just appreciate how good of a teacher he is?

  14. Tiffany Jones

    Taking a knee during the national anthem is absolutely terrible nobody should ever do that that is disrespecting our country and what it stands for you are completely wrong.

  15. Corpse wife

    Michelle, you are so underrated and deserve more. You’re an inspiration to me. Have an amazing day 🥺 I’m 11 years old and look up to you💕

  16. sultana s

    Her two weeks and my two weeks are DIFFERENT

  17. Derrick Sullivan Davis

    didn't you hear her say god damn*t #9:08

  18. 30secondstomarsMBH

    I thought this would be mad but do-able, but this actually looks like hell. Like, straight up HELL.

  19. Melissa Perry

    I really liked this video! One thing I wish it would have addressed is the public mistrust of the police. When the guy kept saying just do what we say and comply and then the woman said there is a legal system to determine guilt or innocent... I think this is missing the public perception that the officer can lie and the system is more likely to side with the officer. The thought of just comply no matter what an officer tells you to do doesn’t work in a system like that. But that said overall I thought it was a great video!

  20. Lily Ilous

    Yeet Brad off the cliff

  21. Livie S

    you were so good Michelle! I love your videos and you are so amazing!

  22. Squashua

    Why is her setup better than mine


    This made me so happy i started crying!! So happy for you guys and i wish you both endless happiness❤️ I hope i get to have this one day too😊

  24. TsunamiPapi

    ngl I could do all of this if u dont believe me fly me out i dare u

  25. Shravan Viraj Cunchala

    Damn Michelle is literally the living example of “If you set your mind to something, you can achieve anything!”

  26. Meadow ayala

    Am i the only one that saw that fin pop up @ 1:18

  27. Desmond Eze

    Are they running 9 miles straight? or am i tripping?

  28. Jenna Demmons

    You should try cheerleading

  29. Shravan Viraj Cunchala

    Man being a cop seems really hard it’s unfortunate the entire police force gets tainted evil due to the actions of a few. Remember they are humans too and make mistakes but that doesn’t justify the actions of the brutality either.

  30. Placki Placunie

    We love you Michelle

  31. Cheryl MacG

    You should do professional gymnastics, and do a competion at the end. That would be amazing

  32. Skater Gator


  33. bxnana builds

    wow she got pepper sprayed🌶

  34. Skater Gator


  35. Deveney Bradley

    I’m not crying I’m not crying 🥺❤️

  36. XxCocoButterx X

    “I’m dying! Just like you.” ouch o-o

  37. Ross Ylitalo

    When I watch your channel, it feels like a TV show

  38. Lucas LaPointe

    I just watched this for the first time and it's definitely one of the best Challenge Accepted!

  39. B

    Can you train like Halle and Keanu did for John Wick? 😁

  40. Julia Fougere

    you need to do one of these for 2020!!!

  41. Lulu_ BrokenBoi

    I saw the pride parade an I started crying 💕✨ I have always wanted to go to pride 😭😭

  42. Sophiaa Playzz

    I drink sooo much water is that bad 👉🏻👈🏻

  43. Jordan Camille


  44. panda mucher

    I literally watch this before I skate (3-4 days a week) just to hype myself up

  45. Cory Avelar

    They really should have given her a lesson on how to surface swim with fins.

  46. Amanda Carr

    Hi Michelle this is Amanda Carr from Lincoln Nebraska, for the next Challenge Accepted video, I would like you to train like a professional wrestler.

  47. Joshua S-d

    I love the way they describe Gareth as a professional drowning victim 😂😂

  48. Jason Rosales

    Thank you for getting the officers point of view for everything. It means a lot that there are people still willing to listen to both sides. A lot of respect also for you willing to go through their training!

  49. Samantha Loser

    PLEASE find a really big, good marching band and do band camp or something! If you can't play an instrument, do colorguard

  50. Corpse wife

    You’re telling me endurance was made 3 years before I was born👁👄👁✨✌🏼

  51. brissy tipton

    HOW DOSE SHE DO ALL THESE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Sofia Alexandrescu

    whats the point system for a mile and a half? sadly it didnt show it there

  53. Bobby Jenkins

    New gm but I’m back

  54. Miss Keesha

    You know maybe if she wasn’t cooking 4 course meals breakfast lunch and dinner she would’ve had enough water, She was just wasting wasting and wasting.

  55. Jaidan Bowers

    If every Women was as Strong and Beautiful and Incrediable like you in the world... WE WOULD HAVE AN AMAZING WORLD😂💪

  56. Jaidan Bowers

    Michelle. You are a beast!! I have so much respect for u!!!! You literally can do everything!! U did so amazing!!! Love u girl!!

  57. Alba Bazan

    Not gonna lie i had a completely different (baywatch) idea of what exactly lifeguards did. thanks for the insight Michelle definitely gonna give lifeguards more credit from now on.

  58. AmberJewel39 Collins

    Model 1 : your not gonna be the shortest one here how tall are you? Michelle: 5’2 Model 1: oh okay Producer lady: Michelle is gonna be our shortest model Me: Bahaha straight to the camera’s face Michelle editing: 👁👄👁 i- i- i knew that

  59. Roy

    Bruh... I don't think I could even make 50mtrs swimming...

  60. illVirgo

    best trust excercies

  61. illVirgo

    yikes he really just slipped well it happens

  62. ueli

    If you're interested in lifeguards and their work, you should check out bondi rescue

  63. Cowgirl Tay

    What a bad ass 💪🏻

  64. B P

    This is touching

  65. illVirgo

    i either saw a shark or there was a rock

  66. Jedi master Lopez

    Please make a military police video

  67. matt robinson

    She should play a horror game.

  68. Sam

    In a world where gaming is an athletic sport

  69. Reading Department

    Idk why but there is a thing with michelle about not breathing lol

  70. Saniya S

    I was a lifeguard at a pool last summer and all I did was sit in a chair. Ocean lifeguarding seems so hard

  71. Elana N

    So now we now what went down in that tent...

  72. Woofy Fox

    I've been watching your videos and they are honestly eye opening, You really made me see the importance of these jobs and the people doing them. I thank you for opening my eyes a little more than what they already were.

  73. cillian

    5:35 her eyes😍

  74. Erin Colleen Burke

    could you do pro basketball pls

  75. Jimmy Joy

    you should train like a pilot

  76. Amy Stevenson

    honestly bless garrett

  77. Tobi Jacobsen

    “Your best day is someone else’s worst.” I love this. Also I do not mean to copy any comments. Plz don’t come for me😇

  78. Smokey’s life

    Hi Michelle, I am a huge fan and I am going through a lot. I get so much hate and death wishes on social media and school. My parents have done the most they could do to help solve it but it just made it much worse for me. I am like so proud of what I do and I get hate for it. You and your videos are what help me keep pushing and making me smile everyday. You help me more than you know. I am very thankful for you and I am glad to have came over your channel two and a half years ago. I am a proud fan and subscriber. From your biggest fan, Aimee R. Age 12

  79. Thoriso Tlake

    Dear Michelle, you're amazing!