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  1. Sploo

    “Batteries not included”

  2. laura witzler ismael

    omg this is the cutest thing ever im dying

  3. Tyler L

    Everyone’s talking about Marty, but what about Étoile 😍

  4. Alexander Remoll

    This game is getting way too much hate from people who are not even in the market for a game like it. The target audience knows it looks good

  5. Sassy Ella

    Nintendo can you please add more island space I hope this isn’t rude I just want them all 😭😭

  6. Lastname Firstname

    Had to come here and check on this trailer after seeing that terrible Pokémon trailer they just released. This looks so much better and its years older. Crazy!

  7. WalterTheGermanyBall

    The voice acting and graphics are so cringey ngl

  8. spicysonic

    T H A T S O U N D S P R E T T Y *B A R N* G O O D

  9. Kakashi Sharingan Hokage

    Came from walmart right now i bought it for 54 dollars

  10. Michelle Hock

    Omg omg omg!!!! Can't wait!!!

  11. Silver Saucer

    So hyped for another amazing turn based RPG!!

  12. Olivia Sansom

    Who wants to trade my red teacup ride for your pastel teacup ride

  13. Katherine Rivas

    A win for the kidcore, pastelcore and fairycore animal crossing community

  14. Dagmar Nichols

    My baby salmonoids is simply fry

  15. a n g e l

    i had chelsea in my new leaf town i'm so excited for this !!

  16. XxNeff _

    is. that luminous stone

  17. dav_koff

    :O good

  18. sourpatch star

    R.I.P spawn camping

  19. Easton Crossing

    Does this mean RV’s return?

  20. Charlotte uwu

    I need them all on my island..but its gonna be hard kicking half of my villagers! All the items are sooo cute too!!

  21. Oikawa cutiie!

    I need chelsea in my life 😩😩😩

  22. Planet

    no i'm french (;′⌒`)

  23. Ratchet the Rat96

    I wonder if any of the employees of Nintendo are fans of game grumps.

  24. Nate Palmer


  25. Austin Chang

    2022 in the future

  26. Planet


  27. Mackeur

    Omg the best game come in nintendo switch nice :)

  28. Megicsinkl


  29. Brandon1267

    I'm a AAAholic and I couldn't stop playing the first game when it came out

  30. Spaghetti guy


  31. Stan Twice


  32. Finzilla

    the most adorable crossover ever

  33. Megicsinkl

    OH MY GOD MIIS ARE PART OF MY CHILDHOOD i grew up with the wii and eventually wii u. i was so sad that miis initially took the back burner into the deep depths of the settings menu on switch along with awesome bg music we had on previous consoles. but hey at least we got a new miitopia, so ill take that.

  34. Sandristas 009

    1:17 it's megalovania?!!???!!?!

  35. Sam Marchetti

    Why didn’t they theme the villagers off of the actual characters? I mean there’s a rabbit villager for my melody a cat villager for hello kitty and a frog one for the frog guy..........

  36. ThePickledAuthor

    It's a VERY nice change of pace to have classic turn-based combat options. Also, gee. A game where you need to collect four crystals of the elements. Where have I heard that before? (Lighthearted, since I'm excited for this lol)

  37. El Nieto PR

    Forage Simulator 2

  38. Wendy Showalter

    Will there be splatfests in SPLATOON 3?

  39. YaBoiLit!!

    This game is the best i cant wait till my mom gets me the Nintendo switch to play it again

  40. Azeddine Boudhair

    i am so happy i am gonna get this game and the mario edition switch on my birthday

  41. YaBoiLit!!

    The trailer was the greatest. Thing ive ever seen

  42. susana rodríguez


  43. Infinity Gaming YT

    I hate it how this has to be a payed membership. You already spend almost $400 for the console itself and $80 for the games. Nice job Nintendo

  44. [THC] Yoshé

    “Splatoon 3’s grandfather.” -Alphastar 716

  45. Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

    0:37 how do you do this?

  46. Veridiana Morais

    ♀️peach ♂️bowser

  47. Canas

    The game is fun! Though be warned. The first hour does start out really slow. As most rpgs tend to do anyway. I was a touch worried about the game after an hour, since I loved the first 2 of this series. I guess I was a touch slower to warm up to the cast in this game. But after that, getting boss fights and moving on with things. The pace picked up and it's a solid adventure, which I do infact like the party members a lot more now. Granted I'm still only a handful of hours in myself! Don't trust the negative reviews online too much. The game just gets better and better, I'm sure anyone who even remotely likes turn based systems will find some joy in this.

  48. Gavrilo

    Revisiting this after the laggy Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer lol

  49. Jared Nelson

    So excited picking up after work today! =)

  50. bagelee


  51. Infinity Gaming YT

    Can't believe this game won game of the year in 2017

  52. SuperMarioAhmed

    Nintendo made me cry to death

  53. Mt. Baldwin

    The switch doesn't have any good games coming out soon? I guess these people are not RPG or JRPG fans. If you are this year stacked with releases. There's this one bravely defaut 2, Atelier Ryza 2 is already out, Monster hunter rise in march, trails of cold steel 4 in april (3 came late last year), Shin Megami Tensei V and III remaster, Ys IX, kingdoms of Amalur: re-reckoning and these just the ones I'm getting, there's tons more.

  54. Gabriel Delgado

    Backing here after Pokemon Legends Arceus' Trailer, Pokemon could be better

  55. エリアスくん


  56. James Laumand

    I’m busy playing GALAGA,ZELDA TODAY

  57. Samuel Minick

    Nobody cares about this game.

    1. Dustier Dolphin

      then why are you watching this

  58. suroguner

    Does this still work if you have the required software still?

  59. Ryan Curtis

    I think this is the first time we've had a movie song in Smash.

  60. Mateo Colegial


  61. Smj5

    I swear if i miss spell one more god damn time ima break my legs

  62. KitKat Gurl

    I had to stay at my dads the weekend that this happened and he had NO INTERNET but my team won anyways

  63. eli64dd

    Hey they made a spinoff out of those smash brothers spirits

  64. The Sleeping Steelix

    Why is this now appearing in my recommended THIS IS FUNNY AF

  65. electro6290jp


  66. Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez

    It doesn't look like they fixed the menu. Any input on this matter?

  67. Jamie Kerrigan


  68. Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez

    I was really looking forward to this, but am hesitant now. After seeing a few reviews, it seems that they didn't fix the menu and interface issues that were all over the final demo. I was really hoping they would have addressed these issues and polished that part of the game.

  69. Yepp Yepp

    Just finished little nightmares 1! Going in blind with a paperbag on my head for seconds. I don’t need to see this trailer , just here to give the game some love, brilliant indie

  70. accquizzer

    I'm just here for the "Get the Knife" comments

  71. Ezlynn Playz

    British lives matter to 🥲

  72. Mina and her shitposts :v

    There’s no kuromi? :(

  73. I H

    It's not at my local Walmart 😭

  74. Letal Gamer

    sigo esparando genshin impact para switch

  75. error404guy

    W H A T

  76. MasterZeroFX

    already finished

  77. valcaron

    I still don't care for that "chibi" art style.