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  1. Millkwayz playz

    Atleast the movie tells something important

  2. Faith Worldleader

    There is a cottage industry being set up about Bly Manor. Umpteen videos about the gazillion hidden ghosts and how tragic Dani and Jamie's love story was. The cast answer your questions or tell you their favorite ghost. It's a full court press and .....why? Can't the show stand on its own merits? Either we liked it or we didn't. I'm too old to have my opinion swayed by a public relations campaign. And the whole thing with the hidden ghosts seems like a gimmick to me. A way to make you go back and watch it again and again and add to the viewing numbers. A Turn of the Screw had two ghosts: Quint and Miss Jessup. And if you do the story right, they are enough. And if they are not enough for you, then don't attach your project to A Turn of the Screw. Just create something original. With a gazillion hidden ghosts.

  3. juem schotte

    WTF is that

  4. Brittney W

    “I meant to write ‘Friday the 13th, but I kind of wrote ‘Freaky Friday’ instead.” 😂😂😂

  5. Ana Juárez

    The library is now... opened.

  6. Bitchface Hopkins

    “So in my opinion you should shut the fuck up😂🤣😂”

  7. faroshscale

    0:16 INDYA'S FACE

  8. Anna Jones

    ik ppl dont wanna hear this but pls listen. Repent or perish, u can choose God and leave the world or choose Satan and keep the world. pls know that Jesus died for us, don't hide from Him. there's a lot to say but little space, i hope u can understand.pls I'm pleading with u all come to Christ, serve Him with all ur heart, pls don't be worried or afraid God is with u. I love you all and stay blessed.

  9. Mitch Wild

    I just binge-watched the entire thing. Excellent. If you like chess, music, and a red-headed foxy girl, then this is for you.

  10. A A

    It's all the little scenes that are so emotional and beautiful, like the way Sarah supported the others before the abortion.

  11. Obscure Divine L

    BLACKPINK is the best pop group. Nobody comes close. Yes to women power. These ladies are dominating the charts. BLACKPINK is the "IT" group. Icons. Legends. Grammy worthy. I'm gonna be pissed if they don't win. Indeed, I'm bias. Am I? BLACKPINK sounds better.

  12. Rachelle Gray

    This tell off gives me chills. Dominique Jackson is brilliant.

  13. john

    She was also in "The Witch" for those, like me, who have only seen her in that movie and couldn't remember.

  14. OWEN Max

    Not cool man bruh

  15. It’s Altamash

    This season will be better than anyone it’s lady Di and Margret Thatcher

  16. a strange being

    to the people saying this came out of nowhere- 👏GAYS👏DO👏NOT👏HAVE👏FORESHADOWING👏

  17. It’s Altamash

    The background banging music gives me anxiety 😂

  18. A A

    Bless Maeve for reporting that guy for Aimee. I love them so much!!

  19. Nico G. Lucas

    Where is Second season on Netflix Brazil

  20. Lee Steal

    Why do I need to watch these idiots talk? Why would anyone go through this?

  21. franchone jackson

    Um well shit

  22. Noga Yangzom Tenzin

    this was THE saddest scene in this whole show idc

  23. shahzeb aslam

    Where's my wig?????

  24. Molly Calvert

    I paced myself since it’s so personal to me but I LOVED EVERY SECOND

  25. Rin Rin

    Yeah, her personality is a bit much...and I love it!

  26. stay hydrated kiddies


  27. Aariff Mohd

    Both are my fav ones❤

  28. Sonic - Symmetra Gameplay

    am i the only one who thought brita's runway was at least decent? i mean it looked like the exact replica of it (ps: im not a brita fan, just stating my opinions)

  29. IronChef

    I don’t get why they used Top Of The World for this show.

  30. Mahendra Mishra

    I like Charlie and Charlie is the best option for Ross Charlie is pretty isn't it by Rajeev Mishra

  31. Londa1027

    Ugh. Effin Google. I searched this 2 days ago in chrome.....on my desktop computer...now this vid? I don't think I like that.

  32. Maria Jenner

    Love this show afte watching i admire the queen and prince Phillip so much 2 amazing PEOPLE indeed

  33. jose salas


  34. TWSTF 8

    There's nothing about this entire "episode" that required am official Netflix documentary be made. Absolutely everything has already been out there in the world, even compiled in separate USfilm presentations of all combinations and depths, using all aspects of the same officially released footage from police bodycams to local News reports and interrogation tapes. The Netflix documentary was just one more version of the same thing, somebody else putting together their own clips in their own personal arrangement in order to make their own version, albeit with a somewhat higher production value than most of the others. But, it's not like it revealed any previously unknown facts or information about the case in any way, and so what I'm really saying is I hope nobody bought a subscription to Netflix JUST to be able to see "The Family Next Door" lol because it's all stuff that's available already for free on USfilm. 🤣

  35. There!

    Sex ed is way better. Stranger things is too overrated



  37. Vince Atumac

    I love to play her roles, but tbh she could do better in ocean's 8 and made it iconic enough, if they just let her play with the character more.

  38. N Rosario

    That’s Jeffrey from Fresh Prince!!

  39. Emma Liess

    Check out the photo of epsteins broken neck (autopsy photo). I don't believe those are his ears. His ear lobes are detached. He is still alive

  40. TG PR

    I love the blends you can do with loose, but a bag is my go to for a quick cup and mugs all the way

  41. TheRaziel07

    Another feminazi shit from netflix

  42. Iris Reyes

    not me crying again

  43. Jay Khalifa

    We got the People’s Queen 👑 and the Iron Lady 🙏 this is going to be a great season. Although no one truly knows what Princess Diana went through we can only imagine. This family is evil.. Princess Di will steal the show this season 🤍👑

  44. Steel Paragon

    This movie is awful...

  45. burgerpatty

    Emily in Paris: a show about American entitlement and cliché

  46. Syahreza Muhammad

    helena and johnny deserve to get their oscar 🏆🏆

  47. Henrik Modin

    If you like high notes check out Greta Thunbergs mother in Eurovision. usfilm.info/fire/rKhyhp5qpNODxNQ/video.html

  48. Julia Williams

    the ending never happened and they stayed married with 2 cats and watch tv everyday

  49. Hailey From Now On


  50. Joseph Leonard

    FOR SALE. SLIGHTLY USED.. LAPTOP.. some fingerprint dust.. contact FBI for pricing.. Hunter

  51. WiseSilverWolf

    This should seriously be our states song lol!

  52. Hanbl 1696

    Love = Dani + Jamie, Owen + Hannah Possession = Rebecca & Peter, Viola & her daughter. Loved Bly Manor so much!!!

  53. A Cast

    That finger though! 😂 😂 😂 I freakin LOVE this show!

  54. A Cast

    Pose needs to have a season 3... ASAP!!!!!

  55. michaela young

    Stop breaking my heart!😭😭😭😭

  56. Bolt Studios

    Okay I can’t be the only one who ships Otis and Ruby

  57. J.Mowbray

    I wasn't laughing until that whistle and face expression 😂😂😂

  58. Hannah Aaron

    I can’t believe this is the actual Archbishop of Canterbury’s voice recording. It sounds so sinister.

  59. Holley Hoffman

    Diane always knew they were wrong for each other and she just agreed because she was scared

  60. Annette Rodgers

    Fake pearls and 50 cent scrunchy can not conceal the fact that you don't know who you areeeeeee.....love it

  61. Kim Fujiwara

    Can someone transcribe this dialogue ?

  62. SlickyPee

    I actually got spoiled from the thumbnail, while i was in season 3 :) but now ive finished the show. Change thumbnail if you dont want to spoil any others Netflix UK! LULW

  63. Will Hulme

    "Personally I find it disgusting, but you shouldn't feel ashamed." The first time I have felt both attacked and consoled in the same sentence.

  64. Aja Shedrick

    XD I’m died when u saidI don’t want to get in trouble

  65. Dyon Bosch


  66. Hey Yo

    It’s not a ghost story , it’s a love story 💔 the end hurt me too much 💔