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  1. MrTornado

    I did akinator, and the first time it guessed James Marriott , I don't know who that is. I hit continue and apparently 2nd times the charm and it finally guessed you probably because of the English teacher question. P.S. there was also a chubby question and that helped tremendously

  2. Lohengrin Fortun

    In the Philippines, you wish there was snow. So that the bulky winter clothes that you bought when you visited Japan or Korea won't have to hang in your closet (thus taking up so much space!) long after you returned from your trip.

  3. Gian Paolo Gliori

    Extremely helpful thanks. Like a magic in fact.

  4. A. Alzate

    Natsuki seems like a cool friend to hang out with 😎👍 Great video.

  5. Richard Go

    You never did the tinder video.

  6. Jack Halliday

    The video that started it all... all the amazing journey ( like journey across Japan ) and friends he will meet along the way. Why am I being this poetic. Somebody help me. PLEASE

  7. Potrenia P

    FYI, if u check their YT channel, They only have 3 MV & a 2 years lifespan starting from 2014 All 3 MV featuring the same costume I'm not saying they're bad It's refreshing watching unique old-school styles once in a while

  8. vae

    I've noticed that people not from the US say Hershey chocolate tastes weird. I've heard some say it's sour or bitter. Natsuki here thinks it smells like a zoo? I just dont see that; Hershey to me tastes creamier and sweeter than most other chocolates.

  9. Iben Breüner

    absolute genius to use the radiated farmland as grounds for solar panels

  10. criz P B VLOG

    So lovely sakura blossom❤

  11. Potrenia P

    Meanwhile a recent "AKB48" idol group is waving in riches

  12. Sacha Daenens

    While holding extensive conversations and pseudo-philosophical debates fueled by Google Translate and an excessive amount of Asahi beers definitely produced some hilarious scenes at the local izakaya, it did leave me with a few people I now consider close, lifelong friends. Just keep your phrases short. Some words strung together loosely can go a long way. Better to sound like a caveman than like a madman.

  13. skullleann

    his room looks like a green screen lmao im stupid

  14. criz P B VLOG

    I like ur video,because I like japan even i never been there,i like snow

  15. Harold Dennis

    Me : Yes finnaly i have learn the hiragana and katakana now all is left is kanji. Kanji : I will end this man whole carrer.

  16. Kid Savvy

    Chris if you really wanted to you could probably make a decent profit by selling the retro games in Japan overseas on quite a markup.

  17. Elryme Make Content

    i be honest i study a kanji usualy like : ah 2 hanging man, the one have a funny hair ( thats how i study it )

  18. Astro Wolvez

    I remember in school we watched a documentary of the rescue team who went in the factory and it was gut wrenching.

  19. John Doe

    But I heard that sumo wrestlers were considered sexy in Japan

  20. t3hOutlaw

    Chris absollutely plastered at the end there in order to cope with the food.

  21. Ana-Eliza

    Of course the UK photos dont look real. It's sunny outside.

  22. Gerald

    5:49 I have no idea what does he mean xD

  23. Captain Nemo

    i am swiss and i have traveled quite a bit around this planet (and i often visit japan). i can safely say that we have a great *nation-wide* train system here, which is terms of reachability, comfort of travel, punctuality and technology puts more or less (apart from some local special trains as they exist in many places from the UK to China) everything else in the world to shame (even our dear neighbor countries, sorry guys but you know its true!). but compared to the Shinkansen-network, our system is slow, dated, unreliable and uncomfortable. THATS how good trains are in japan, its just mind-blowing ...

  24. A P

    Ha somebody called him out 7:14

  25. aisute

    This was so touching... <3

  26. zaak186

    lol this shapiro guy looks like this other Shapiro's that i know lol

  27. Plebasaurus Rekt

    Still think the next journey should be called ”Chris-crossing japan”

  28. Anthony Davis

    The world needs more Natsukis' xD

  29. Astro Wolvez

    No cops or Japanese, quite a weird sign.

  30. Clifton

    ET was weird AF growing up, you're not Alone mate.

  31. HenryManson

    "Make Asbestos Great Again" , ooor too soon?!

  32. MinNyeAccount

    At the onset of this video, I'm positive that I will be that man.. let's see if I will be proven wrong...... Oh hi, Mark, just finished the video now, and apparently, I am Fail.

  33. Franbergh II

    Im not from japan but i know hyde since decades ago

    1. Chiharu Takeda

      It's great. I've always loved L'Arc-en-Ciel and VAMPS too. HYDE's current music may have a different taste than it did in L'Arc-en-Ciel, but I love them ✨

  34. KILLAH 102

    Woah u get some cool vibrators too lmao 😂

  35. Astro Wolvez

    Like pidgey!

  36. A Storey

    I liked Door handle dude. He was like japans version of Jensen Ackles

  37. Misterzen87

    I love to watch Abroad in japan, but as a very tall person i feel uncomfortable just seeing these capsule hotels

  38. 21 Ashishit Anurag Daniel Tigga

    imma from india i stopped watching tv wen I was in class is pretty government sponcered..............cartoons r shit with no morals or plot wutsoever............and overall its a sinking boat


    clicked on this in front of my parents with speakers full blast and the sounds at the start of the video...

  40. Maia

    Love the scenery and the way the houses are places. For me Japan it has the strange and clossly streets that I like. I find it hard to fiind this here.

  41. FADS

    Damn England looks different after Brexit

  42. Carmine Agrigento

    He's the Japanese version of Edward Furlong

  43. saitama Sensei

    I love her 😍

  44. Astro Wolvez

    Oh wow joey in the back advertising his youtube channel.

  45. eka nanda

    Fun fact : even though Aomori people has the lowest average life expectancy in Japan, they're still way higher than the other countries have. According to the government's most recent statistics, the average life expectancy for men in the prefecture is 78.67 years, and 85.93 for women

  46. Captain Nemo

    ive been to japan three times and every time i would see beautiful fuji in the backdrop whenever i was "in the hood" lol

  47. Martin Hodges

    Haven't seen the video yet, but from the thumbnail I'm going to guess... boobs?

  48. Hans TheGamer

    I guess Aomori is the promise land of Exusia

  49. The Do Over

    I'm teaching myself Japanese and have spent the last two weeks trying to organize a learning system. Would you start with Kanji first?

  50. ash0787

    I like how chris is actually respectful of the country whereas connor cdawgva not so much !

  51. ash0787

    Are you at the town that has the dolphin statue ? I found that on google earth ages ago. There was also this photo taken from some sort of tower / lighthouse / mountain around there which had awesome view ( some sort of tourist spot ). Also found this video on youtube years ago of this seaside village that was really cool but its one of those things where I will never find it again, very quiet village that had a lot of old wooden objects / old stuff.

  52. M4XF8R


  53. Niggosas Beegpeepass

    Please, does anyone know the music at 3:54????? much appreciated at it is stuck in my head.

  54. BrightonFresco

    I have already broken a few of these don'ts in Japan. And I even watched this video before going to Japan - Giving tips (i forgot) - Eating while walking (i forgot and I was hungry) - crossing the street while its rad (my friend was in a hurry to go somewhere)

  55. Anthony T

    Nice one Chris. Great content.

  56. Billy Bob

    I thought Natsuki and Riotoro were the same person.

  57. Astro Wolvez

    When I was a kid I honestly thought the towel on your head was for helping keeo you cool and when I would take a bath would di that and would not sweat as much. 😶

  58. Astro Wolvez

    I guess you should carry a small bag for trash then?

  59. No Tra


  60. Lukasblade2

    5:22 $200?!!!!!! Dude people would kill for those prices out here in the states

  61. 小野寺裕美

    If you have free time please come in Akita.haha In here completely country side.

  62. Astro Wolvez

    Really tipping is just a thing because workers are paid so poorly. And sometimes bosses even demand a cut. In america groups are trying to tipping banned.

  63. RaptorSprinkles

    That’s how you know you’re in Japan.... “slippers”

  64. hinata shōyō

    Imagine if there's a room 69...

  65. Siffe 333

    Bears are super avoidable, you just have to make yourself known, for example my grandma always talks to herself loudly to avoid meeting one and she lives in a place where they sometimes leave the forest and walk around her lawn.

  66. Gusti Subagja

    no kidding frut price is so ridicilous in japan or maybe is because its sub tropis country btw i live in tropis country

  67. deniz Orsel

    Yeah I am living in a storage compared to this but If I am payin 20K a month, I d be going for a lake/ocean view with an infinity pool. This place looks like an office more so than of a lovely home.

  68. MinNyeAccount

    AHa this is hilarious