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  1. Cosmic Cowboy

    I dont understand, its this just the new norm?

  2. Jim Schuman

    This was all staged. Just like the Mars Rover perseverance. If you believe that, I got some fake moon rocks to sell you. 🙄😂😭

  3. Lindalee Law

    John- man of all tasks, Master of none for $20

  4. Alfred Stanton


  5. joseph b

    Father Time has been good to Eddie Murphy. He does not age at all....

  6. Erin Garrett

    A year later...still 🤣🤣😅

  7. Dalmar Russell

    So he's not blind😬

  8. Kris Cole

    It's crazy, it's like Eddie Murphy doesn't age at all. I grew up in the 80s and 90s as a kid watching his movies. This dude still look the same.

  9. Jasper James cameron


  10. Draco

    But if he got shot y’all would call him a victim smh.

  11. Pringles

    I want to say something, but am scared to die

  12. chadboy Darkness


  13. Pam K

    Who hired her She's so shaky and self conscious Lol

  14. Krondarr

    I am a Texas conservative who did vote for Cruz. I am the first to admit he screwed up big time with the Cancun trip. But man that was a burn by that reporter. LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

  15. George Lucas

    Were gonna circle back on that question

  16. dmprdctns

    Excellent questions by Kevin! Well done.

  17. Krishnan Raghavan

    Dogs own father.

  18. Matt Doe

    Hope you calm that on tax's lol bob got a good gig

  19. Matter of Fact

    Welcome to the new Demohypocrisy of America where lies , malicious misinformation and deceit matters. No one on either side believes the BS , but the disingenuous embrace it !

  20. Felicia Jenkins


  21. Mercenary

    Was it a Dutch history class?

  22. Jorge Rodriguez

    So it's a crime to burn a blm banner but it's ok to burn the American flag and burn buildings.

  23. Cynthia Mcbride

    I know this comment has nothing to do about the puppy but why not do like us southerners do in the south when our windshields are iced over, get a boiler fill it up with cold water and throw it on your windshields. Works for us! Lol

  24. SyedYousuf Hashmie

    Dolph is a gem and underrated. Man their movies should be seen much more by this present generation

  25. Sir Speaks Alot

    Oh hell nah he will be forever cemented as a bitch. He better not play basketball again

  26. Naima

    That what you get with these lying politicians.

  27. kain 0120

    The goatee makes Eddie really resemble Charlie. RIP!

  28. jams4041

    Bob never got around to the weather report. He did everything but told jokes, made twenty dollars, scraped car windows, caught a puppy, slapped high fives, no weather. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. K 123

    Typical Trump-hater.

  30. DontBorder JH

    Fuck ! A blackman racist against black?

  31. kronik denny

    What snow???🤔

  32. Hold Mah Beer Beer

    See that’s what I mean by trump supporter need to die BLOWING UP A WOMEN??

  33. Multi Man Leo

    hi ken

  34. Too Easy

    Those kids watch worse on tv.

  35. Mark Beckham

    Funny how someone who is not a WASP would be a part of a group that in any other situation would slit his throat!

  36. Twinnie Davidson

    The staff should not call the police

  37. Jason Burgos

    A Eddie Murphy and Jim Carrie movie would be epic.

  38. boston Daino

    "Hurrdurr Ted Cancun durrrrr" *drools down jacket with room temp IQ*


    So the man had them call the police..... the police came and should have taken him to jail for this CRAP.....

  40. Cynthia Brown

    Think he should've won for Mr. Church.🤷‍♀️🏾

  41. Tracey Lennon

    Eddie is the King of Comedy!!! 🙌🏾💯❤❤❤

  42. Etac Bro

    Give me back my $20.

  43. Txchmo

    man got caught in 4k

    1. NavyNino


  44. Dondre' Jackson

    What’s sup with NORBIT 2 lol Eddie

  45. Enough Already

    Wrong completion bucko. It won't matter anyway, I gotta feeling kanya will probably OJ her.

  46. Coach Los

    This has to be the best news piece ever. Had dunks on Cruz, a cute girl, a cute puppy! Well done Fox 5! Hahaha

  47. mariusz a.k.a slim

    Blah blah blah 🗑️ the usual american B's

  48. Wisdom AND Understanding

    He's not a good interviewer! You have 2 iconic comedians and you ask those questions and none really to Arsenio!

  49. Margalo One

    Loved this video. This guy is good.

  50. ANGEL H.Ong

    Its kinda cool if the russo brothers and duffer brothers work togather

  51. rafa baraja

    Squirming puppie

  52. D Smith

    Eddie should have 2 oscars. He is a brilliant comedian and paved the wave after Richard for all these black comedians. He is the GOAT!

  53. Sun Son

    Them boys really like dat na stop playing


    The officer legs gave up man

  55. Neodobby

    Great job by the interviewer; both personable & respectful.

  56. Betty Lo

    Arsenic needs his own channel... and own it !!!

  57. r B

    he speak way to fast , i cant get the questions


    Love Eddie and Arcenio! Arcenio is hilarious, doesn’t get enough credit and wish he did more..

  59. Playa Made

    She was not arrested she turned her self in so she would get less time in prison and to snitch on el chapos son and on el mayo zambada

  60. Neutral Artist

    I don't know if you can recover from that


    Hope he don't get canceled like gina for his gay jokes in his stand up.

  62. johnnyboi943

    I thought prank calling 911 is a felony.

  63. aola wili

    Shoutout to the photog who panned at the right times!!!

  64. Lisa Clark

    How would those thugs feel if it were one of their babies, young siblings or little cousins???? They would be ready to retaliate. My heart bleeds for her family. May her precious soul rest in eternity. 💖💖💖

  65. westbank50

    Eddie was high

  66. Bill Labrie

    Most people I talked to say this money wont help with Bill's so evict them cause their feeding their families...I agree with those who have a large back payments owed as our government pays us little to none compared to if your illegally crossing into AMERICANS FIRST..

  67. Ron Mosely

    Playing Mr Church the Houseboy , has put him in real Stepin fetchit mode as this new movie takes Africans and African Americans back to the 50s and 40s ! Who wrote this shyt ??? the Proud Boys , or the Oath Keepers ????

  68. John Lawrence

    Vaccination works by infecting the patient with a tiny amount of the disease to be protected against so that the body reacts by setting up immunity to that disease. But if the patient’s immune system is weak through poor nutrition or as a result of other infections then in fact the immunisation fails and the patient can actually catch the disease. It’s believed this is what has happened to the Duke of Edinburgh for example. So any idea of making vaccination compulsory is likely to have the reverse of the intended consequence - placing a greater burden than ever on NHS hospitals

  69. Shonte Smith

    God bless her and Easterns.I can't wait to get a car so that I can assist my mom.This story really made cry.

  70. Margaret Grooms


  71. Redlite


  72. King Tutt

    Eddie is FINE

  73. ATL3xtra

    I just saw a dog that was a stray at a park and this reminded me to get him...( I was told that the dog is still there) And who in the world clicked dislike on this video??

    1. aola wili

      Love this reporter makes me actually wanna watch the newd

  74. SoFly Win

    I thought the 2 shot were dogs

  75. Anthony Cox

    Fooling knowbody . 6demotwats formed the Klan.

  76. Daniel Harris

    Did the did the interviewer ask Arsenio a question so they all the questions went to Eddie?

  77. Kevin Campbell

    You are a great interviewer. The energy and excitement was clear.

  78. Quentin Hood

    Just had to hear sexual chocolate

  79. IOnceAteAPinecone

    I hope the PD adds a referee department for future cases XD

  80. willy kanos

    "Anyone - just not Ted Cruz," How stupid.